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1) Mandarin tea –
With sore throat tea from citrus, flour is excellent. Dry the peel of tangerines and oranges. Grind them in a coffee grinder just before use.
Then take one teaspoon of the resulting powder and fill it with 100 g of boiling water. Let it brew for five minutes and take one or two sips a day.

2) Ginger tea
Ingredients: 1.2 L of water, 3 tbsp. grated ginger, 5 tbsp. honey, 4 tbsp. lemon or orange juice, 2 tbsp. fresh mint. Boil water, add ginger, honey, and stir. Strain through a sieve, trying to squeeze the maximum amount of liquid out of ginger.
Add a pinch of black pepper and juice. In the end, add a little fresh mint. Used hot. This drink treats colds very well, and with a wet cough, cloves or cinnamon can be added to tea.

3) Honey tea
To make this tea, you need to take the root of the marshmallow grass, dried leaves, mother and stepmother, oregano. Stir the herbs in equal parts. Take a tablespoon of the mixture and brew it with a glass of boiling water. Drink tea from colds in the form of heat, adding a tablespoon of honey to a glass of broth. It is recommended to drink tea three times a day after meals.

4) Tea with cloves
To do this, you need 1 stick of cinnamon, 4 buds of cloves, 1 liter of water, 25 g of black tea, 55 g of sugar, 70 ml of orange juice, juice of 1/2 lemon, ginger.
Mix a small piece of ginger with cinnamon and cloves, fill with water, and boil. Pour tea with spices and let it brew for five minutes. Add sugar, mix, pour in orange juice and lemon juice.

5) Antipyretic tea with wild strawberries and wild rose☕ –
Brew a glass of boiling water with two tablespoons of dried strawberries or prepare an infusion of two tablespoons of dry rose hips and 0.5 l of boiling water.

6) Linden tea for colds –
A tablespoon of linden blossom is brewed in a glass of boiling water. Strain and add a tablespoon of honey. Drink half a glass three times a day. This folk remedy effectively helps at high temperatures, acts as a diaphoretic, and relieves temperature.

7) Raspberry tea –
You need to take 1 tablespoon of raspberry and anise, willow bark, and leaves of coltsfoot. All prepared components of the healing collection need to be crushed and mix well.
Take 40 g of the mixture and pour 0.5 l of boiling water. Let it brew for 10 minutes and then strain. This tea should also be drunk with the flu.

8) “Pasich tea” (Georgian tea)
Required: 3 parts strong tea, 1 part honey, 1 part vodka. All components are mixed, brought to a boil, poured into cups. Drink the drink in hot, small portions. This tea is recommended for mild colds or hypothermia.

9) Tea with spices and milk
Required: 2 buds of cloves, a slice of ginger root, 3 teaspoons of black long leaf tea, 0.5 l of water, 0.5 l of milk. Put cloves and ginger in the water and bring to a boil. Then boil water with spices to brew tea and insist 5 minutes, filter and dilute with hot milk.

10) Tea with pepper
In a teapot for every glass of black tea brewed according to the norm, add 1-2 grains of crushed pepper and insist. Such tea is used for colds and as a tonic.



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