Hormones are special chemicals that regulate the body. Hormones are responsible for hundreds of body functions, including:

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  • The fight against various diseases. Disruption of the hormonal system leads to hundreds of various diseases that cannot be eliminated without interfering with the secretion of hormones.
  • “Switching” from a state of joy to a state of depression, the ability to feel happiness and any emotions. The so-called hormones of happiness are responsible for this.

  • Motivation to achieve any goals. A person who has problems with hormones becomes lethargic and lethargic, loses goals and guidance in life. A person with a high level of “action hormones” becomes entrepreneurial and active.
  • A set of muscle mass. The answer to the question “Why can’t women build muscle like men?” Lies in the low concentration of the hormone “testosterone” in girls. Testosterone is the main male hormone. With its deficiency, the growth of muscle mass significantly slows down or stops completely.
  • Sexual attraction, sexual opportunities. Men and women with certain hormonal abnormalities may not be attracted to the opposite sex. This is a hormonal problem that can lead to more serious illnesses. With age, sexual desire decreases due to a deficiency of necessary hormones.
  • The possibility of losing weight. Excessive amounts of stress hormones stimulate appetite, which leads to breakdowns from the diet and gluttony after a mistake. This is also a function of hormones. Without the proper hormonal level, weight loss is difficult.
    Influence on the appearance of a person. Under the influence of hormones, facial features are formed. The fact that hormones affect the cleanliness of the skin and can provoke the appearance of acne is not even worth talking about.
  • Influence on human behavior. Character is formed under the significant influence of hormones. A soft, flexible man is a person with a hormonal background similar to a woman. He has male functions, physically he is a man, but in his biochemistry, there are many female hormones and not enough male ones. A tough, rude, domineering woman – the owner of a typically male hormonal background. Testosterone is a mild man who will be below the lower limits of the norm. A rude woman is above the upper limit.

Since hormones are a regulator of sexual desire, it is difficult for most women to have a liking for a man with low testosterone levels. Most men will bypass a rude woman who, in connection with the malfunctioning of the hormonal system, is a “man in a skirt.”

The ability to control the hormonal background is the ability to control your life!

Today we will consider the main types of hormones, understand what they have in sports, and also learn how to regulate hormones without outside help.

Anabolic hormones
Anabolic hormones can be arbitrarily called “hormones of creation.” These are hormones that allow you to build muscle, maintain a good mood, and act. We highlight the main anabolic hormones that are known to the athlete:

  • Testosterone. The main male sex hormone that allows you to build muscle and feel like a man. Testosterone is a hormone of energy and action. This is the hormone of male power, the hormone of the winners. The higher a man’s testosterone level, the better he builds muscle mass, the more successful he is with women, and the better he realizes himself in the outside world.
  • A growth hormone. The anabolic hormone stimulates the growth of all body tissues. Artificial analogs of growth hormone are used not only by bodybuilders, but also in medicine, and for various purposes. HGH is the most popular beauty hormone. With the help of GH, it is possible to increase growth in adolescence, which is actively used by medicine in developed countries. Growth hormone has one side effect that has changed modern bodybuilding – GH increases the internal organs, which leads to the appearance of a large abdomen, which is ugly inflated if you do not keep the abs in constant tension. Bodybuilders of the Golden Age believe that using growth hormones is detrimental to bodybuilding.
  • Insulin. A transport hormone that has an anabolic effect. It allows you to significantly accelerate the set of muscle mass but is extremely dangerous in case of improper use. Improper use of insulin can be fatal.

Naturally, you can increase the level of testosterone and growth hormone. To do this, use the following recommendations:

