5 things that will happen to you after giving up sugar

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I managed to feel all this from personal experience. Try it and you.

First of all, it is necessary to bring some clarity to what I mean by the words “elimination of sugar from the diet.” Of course, it is impossible to completely abandon all sweets: sugar is part of so many products that it would be necessary to come up with a special diet, which, I suspect, would not be very healthy.

But trying to follow WHO recommendations call on countries to reduce sugar intake by adults and children of WHO, who call for limiting sugar intake so that it makes no more than 5% of total calories per day. To do this, it is enough to stop consuming sugar with drinks, abandon soda and limit the amount of confectionery. And this is what will happen to you when you do this.

  1. You will become more healthy and energetic.

Many people know that sugar is a source of glucose, which the body needs to replenish energy. With a low level of sugar in the blood, a person feels tired, becomes inhibited, and may even lose consciousness. But no less dangerous is the high level of sugar in human blood, which is observed in almost all sweet tooth. This can cause serious metabolic disorders.

  1. Your weight is stabilizing

Immediately after you limit your intake of sweets, you will begin to lose weight. And the point here is not only that sugar is a source of calories in itself. It’s just that it most often is a part of high-calorie dishes: pastries, confectionery, fast food, dairy desserts, and so on. By limiting their consumption, you will easily and naturally get rid of extra pounds.

  1. Your intestines will work normally

While your brain enjoys another sweet cake, the gastrointestinal tract has to be blown away for everything. After all, the breakdown of sugar occurs precisely in the intestine, and its excess disrupts the functioning of the enzymes of the stomach, intestines, and pancreas. If you refuse sweets and replace them with foods that have high fiber content, you will be surprised to find that your intestines began to work literally like a Swiss watch.

  1. You will cease to constantly want to eat “something sweet”

The mechanism of functioning of sugar addiction is no different from the drug. You eat candy – your brain enjoys – you reach for the next. And so on, as long as there is something sweet in your reach. The good news is that you can still break this circle. As soon as you change your diet, pay attention that you want less and less sweet, and very soon you will be surprised to look at all these strange people around who absorb mountains of sweets.

  1. You will learn the true taste of products

Do you carefully select the gourmet tea, and then put a few tablespoons of sugar in a cup? Do you consider yourself a connoisseur of coffee, but you can’t drink it without sweets? If you answer in the affirmative to these and similar questions, then I hasten to inform you that, unfortunately, you do not know the real taste of these excellent drinks. As well as many other products that for some reason it is customary to sprinkle a fair amount of sugar. Yes, the first time may be unusual, but only two weeks will pass, no more, and you will remember your past “sweet” life as a terrible dream.

Have you tried to give up sugar? And how did it happen?


82 thoughts on “5 things that will happen to you after giving up sugar”

    1. I started to eat it again and it is proved, I feeling worse) So, from today, I coming back to my old nutrition)

  1. 😮 this is soooo hard for me!! I am a chocoholic lol …

    I have given up many things with sugars etc. I do eat much healthier …

    But there are a couple things I can not bring myself to give up! Like chocolate and coffee creamer – those are my guilty pleasures ✌️

    1. I tried 2 years without any sugar at all, I felt awesome and my stomach recovered. But after I started to eat chocolate and to drink coffee, I cannot see myself without it at all, but no sugar in drinks, I hate the taste and I love dark 90% chocolate.

      1. Yeah I eat a lot healthier after cancer … my doctor lectures me sometimes if I walk in with a coffee lol (I don’t hide lol) I do mostly water – but coffee my thing lol … am trying to get it to where I like it black … but I am not there lol … I can do no sugar, but my creamer has sugar so is still there

        I tried umm Taza
        Chocolate? They have pure chocolate 😝 but is soooo bitter Oh my god!

        We went on the factory tour – I had never tried them and neither had my daughter … they gave us a sample we opened immediately and popped in our mouths 😮

        Instantly I knew was bad lol … my daughter spit hers out. We both made faces lol

        I do like dark chocolate
        My daughter only likes milk chocolate – I’m working on her lol ✌️

      2. Oh, I love bitter pure chocolate, but it is so expensive and it is not in every store. I can do only compote with little sugar, nowhere else, I do not like creamers, I like with soy milk a lot, but it is ok with skim milk or black) I am trying to talk with my husband about reducing his sugar intake, since he is drinking a lot of Mello Yellos and eats gummies every day. Before was even more, but we are working on that)

      3. Yeah that’s a taste I will have to acquire lol – I’ll keep trying

        Hahaha oh that’s funny … I haven’t heard Mello Yellow in years lol – I’m sure they sell it – I just don’t look for it and haven’t heard of it since gosh??? The 1980’s?? Lol

        I have to say though … my son is the same way 🤨 he likes these boba tea drinks and snacky foods… I failed as a mother in that department – boys are hard there ✌️ he has a soy allergy so suddenly he is revamping his diet and feeling way better – but like sugar … soy is in everything 😮

      4. You can make sweets yourself without soy) I have many nice recipes. I have heard that Mello Yello is pretty old drink and you can buy it in Phoenix only in a few places. I have never tried and no eager to do so)

      5. For some, dark chocolate is an acquired taste. I prefer a milk chocolate, but dark chocolate is what I usually stick with. However, their are some really good flavored sugar-free white chocolate chips that I enjoy quite regularly.

      6. Oh, I do not know why, but I never liked white chocolate. I tried milk chocolate lately, but not for me) way to sweet)

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        And if we are looking for you in the WordPress reader at : ForHealth or nadiiag…,

        … We don’t find anything on your site.

      2. In France, your site and your articles are invisible on WordPress. If you contact them, you can tell them and even say that the information comes from Aphodalie.com

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  3. I do like sugar in my coffee, but tea is a different story. I used to think I didn’t like tea. Turns out I just don’t like tea with sugar or honey in it. Straight up, I like tea just fine.

  4. I have almost eliminated sugar but I confess I do continue to add a flavoured creamer to my coffee. Since I have 1 and half cups a day, how am I doing? I have heard that coffee drinking results in less weight loss when that is your goal. I tend to believe it’s true especially if the flavoured creamer is adding unneeded coffee. But I love it! I am weak LOL – David

    1. Did not really understand a question. If to have coffee black you gonna lose weight, but without any additions. No sugar, no milk, no creamer.

      1. I guess I hoped you would say it was okay to have coffee creamer. I knew it was better to not have it.

      2. Ah) Well, sometimes it is ok to have a little sugar, just some people have huge amount per day, which would be enough for a week)

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    Healthy fats and Veggies really help keep the cravings down, great article btw

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