What to do at home during quarantine?

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It is a difficult time for everyone at the moment. Lots of people lost their jobs, some working from home. So, what to do at home?

  1. Sewing, if you know how and if you want to learn!
I was learning how to sew and now creating.

Now is a great opportunity to help, I sewing masks and you can do it. If you are not feeling like doing exactly this, there is plenty of stuff to sew, like some home decor, maybe you wanted to sew that nice skirt but did not have time. Now is the time to get busy!

2. Reading books.

Books can teach us many things and I love the idea of doing it. I admit I am not a fan of romance or detective, but I love to read something useful, like studying a new language, read psychology, readjust useful information which might help you in life. So, do not miss a chance to learn something new!

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3. Go jogging, but keep your distance from other people.

If you have the opportunity to go and breathe some air and also to exercise outside, so just do it. You gonna feel healthier for sure!

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4. Fitness at home.

There are plenty of exercises which you can do at home, you can find lots of videos on the Internet or just look for my posts about exercising at home. If you did not have time to do it before, because of work, so, now it is not an excuse, we all staying home now. Do not be lazy) Start moving, it is important to boost our immune system!

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5. What about art?

Is there anything that you wanted to try for a long time ago? Like painting, woodwork, knitting, embroidery, and many other things. It might be fun, it is nice to do with children.

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6. It is about time to start cooking at home.

If you used to eat out, it is time to learn how to cook or if you can, now you have time for this. It is time to be creative and try new recipes. Check my posts, you might find that what you would like to try. By the way, I think it is safer to make food ourselves.

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7. Table games.

It is a nice way to spend time. You can play chess, cards, Scrabble, monopoly and many others.

Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

8. Learn how to play guitar or another musical instrument. Music is life, the language of our soul.

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9. Gardening.

Image by Ekaterina Ershova from Pixabay

If you live in the house and have a backyard, there is nothing wrong to have plants around. It is fun, healthy and just a nice view from the window. Yes, need to take care of it, but you got time. There is nothing better than your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs or just beautiful flowers.

I even started to grow lemon, mango, and avocado from seeds. I used an easy method, germination in a wet paper towel. After I planted my seeds in the flower pot.

10. Birding.

Image by Steve Crowhurst from Pixabay

I am sure, it is not really necessary to go hiking for watching birds and taking pictures. We bought a few bird feeders, one is for hummingbird and I am sitting in front of the house, having my coffee and watching birds. It relaxes me really well, I enjoy my time.

11. Working on the house.

Photo by Los Muertos Crew from Pexels

It is a great opportunity to fix the house, to paint the walls, to put tiles and many other things. You did not have time before and it is too expensive to hire contractors, so, if you know how to do it, start right now. Use your time in a smart way. In the end, you gonna be proud of your work.


19 thoughts on “What to do at home during quarantine?”

  1. Good post… I know I’ve utilized this time to check on some distant relatives more.. and a 5-10 minute phone call can really make a love one day.

  2. Merci Nadiia pour toutes ces bonnes idées partagées !
    Belle journée et prends bien soin de toi.
    Bisous amicaux et musicaux d’Auvergne. <3

  3. I would think one one would consider doing any of your quarantine suggestions on a normal basis at any time. Don’t wait for a crisis to have a productive hobby. Work less and play more.

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