Skating. Benefits for body and soul

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Having expressed a desire to start a fascinating, sober, sporty vacation, everyone is looking for a suitable fascinating activity, which, in addition to a good mood, can give you the opportunity to become a little stronger and more enduring. If you decide to start ice skating, the benefits of which are obvious and very significant – you only need to show a little perseverance and the result will not make you wait for long. Increasing the overall tone of the body, freshness of soul, and excellent psychological state – this is the minimum list of positive qualities that you can achieve by famously cutting intricate patterns on the ice platform with a blade of skates.

Skating, as a kind of aerobics. At the same time, you train the cardiovascular system, successfully replacing jogging and other exercises that can undesirably strain your knees and joints, which often leads to increased fatigue and even injury. The effectiveness of the lesson can be greatly enhanced if, sliding on the ice, you will intensively wave your hands. This will put a strain on other muscle groups that also need regular training.

You can lose weight. However, here it is necessary to push a little, significantly extending the riding time, increasing the distance and continuity. The effect of your weight loss will vary quite significantly if, instead of half an hour a day, you will exercise twice as long, while switching to a four-day training regimen per week. When making a race, estimate the approximate distance that you manage to cover in a certain period of time, and, in the future, constantly try to increase it, setting your personal small records.

Start weight loss with a continuous workout. However, you should not exhaust yourself strongly – balance, feeling the line that makes you more enduring. Start with short distances, then, maintaining a constant and steady pace, gradually extend the races. Working with your legs, you imperceptibly train the lower back, muscles of the buttocks and thighs, while also working on the abdominal muscles.

By attending training, you will improve your psychological state. This is a great way to relax, ice skating whose benefits extend not only to the body but also to the psyche. You can take a break from professional activities, personal problems, and stresses, which, unfortunately, are constantly inherent in our modern life. Spending more time in the fresh air, you get the opportunity to throw many unpleasant things out of your head and find the answer to many important questions, temporarily surrendering to a sense of freedom, cheerfully carving sparkling crumbs.

Entering the ice platform, an adult or a child will surely learn to control his body, will become much more confident in himself physically and psychologically. Adults become more efficient and are ready to turn mountains at work, performing various tasks of their bosses. Children begin to lead a more fluid rhythm of life, obvious academic successes are noticed, improvements in their mental state are noticeable. This is the benefit of this winter sport, as well as just a great vacation: to make you stronger, stronger, and healthier!


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  1. I was just wondering when would you post the English version. Great information. I have done a lot of skating in my childhood but never got a chance to do ice skating.

  2. This is a great idea! We don’t get ice much here but we do have some ice skating rinks in a few shopping malls. I should plan a skate! Thank you 🙂

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