  1. Establish a sleep-wake mode. The optimal time for sleep is from 21:00 to 5:00 or from 22:00 to 6:00. Our body works according to certain daily algorithms. The maximum values ​​of the concentration of testosterone and growth hormone reach with prolonged (from 7 hours), quality sleep at night.
  2. Do intense strength and aerobic workouts. Intensive workouts increase male testosterone levels by 20-30%. Avoid overtraining, which leads to the opposite effect.
  3. Adjust your nutrition. Change the percentage of protein-fat-carbohydrate to 25-15 (20) -60 (55). Figures – the percentage of calories that the body receives from each component. Avoid trans fats, which lead to blockage of blood vessels and harm the hormonal system. Do not overeat in pursuit of muscle mass – overeating sharply falls off the level of testosterone and leads to a slowdown in muscle growth. Rigid mass-fed diets are justified only during hormone replacement therapy.
  4. Use healthy fats and cholesterol. Useful animal and vegetable fats are raw materials for the hormonal system. Cholesterol is the raw material for building a testosterone molecule. Athletes who throw yolks out of their eggs – throw their testosterone and progress into the bin and also get rid of muscle mass.
  5. Win. Testosterone is the hormone of the winners. The maximum level of testosterone is achievable only if you win on an ongoing basis. The ideal option is to keep a diary, set goals, and be inspired by your success. This raises testosterone levels more significantly than the previous points.
  6. Think positively. Unconstructive negative thoughts significantly reduce testosterone levels and lower the potential of all the measures listed above.
  7. Adjust the work-rest mode. “Work” includes not only professional duties but also self-development, sports, as well as other mechanisms that cause physical and psychological fatigue. Overtraining, overwork at work reduce testosterone levels as well as lack of action.
  8. Use the principles of a healthy lifestyle, health, and sports nutrition. With their help, you can increase energy and improve the functioning of the hormonal system.
  9. Adjust your worldview to achieve your goals. A correct worldview is the proper functioning of the hormonal system, the absence of hormonal disruptions, and the high level of testosterone on an ongoing basis.
  10. Get rid of everything superfluous. From extra information, extra people, and habits that spray your energy.

These recommendations are aimed at increasing the level of anabolic hormones. But hormones are not only anabolic but also catabolic. The magnitude of anabolism is determined by the ratio of anabolic and catabolic hormones.

Catabolic hormones
Catabolism is a process that is the opposite of anabolism. The main catabolic is the stress hormone cortisol. The hormone glucagon is the opposite of insulin. Catabolic hormones in the human body perform these functions:

  • Force to act in adverse situations. Cortisol is a kick in the ass when it is needed.
    For example a person is standing on rails and a train is racing on him. At the level of hormones, there is a sharp surge in cortisol and adrenaline (another stressful hormone that allows you to do more work in training), as if the body jumps from a dangerous place on its own.
  • They have an effect on the instinct of self-preservation. In the absence of cortisol and adrenaline, the instinct of self-preservation will weaken, the situation will end fatally.
  • Increase hunger. In the above example, catabolic hormones are beneficial. But high cortisol is not always good. For example a girl wants to lose weight, but the diet makes her uncomfortable. Cortisol levels rise. Since stress hormones increase appetite, hunger increases significantly. Bottom line – a girl with increased cortisol can not lose weight.
  • Slow down muscle gain. Another example: a man seeks to gain muscle mass and gives all the best in the gym for 120%. But hormonal balance is upset. High cortisol makes it impossible to gain muscle mass, regardless of the efforts of an athlete!
  • Decrease critical thinking ability. Under the influence of cortisol, a person is inclined to commit rash, wrong actions. Stress hormones are a source of murder, suicide, and many crimes that are committed without planning, under the influence of emotions. Cortisol is a depression, nerves, and acne on the face that appear on the nerves of many girls. A high level of cortisol is a constant tension that leads to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Conclusion: it is in our interests to keep cortisol levels at low values. Low cortisol is positive thinking, high energy, and the absence of rash decisions. It is good health and long life. You can’t bring cortisol levels to near-zero levels – this negatively affects your ability to adequately assess reality and can lead to bad consequences.

Recommendations for reducing stress hormones:

  1. Work on your worldview. An incorrect worldview can produce such hormonal disorders that no private advice can deal with this imbalance.
  2. Use sports to reduce stress hormones. Sports with friends, comrades, and people who share your hobby stimulate the production of oxytocin (a hormone of confidence) and lowers cortisol (a stress hormone).
  3. Use special procedures that allow you to get the right dosage of stress hormones. The body is configured to receive a certain dose of cortisol per day. These dosages can be obtained painlessly and with health benefits thanks to special procedures, during the use of which not only stress hormones are produced, but also hormones of happiness:
  • Contrast douche.
  • Swimming in the sea (river, cold bath) in the winter.
  • Cold and hot shower.

