What will happen to the body if you do the exercise “bike” every day

“Bicycle” is a simple exercise for pumping the press and hip flexors. It does not require equipment and good physical preparation, can be performed separately or as part of a training session, by approaches and repetitions, or by time.


Since the abs muscles recover quite quickly, you can work out every day, gradually training your body.

How exercise “bike” will change your body
It will help build a strong abs
The American Council for Exercise found out which press loads are more effective. For testing, we used electromyography (EMG): we measured the electric potential in a working muscle and based on this we made a conclusion how much it tenses.

It turned out that the “bicycle” takes the second place in the load on the oblique muscles of the abdomen and better than other exercises it pumps the rectus muscle, which provides the treasured cubes.

Thus, doing a “bike” every day, you pump the press faster than doing folds and twisting.

Provides a healthy back
By strengthening your abs and the hip flexor muscles, you will improve posture and lower your risk of lower back pain.

For the best effect, combine the “bike” with exercises on the extensors of the back – with the raising of the arms and legs lying on your stomach.

Make the figure fit
As we already said, daily exercise of the “bicycle” will strengthen muscles and improve posture. This can visually reduce the stomach and make the body tighter.

It should be understood that one exercise on the press will not save fat in the waist and will not burn as many calories as you need for effective weight loss. Therefore, if you dream of a flat stomach and cubes, add other workouts, as well as adhere to the principles of a healthy diet.

How to perform the exercise “bike”
Lie on the floor on your back, raise your hips to a right angle in the pelvis and bend your knees.

Tear off the shoulder blades from the floor, tighten the press strongly and do not relax it until the end of the exercise. Imagine that someone is about to hit you in the stomach.

Put your hands behind your head and spread your elbows to the sides. Do not put your hands in the lock or push your palms on the back of the head – fingers only slightly touch the head.

Bend and straighten your legs one by one, as if you were pedaling a bicycle. At the same time, turn the body around and stretch your elbow towards the opposite knee.

Do not try to touch the knee, the main thing is to turn the body to the side in the maximum available range.

What Mistakes to Avoid
The poor technique of doing the exercise “bicycle” reduces the load on the abdominal muscles and can cause pain in the neck and back. We will list the main mistakes that should not be repeated.

  1. Lumbar lift
    Only the shoulder blades come off the floor, the lower back remains pressed. At the same time, the press is constantly in tension – do not relax it at the time of changing legs.
  2. Wrong hand position
    Often people hug their heads with their hands or just push their elbows forward. Firstly, it creates excessive tension in the muscles of the neck, and secondly, it reduces the load on the oblique muscles of the abdomen.

Spread your elbows wide and do not put pressure on your head. Move your body, not your hands.

3. Fast execution
If you make a “bike” quickly, trying to finish the approach as soon as possible, the muscles are slightly loaded.

Perform turns at a calm pace, follow the form. Feel the obliques of your abdomen tighten at every turn.

How to change the exercise “bike” to your level
To simplify the exercise, raise your legs higher – this will reduce the load on the hip flexors.

To complicate the “bike”, try to perform it twice as slowly and at the same time deploy the body in the maximum range that they are capable of. The press will burn after four to six repetitions.

How to add exercise bike to your workouts
You can perform a “bicycle” as an independent element – to do three to five approaches 15–20 times a day. However, for a better effect, you should combine it with other exercises.

As part of charging
“Bicycle” is great for morning exercises or a short workout, for example, during a work break. To get started, perform an articular warm-up of twists, bends and dynamic stretching.

Then do three to five sets of “bike” 15-20 times.

Finish with an exercise on the muscles – extensors of the back: raising the arms and legs lying on the stomach. Perform three to five sets of 15–20 times.

Also, if you wish, you can supplement your exercises with air squats, lunges, push-ups and burpies.

As part of a warm-up before strength training
“Bicycle” will help activate the muscles of the press. Do one or two sets of 20 reps.

And do not forget about back extensors: a pair of approaches of 20 repetitions of hyperextension without weight or lifting the arms and legs lying on the stomach will warm the muscles of the back and buttocks.

As part of interval training
“Bicycle” will fit perfectly into the intensive interval complex – it will provide rest from more energy-consuming movements and at the same time it will not let the pulse drop much.

Include this exercise in training after burp, jumping and other active elements, or try our intense complex with a “bicycle” in the composition.


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