Why abs cubes are uneven

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  1. I pumped up the abs, and the cubes are some kind of curves. Why?
  2. Why are they different?
  3. Does it somehow affect performance?
  4. That is, someone can not swing at all, and the abs will be embossed?
  5. Why are some cubes so far apart?
  6. Is it possible to somehow fix an asymmetric abs? Maybe there are special exercises?

You downloaded the abs for a long time and were on a diet, but when the cubes appeared from under the fat layer, it turned out that they did not at all look like a perfect six pack: there were only four, not six, they were staggered or angled. Life hacker finds out why abs cubes are not always smooth and symmetrical and whether this affects muscle strength.

I pumped up the press, and the cubes are some kind of curves. Why?
Three to four tendon jumpers cross the front surface of the rectus abdominis muscle, due to which the muscle takes the form of cubes.

In some people, these jumpers are slightly shifted or staggered, and when the muscle grows in size, it becomes noticeable.

Why are they different?
This is a genetically determined feature like eye color or hair structure. Moreover, genetics determines not only the location of jumpers, but also their number. So, for some people, the abs will consist of only four dice, for others – of six, and for some – even of eight.

Does it somehow affect performance?
Not. The location and number of tendon jumpers does not affect muscle strength, so you can safely engage in power sports – another form of abs will not bother you at all. However, genetics can affect how embossed the abs will look.

That is, someone can not swing at all, and the press will be embossed?
Not certainly in that way. In some people, the abdomen is naturally thicker. Muscles with such a structure will look more prominent, especially if a person has a low percentage of fat in the body. However, it is impossible to get distinct cubes without training.

Why are some cubes so far apart?
It’s all about the tendons that attach the muscles to the bones. If you have long tendons and short muscle abdomen, the distance between the cubes will be greater, if vice versa – less. In people with short tendons, due to a larger muscle area, the potential for hypertrophy increases.

Can I somehow fix an asymmetric press? Maybe there are special exercises?
No exercise will help you change the genetically determined structure of muscles and tendons. But there is nothing to worry about. Many bodybuilders and athletes around the world have such a structure of the abs, and this does not prevent them from doing what they love, looking great and winning competitions.

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Source: https://lifehacker.ru/nerovnye-kubiki-pressa/

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