These are the most effective procedures that increase stress resistance.

  • Create situations that you can fully control. The main source of stress is the loss of control over the surrounding reality. Do not forget that life is unpredictable and it is not always possible to maintain control. This understanding reduces the production of stress hormones in the event of an unpredictable situation.
  • Refuse unnecessary. Things that do not bring happiness and drive into stress, you need to throw out of your life. This rule applies to people who regularly cause you to produce cortisol. Cohabitation with a mentally unbalanced woman (or a man for women) can change your hormonal background so that balance can only be restored with hormonal therapy. The level of cortisol rises to the limit and is “fixed” by the body at a certain level. The result – the loss of masculinity (femininity – in women) and numerous diseases, the end of which will be a heart attack and a reduction in life expectancy.
  • Use special medications that lower cortisol levels on an ongoing basis. An excellent example is an ashwagandha, which, in addition to lowering cortisol, has many positive effects. Various herbal-based drugs also have a positive effect on cortisol levels.
  • Throw the TV out the window. Stop reading the daily news. When hundreds of negative events are “loaded” into your head on an ongoing basis, they are talking about tragedies, wars, and accidents, the hormonal system starts to fail.

The hormonal background that allows you to live a fulfilled life is a combination of a high level of anabolic hormones and low – catabolic. Separately, low catabolism or high anabolism “do not work.”

Hormones of happiness
Hormones of happiness are a series of substances that are produced in the brain in response to biologically beneficial actions. With the help of understanding the work of hormones of happiness, you can control your emotional state, regulate motivation. The group “hormones of happiness” include:

  • Endorphins;
  • Serotonin;
  • Dopamine.

The main properties of these substances:

  • Encouragement for biologically correct activities. Sex, increasing salaries, eating delicious food, achieving a goal – all actions that increase the consistency of the species, reinforce our efforts with hormones of pleasure. Without sex (procreation), money (food), the desire for preservation and development, the human species would cease to exist long ago.
  • Motivation for biologically beneficial actions. Without hormonal support, a person has no motivation for sex, making money, pumping muscles, losing weight, self-development, and other “useful things”.
  • Improving mood, increasing cheerfulness on an ongoing basis. A person who fulfills his biological role is happy on an ongoing basis due to the permanent release of the hormones of happiness.
  • Anesthesia increased performance. Some public figures solve dozens of tasks per day, work seven days a week, and do not get tired. Thanks to the hormones of happiness that they receive in response to the realization of their biological role, the feeling of fatigue are dulled, and performance increases tenfold. And vice versa: a person who ignores his desires and does not seek to realize them is always passive, depressed, and not energetic. Conditionally: the first has enough energy for 20 hours of work. The second – at 2. This is how the hormones of motivation and encouragement work.
  • Increased enterprise. A person who regularly received doses of hormones for biologically correct actions cannot just lie on the couch and watch TV. Conditionally: a man receives 0.3 grams of dopamine for doing his favorite work. For watching TV – 0.003. The pleasure you get from watching TV seems petty and flawed to him. With such a man constantly “sawing” with phrases like “Darling, you are so tired after work, let’s watch TV,” your TV will fly out the window.

Hormones of pleasure create workaholics. “Skew” in the incentive system leads to the fact that work is perceived as the most valuable thing in life. Conditionally: communication and sex with a beloved woman lead to the release of 0.3 grams of dopamine. A successful project provokes the release of 0.6 grams of dopamine. In pursuit of pleasure, a man can disappear for weeks at work. A woman and a family in his life will be in second place. The TV, due to the minimum amount of hormones of happiness that it will receive when watching TV, will fly out the window.

“TV” is a conditional role that any unimportant thing can play for such a person.

