Canyoning – an interesting outdoor activity

Canyoning is a special sport related to overcoming canyons. Canyons are gorges with steep, sometimes steep slopes, along the bottom of which rivers flow. They are carried out using a variety of techniques of water-rocky reliefs, but without the use of swimming equipment. Simply put, canyoning is a special type of descent along the mountain rivers of canyons.


Canyoning can be technical or on foot.

  • Technical canyoning requires additional equipment. It is selected taking into account the climatic conditions of the terrain in which the canyon is located. But basically this is standard climbing equipment, consisting of ropes, belts, carbines, eights. It is imperative to use helmets to protect your head from shock.
  • Pedestrian canyoning does not require additional equipment, but it requires special equipment. Shoes and clothes should be selected in such a way as to protect the body and legs from the effects of cold water of mountain rivers.

Canyoning routes themselves can be represented as:

  • Watered canal passage. This is a simpler option, which sometimes can do without the use of technical means;
  • Pass through the dry canyon. This is a difficult route that is difficult to pass without special climbing equipment.

For each person, the complexity of the route is determined by the level of his physical fitness. In this case, knowledge of the area and what climatic conditions exist here must be taken into account. Adequate climbing equipment should also be available, which may be required to overcome the selected canyon.

The selected routes are most often located on rough terrain, far from the inhabited territories. Therefore, for participants in canyoning, you must have survival skills in the wild. They must also be able to find the right path.

The process of canyoning classes consists of:

  • rock climbing
  • swimming;
  • rope descent;
  • jumping into the water.

Not every area is suitable for canyoning. And real pleasure can only be obtained from the passage of a real canyon, one that cuts into hard rock and forms narrow gorges. The breath away from the sculptural walls, rapid waterfalls and numerous mountain springs.

The main rocks that make up canyons are sandstone, granite, limestone or basalt. Other types of rocks are less common. And although the chosen route can be both easy and difficult, the emphasis in this sport is on the pleasure of communicating with the surrounding nature. The aim is to entertain, not to deliberately overcome difficulties.

Suitable places for canyoning are scattered around the world. And you can always find a canyon available for this lesson. This sport can be practiced by people of different ages and different qualifications. But given that this is an extreme sport, you need to follow certain rules. The main rule is that you can’t do canyoning alone, it can be life threatening. From some places of the canyon it is impossible to get ashore yourself.

If even one of the group gets even a little damage, this will be a big problem for the further advancement of the whole group. Therefore, caution and caution are so necessary during movement. The group must have an experienced instructor who knows the area and its climatic conditions, as well as the entire technical side of the route. Happy and wonderful holiday to you and your loved ones!


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