DIY disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer

Disinfectant spray

1 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol

1/2 cup of water

15 drops of essential oil (tyme or eucalyptus)


Spray bottle

Mix all ingredients together in the bottle and shake it well. Now you can use it.

Hand sanitizer

Aloe Vera gel- 2 parts

Rubbung alcohol- 1 part

Moisturizing oil (almond)- 1 tbsp.

Essential oil (tea tree)- 15 drops

Small squizee bottles (I had 2)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl, pour it in small squeeze bottles. Shake it well and you can use it.


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17 thoughts on “DIY disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer”

  1. Very informative, as of now.. Corona virus just became unstoppable in the world right now, hope your country not much affected of it… BTW how’s the situation there Nadiia? Hope you all doing good in health and wealth!!

    1. Hello, well people got crazy and started to buy toilet paper, alcohol, hand sanitizers, antibacterial soap, so in some stores impossible to find all of this. I am good, thank you. What about you?

      1. That’s terrible though!! One question playing in my mind since this corona virus had started showing its terror… In India situation is normal, no casualties noted till date, some cases registered but that’s not so positive ones.

      2. Not at all, there only registered confirmed cases of Covid-19 Virus but no casualties noted… Though many tourist also confirmed positives, mainly from Italy and Middle east!!!

      3. Well, yes and there are lots of tourists) Anyway, it is sad, I love to travel and still want to see the world)

      4. Ohhh yeah, Travelling, whose the hater there?? We’d to also drop out our plan in our country due to this disease.. God bless you all,

      5. Here too, Many movie releases postpone, events-concerts aren’t exception in this too.. There’s solid focus on people who have history to visit most affected countries of COVID-19… It’s like we become slave of our own!!

  2. People are going crazy here in Canada too. Buying out toilet paper and stealing face masks from hospitals (sad). Aside from being criminal, the masks offer no real protection, and one of the only things that works is washing your hands. Thanks you for sharing this healthy home remedy for sanitizing your hands to protect against this disease.

  3. I prefer to use the term alcohol-based hand rub to emphasise the mechanical action of rubbing which is the vital component of the hand hygiene message.

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