We regulate the system of motivation and encouragement
For more hormones of happiness, use the following guidelines:

  1. Give up things that give pleasure but do not bring happiness. Each evolutionarily profitable habit has a “cheap substitute,” which also brings pleasure, but leaves a feeling of emptiness after an undeservedly received reward. A vivid example is video games. You capture the whole world as part of a strategy, conquer city by city. At this time, the brain considers you the best conqueror in the history of mankind, which really conquers the world, and even in one day. Amid this pleasure, everything else becomes insignificant. Gamers under the influence of hormones of happiness spend days without food and then die of exhaustion. They DO NOT notice exhaustion. Huge dosages of hormones of happiness block the need for food, realization in society, sex, and other evolutionarily beneficial things. Conditionally: from conquering the world in virtual reality, a gamer receives 3 grams of dopamine. From sex with a girl – 0.5 grams. From eating – 0.1 grams. Over time, the sensitivity of dopamine receptors decreases. The brain still secretes 3 grams of dopamine in response to the game, but lowering the sensitivity of the receptors leads to the fact that these 3 grams are perceived as 1. Susceptibility of pleasure from sex with a girl – 0.2 grams. From eating – 0.03 grams. From work – 0.01 grams. If you abandon undeserved pleasure in the time, then the conditional sensitivity to other biologically beneficial actions will increase. From sex with a girl – 1 gram of dopamine, from food intake – 0.2 grams, from work – 0.4 grams. In total, the amount of pleasure will be the same for both the addict and the healthy person. The joy of receiving undeserved remuneration is relative and short-lived. Refusal from sources of undeserved pleasure leads to the improvement of your motivation system and allows you to receive a similar amount of joy from the right actions.
  2. Give up bad habits. Alcohol, smoking, and other bad habits do not fit into a healthy lifestyle. A person who makes alcohol the source of his happiness at first receives as many hormones of pleasure as a teetotaler. But a drinker does not have a feeling of emptiness in the morning. There is no addiction to the drug, as a result of which after 3 months a sober person gets much more pleasure from life than a drinker.
  3. Take action. The system of motivation and encouragement in many people is designed so that it is very difficult to force yourself to act. But after entering a certain regime, it is no longer possible to cease to act. Actions to achieve these goals are tens of times more fun than laziness.
  4. Do useful things in terms of human nature. Making money, sex, communicating with friends and relatives, development (physical and spiritual), implementation in your favorite business (hobby), eating tasty and wholesome food gives much more pleasure than virtual reality and bad habits.
  5. Do not stop. Do not succumb to laziness, otherwise, you will have to force yourself again. An exception is the rethinking of priorities when you can’t do without a pause.
  6. Use a healthy diet. Some healthy foods (bananas, for example) stimulate the production of hormones of happiness.

The most powerful male ligament is high testosterone, low cortisol, and a high amount of pleasure hormones (dopamine – in this case). A man with such a hormonal background is courageous, attractive to the opposite sex, and quickly reaches his goals. Hormones literally lead him through life. Lead in the right direction.

Hormones in bodybuilding
The maximum muscle growth is provided by a combination of high testosterone-low cortisol-high dopamine. Many bodybuilders refuse to perform all of the above actions and use pharmacology. All anabolic hormones can be obtained with a syringe. The production of catabolic hormones can be suppressed in a similar way. This is an ambiguous situation, which leads to the following consequences:

  • Bodybuilders use overdoses of male hormones, as a result of which they achieve unnatural muscle development. Without the use of artificial hormones, the physique of a modern bodybuilder is unattainable. Even those figures that were built in the Golden Age of bodybuilding, it is impossible to build without steroids.
  • Many lovers who want to get a huge carcass in spite of everything, begin to use chemistry.

Modern bodybuilding is impossible without the use of chemistry. This is reality. But the use of artificial hormones introduces an imbalance in the human hormonal system, as a result of which deviations develop in many-body systems. The harm of steroids is largely exaggerated, but steroids (an analog of testosterone) – this is only one of the components of modern bodybuilding. In an effort to become like Phil Heath, amateurs use the wrong steroids with the wrong dosage, connect growth hormone, insulin, and catabolic hormone blockers. Without control, without understanding the essence of the work of drugs, without awareness of the risks. This poses a great danger to the reputation of bodybuilding. The form of Phil Heath is still unattainable for 99.9% of fans in the “chemistry”. But the harm to health is palpable.

Image by fvasallo from Pixabay

We suggest that you do not play with your own health, do not rely on the Russian “maybe” and do not destroy your hormonal system with drugs whose use does not go without consequences even for professional athletes who check their health. Use the tips for building a courageous, anabolic hormonal background that you received in this article. This is a natural help that allows you to bring your hormones to the most effective state without harm to health.

