5 easy ways to improve your health

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This can be done without daily exercise and special diets.

  1. Train your self-awareness
    Self-awareness is the ability to recognize and understand your own mood, emotions, and aspirations. By developing it, you increase the chances of mental and physical well-being.

Deeply understanding our feelings, motivation, and behavior, we act more consciously and ultimately make better decisions.

Dr. Nadine Sammy, Lecturer in Sports and Physical Education at Exeter University

For example, try to understand your motivation to play sports. When do you stick to your training schedule, and when not? Why?

There are many ways to develop self-awareness: keeping a diary, meditation, the practice of mindfulness, and just self-analysis after some specific activities or in the evening at the end of the day.

Having understood ourselves, we can make maximum use of strengths and begin to work on weaknesses. And it inspires you to become a better version of yourself.
Nadine Sammy

  1. Get a dog
    Classes in the gym, Pilates, or morning jogging – this is what most often comes to mind when you decide to become physically active.

However, instead of sports training, there are many other ways to make regular exercise a part of your daily life. For example, you can park away from the entrance to the supermarket where you came for shopping, or stop using the elevator in the office.

But the best thing is to get a dog. If you walk with her at least 30 minutes twice a day, you can increase your activity, while also receiving emotional satisfaction from talking with your pet.

You will be able to spend time in the fresh air, train, get a loyal companion, and also improve the life of another living creature. All this favorably affects both physical and mental health.

Rhys Thatcher, professor of sports physiology at the University of Aberystwyth

  1. Eat more different types of plant foods
    It is believed that normally we should consume five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. This is about 400 grams. But one must strive not only for quantity but also for diversity.

Megan Rossi, a researcher at the Department of Nutrition, Royal College of London, claims that we must eat 30 different fruits, vegetables, and other plant foods in a week. It is its diversity that is responsible for intestinal health.

Intestinal bacteria, or microbiomes, are extremely important for the health of the body. Allergies, obesity, inflammatory diseases, Parkinson’s disease, and even depression are associated with them.

A greater variety of plant foods in the diet can be achieved in one simple way: a little tricky when shopping.

Instead of just buying chickpeas, grab a mixture of four beans. And instead of one type of cereal, also buy a mixture of four.
Megan Rossi

If the number 30 scares you, set yourself the goal of introducing one new product into the diet every week.

  1. Smile more often
    Everyone once set out to lose a couple of pounds after the holidays. Or tried to decide how many times a week will now go to the gym.

But we often set such goals spontaneously, and because of this, it can be difficult to achieve them. And the inability to do this can even discourage all desire to try. So try to focus on becoming happier first.

There are many specific things you can start to do to become healthier. But if you are unhappy with your life, then most likely you will not be able to support any serious or complex changes for a long time.

Dr. James Gill, Researcher, School of Medicine, University of Warwick

To become happier, decide on one break, which will make you smile more often. Along with this, determine what makes you unhappy now – and get rid of it. And then you will be ready to seriously take up your health.

  1. Sleep enough
    Trite, but we really should get enough sleep. As a rule, a healthy adult needs 7–9 hours for this. And even a small lack of sleep (for example, reducing its duration to 5 hours) can affect a number of cognitive functions, including the ability to make decisions.

Do your best to get enough sleep. For example, do not drink coffee before going to bed and go to bed at the same time every day.

But most importantly – put off electronic devices, a smartphone and a laptop, a few hours before bedtime. Or at least use a special filter or glasses that block blue light.


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  1. Fantastic tips, my friend! Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways how we can look after our body! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

  2. I would love to buy a dog but we travel too much. How many people are eating too much now in Corona lockdown depression?

    1. Well, I know that many people getting food in a Food bank. I am not saying that need to go and buy dog now, some people already have pets from before.

      1. I never thought of it that way. Good thought about the food bank. Where people may be depressed by being food challenged

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