Benefits of green peas and its properties

Benefits: Green peas are a very useful food product, which must be a part of your diet. Especially the useful properties of green peas need to be paid attention to those who want to switch to a vegetarian diet. Today we will tell you how green peas are useful and how it can be used in cooking.


The benefits of peas

Pea has been known to mankind for a very long time – it is easy to grow and can be used in so many dishes. Now we are mainly used to canned green peas, but the benefits of green peas are noticeable only if consumed fresh.

What is the use of green peas? Look at the composition of this amazing plant:

  • vitamins A, C, H, as well as B vitamins;
  • green peas contain many minerals, such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron and chlorine;
  • green peas contain a lot of protein (about 6%), which is well absorbed by the body due to carbohydrates, which are up to 11% in peas;
  • in addition to all of the above, green peas contain healthy fats, dietary fiber and starch.

Green peas have been used in folk medicine to prevent vitamin deficiency and treat kidney and liver diseases due to the fact that it contains vegetable protein and alkaline salts. Green peas have a diuretic effect and mashed potatoes can be used for edema and even for urolithiasis. No less interesting is the fact that dishes with green peas have an anti-sclerotic effect.

Eating green peas can reduce the risk of diseases such as myocardial infarction and hypertension. Dishes from green peas have an antisclerotic effect and contribute to the elimination of radionuclides from the body. Also, the benefits of green peas are that it helps get rid of a hangover.

The harm of green peas

Like any product, green peas have their own characteristics. Experts do not recommend eating green peas for people with intestinal diseases. Eating green peas can cause flatulence. However, these statements are true only if you use peas in large quantities. With gout, it is also worth controlling the amount of green peas consumed.

When viewed globally, eating a small amount of green peas will not do any harm, and skillful use of it in cooking will diversify your menu. Special attention is given to canned green peas, which is still less useful.


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