Tagliatelle with salmon and spinach

Image by Marlene Krohn from Pixabay

Is it possible to have pasta on a diet? This question is asked by many. Tagliatelle healthy pasta is a source of slow carbohydrates, which will energize you and help maintain your shape.

Proteins: 36.2 g
 Fat: 12.9 g
 Carbohydrates: 33.3 g
Calories: 406.4 Kcal
Serving Weight: 334 g (1 serving)

Ingredients (1 serving):
Tagliatelle pasta – 40 g
Spinach – 50 g
Cherry Tomatoes – 100 g (5 pcs.)
Salmon fillet – 140 g
Pumpkin seeds – 7 g (1 teaspoon)
Sea salt – 1 g (1 pinch)

Cooking method:
1. Pour water into a stewpan, add a little salt, and put it on fire. When the water boils, add the tagliatelle and cook until tender.
2. Rinse the spinach. Rinse and chop the tomatoes
3. Cut the salmon fillet into cubes and fry in a pan (since the fish is oily, you can not add oil)
4. When the salmon is almost ready, add tomatoes to the pan
5. Throw the prepared pasta into a colander, drain the water, and put it together with spinach in a pan.
6. Fry all ingredients for 2-3 minutes together. Salt, pepper, and you can serve healthy pasta with salmon to the table.


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