Femininity and sport
Sport is a factor that affects the female hormonal system. Many girls have doubts about how the hormones that enter the bloodstream as a result of intense training will be reflected in their health and appearance. Let’s clarify some points:

Photo by Sabel Blanco from Pexels
  • Professional sport is harmful to the female body. A professional athlete is forced to sacrifice health in order to achieve a result. Heavy training depresses the nervous system, leading to overtraining and hormonal imbalance. If your goal is to be as healthy, feminine, and attractive as possible, then overloads must be abandoned.
  • Amateur sports can harm girls for the following reasons:
    1. Wrong training. Incorrect technique for performing sports exercises, too frequent training. In this situation, an amateur girl loads herself as a professional. The consequences are similar.
    2. The use of analogs of male hormones. Female bodybuilders use analogs of male hormones to increase muscle mass. These are analogs of the main male sex hormone – testosterone, which is responsible for the ability to grow muscles. In 99.99% of women, testosterone levels are significantly lower than in men. 99.99% of women can not “pump”, regardless of their efforts. We see muscle mutants of the middle sex only “thanks to” the use by women of male hormones.
    3. The girl made a mistake in choosing a sport. It is impossible to weigh 40 kilograms while doing bodybuilding. A woman who rowing on an ongoing basis will have a powerful shoulder girdle. Before you start training, decide whether this sport meets your expectations.
    4. Proper training changes the hormonal balance in a positive way. Physical activity stabilizes the hormonal system, reduces the amount of stress in the girl’s life, makes her more feminine and attractive. While working in the gym, you can throw out all the aggression, anger, and dissatisfaction that make you less feminine in everyday life.
    Training changes your worldview makes you more sensitive and feminine outside the gym. A girl who regularly plays sports without taking anabolic steroids, on average, is more feminine than her “fat colleague”, screaming about the “unmarried athletes.”
    5. Active recreation with relatives or friends also has a positive effect on the female hormonal background. It is better (not necessary) to engage in sports in the company. The hormone oxytocin is produced, which is responsible for trusting the world and people, helping to build an emotional connection with the opposite sex, friends, relatives, and the whole world. This hormone is responsible for the connection between mother and child. Low oxytocin – a diagnosis of “bad wife and mother” is provided. One of the best ways to increase oxytocin is a joint outdoor activity. Joint training and hiking take the girl’s femininity to a new level. Bottom line: a girl who leads an active lifestyle, instead of abandoning development in favor of caring for her husband and children, does more for the family than the average passive woman. With a high level of oxytocin, the desire to conflict with loved one’s decreases, understanding in the family improves. 6. Fitness, running, folk, team sports and any other types of physical activity increase the level of pleasure hormones, which makes the girl more fun and cheerful. The girl, who is constantly involved in sports, has a “happier” hormonal system. 7. Amateur sports improve health, which affects all of the above factors.

Bottom line: a girl who practices a sport that she likes, does it right and for her own pleasure (do not confuse lack of pleasure with laziness), has a significantly more feminine hormonal background than untrained girls. Working on the hormonal system through physical activity will allow you to:

  1. Become a happier person.
  2. Significantly improve the appearance, get rid of skin problems, make the face more attractive.
  3. Become in a state of harmony with your body. Modern living conditions make cute girls negatively-minded, embittered, and aggressive women who cannot get satisfaction from life. The reason is incorrect hormonal background, followed by the introduction of false worldviews into the subconscious.
  4. Become more attractive to the opposite sex. Work on hormones with the help of physical activity is a more feminine, attractive character, a more feminine figure. For girls with problems in their personal lives, this section can be a salvation.
  5. Start achieving goals that you are constantly putting off. “Delayed Life Syndrome” is a lack of certain hormones.
  6. Dramatically change your life. Tired of “pens” with self-esteem, problems with personal life, at work, in the family – start working on yourself with the help of our recommendations. At first, this way seems hard, but the result will pleasantly surprise you.

The hormonal system is the basis of a person’s thoughts, actions, and appearance. Now you know about it. Now everything is in your hands.


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