2 exercises to help prolong life and youth

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With age, an untrained body begins to lose ground. Only two exercises will help you take care of yourself.

The more you move, the longer you live and keep youth. A study by Norwegian scientists showed that muscle strength and physical activity are directly related to mortality from both cardiovascular diseases and other causes.

As for the youth, you can now check how well your body has been preserved.

Based on the relationship between a person’s athletic form and the amount of oxygen absorbed and absorbed (VO2 max), Norwegian scientists have created an online calculator that shows your athletic age.

If this age matches or even exceeds biological, it’s time to add more movement to your life.

How to slow down the aging
People are at the peak of their development in 25-30 years, and after that, in the absence of regular physical exertion, their strength and amount of muscle mass begin to decline. According to various sources, between the ages of 50 and 70, a person loses from 1.5 to 3% of muscle mass every year, but this process begins even before 50.

In one study, it was found that the difference in muscle mass and strength of people before and after 40 years is from 16.6 to 40.9%.

If you want to stay fit, you need to stop muscle loss. Exercises to build and maintain muscle mass can prolong your youth. In addition, it is necessary to perform cardio exercises that support the health of the cardiovascular system and increase endurance.

If you do not have enough time for full strength and cardio workouts, there is no desire to go to the gym or look for exercises for homework, you can maintain health and fitness by performing only two universal exercises: burpee and jumping rope.

The benefits of the burpee and jumping rope
These exercises have several advantages:

  • Pumped almost the whole body. Performing burpees, you use the muscles of the hips and buttocks, calf muscles, chest, shoulders, triceps, abs, and hip flexor muscles.
  • While jumping rope, calves, hips, buttocks, abs, back, arms and shoulders work.
  • Provide cardiac loading and improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  • Suitable for weight loss. Exercise burns more calories than running at a steady pace, so a combination of the burpee and jumping rope is a great workout option for those who want to lose weight.
  • Pumped explosive force – the ability to make maximum effort in minimum time.
  • They have many variations. There are a huge number of variations of these exercises, so you will always have a more complex option that you need to strive for.
  • Do not require special conditions. For burpees, you do not need equipment, and a rope is very cheap.
  • Both exercises can be performed anywhere.
  • Next, we will analyze in more detail the features of the technique, options for the exercise, the number of repetitions.

This exercise was invented by Royal H. Burpee, a physiologist from New York. True, his version of the burpee was much easier and consisted of four movements. There were no push-ups and jumping out.

Over time, burpees have become what we are used to – a six-component exercise performed with high intensity.

Features of the technique

  • Stand up lying down, shoulders above arms, abs and buttocks are tense.
  • Lower your body down, touching the floor with your chest, stomach, and front surface of your hips.
  • Tightening the abs and buttocks, squeeze yourself upward, at point-blank lying. During lifting, the hull should be a straight line.
  • With a jump, substitute the legs bent at the knees to the hands. During this movement, the legs do not bend much. The angle in the knee should be greater than 90 degrees.
  • Jump up, fully straightening the body.
  • Put your hands on the floor again and accept the emphasis of lying.

In some cases, the burpee at the lower point does not need to touch the floor with the chest. Instead, classic push-ups are performed. If it’s hard for you to push yourself up, try this option.

Execution options
You can experiment with any kind of push-ups and jumps. For example, replace regular push-ups with touching the floor with the chest, abdomen, and hips with push-ups on one leg or push-ups with arms or legs on support.

Jumping can be replaced by jumping over a step or bar of the bar, jumping onto a pedestal, running in place, long jump with a turn.

Think up your variations of the burpee, then you will never get bored in training.

Number of sets and reps
Since burpees are traditionally performed without weight, for effective pumping of endurance it is necessary to perform many repetitions or arrange interval training. Perform a 10-15 burpee, rest for 30 seconds, and repeat. Do as many approaches as you can.

You can try to make a burpee for a while. Perform the maximum number of repetitions in one minute. So you can track your progress and strive for better results.

Rope jumping
First, you need to find the right rope for you. To do this, step on the center of the rope and lift both handles up. They should be at chest level.

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Features of the technique

Keep your elbows close to your body while jumping, with your hands slightly forward. Try to rotate the rope only with your wrists, without using your forearm. Do not bend your legs while jumping. Land softly on your toes, with your knees slightly bent.

Execution options
There are no fewer ways to jump the rope than burpee options. There are about 50 exercises with a rope. These options will help you diversify your workouts and improve coordination.

Number of jumps
Complete 100 jumps. When it comes out easily and without hesitation, learn to do double jumps. The technique is the same. The only difference is that you need to jump a little higher without raising your legs, and twist your wrists faster in order to manage to twist the rope twice.

Alternate burpees and jumping rope or add them to each set of exercises, then you will significantly increase endurance and muscle strength, and at the same time extend your youth.


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  1. I used to do burpees during my morning routine but I went a bit overboard and this caused me to have a hernia. But, yes, it’s extremely effective…. especially if followed by an ice cold shower. I will definitely return to practicing those exercises after my hernia surgery

  2. Thanks for the exercise tips. Many of these exercises I presently do as part of yoga sun salutation routines. Are you familiar?

  3. Donovan Carper

    Burpees suck!!! ;). We did at lot when I took karate and Jrav Maga! Great exercise!

    1. Well, not everybody likes this exercise. I hardly can force myself. but I do sometimes. Wing Chun also difficult, I was practice it for a while.

      1. Donovan Carper

        That is awesome…I saw videos of wing Chun…seems like a great martial art style!!!

      2. It is, pity that I did not find here Wing Chun, seems not too popular, I need a trainer, cannot alone. I missed that a lot.

      3. Donovan Carper

        Krav Maga is worth doing and more popular in the states

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