Bee Love Award

Hello, everyone! I would like to thank my dear follower, for nominating me for Bee Love Award! It as so great feeling to know that my posts are useful and interesting for all of you. It is an honor to have such the great followers! Thank you!


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My Definition of LOVE:

Love is having close people near, family. Caring about each other and understanding, supporting is precious. Unfortunately less and less people care about someone else these days. So many selfish and envy, angry humans around, that it is hard to find love. It is feeling which make us feel alive, makes us to go crazy about person, it makes us happy!

I Nominate:

  1. Diary of a Gay Dad.

2. Mommy Me

3. A Quest for the Uncliche

4. Our Crossings

5. Eat dessert first

6. Arifullahkhan685

7. Elganspo

8. Nabeela

9. Aphadolie

10. Kelsang27


18 thoughts on “Bee Love Award”

      1. Oh sure thing; and glad to help anytime! So good you received that award and you keep so BEE-SY busy; I applaud you and the good you are accomplishing! God Bless You my Friend.

      2. Thank you Nadiiag, and again you are always welcome, so far away but at least honest goodwill and prayers mean something! Keep the faith.
        God Bless.🙏

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