The best set of 5 exercises for shoulders with dumbbells for women – how to pump up the deltas for a girl?

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Girls often do not pay attention to the upper muscles, fearing that the shoulders will become huge, and the silhouette of the figure is V-shaped. This is actually not the case. To achieve similar changes, you need to work long and hard with large weights.
But in order for the deltas to become rounded, and the muscles to get relief, special exercises on the shoulders with the use of small dumbbells are needed, which are perfect for women and girls. If you dream of beautiful shoulders – efforts should be directed, first of all, to the load of the deltoid muscles. These muscles are worked out during various dumbbell bench presses at different angles.

A bit of anatomy
When we work with dumbbells over the shoulder muscles, the following muscle groups are included: deltoid, upper pectoral muscle, trapezius, biceps, triceps, latissimus dorsi, the muscle that raises the shoulder blade.

When performing various power loads, the listed muscles are involved to a greater or lesser extent. You can pick up such loads that are aimed specifically at certain target muscles. If you pump up your chest, biceps, or triceps, the shoulders are also involved in the process. Keep this in mind when creating your training program.

A set of 5 exercises
Strength training is one of the 4 main methods for getting rid of broad shoulders. Performing basic exercises constantly, you can not only simulate an ideal shoulder line but also make the silhouette fit and slim. This is because when performing this complex, additionally various muscle groups are involved.
In addition, strength training burns calories perfectly, this is a big plus for those who suffer from extra pounds. Accordingly, these exercises with dumbbells are suitable for weight loss of arms and shoulders. This system is designed to work out all the muscles responsible for the shape of the deltas.

  1. Standing dumbbell press
    The basic exercise, first of all, works out the deltoid and trapezius muscles, as well as triceps.

Standing press – one of the 5 best exercises for losing weight.

  1. We stand straight, shoulders are deployed, legs are slightly wider than shoulders, we hold dumbbells in lowered hands.
  2. We bend our elbows until a right angle is formed. Dumbbells are located in the ear area.
  3. Straightening the hand, squeeze the dumbbell up. We linger at the maximum point for several seconds, make sure that the arms are parallel to each other.
  4. We lower our hands and perform eight repetitions with minimal weights.

With each workout, we increase the number of repetitions.

Caution! If you feel discomfort or pain in your shoulders while doing the exercise, you need to stop exercising. This may be due to the fact that you are “overworking”. But the worst option is possible shoulder injuries that are difficult to treat.

2. Swings in front of you
We are working on the front bunch of deltas. All the load goes to the front deltas forming the shoulder line. It perfectly tightens the muscles on the inside of the arm. Swings can be performed with both hands simultaneously, as well as alternately. This is a more gentle option for girls, as one hand relaxes while the other performs a swing alternately.

  1. We stand straight, legs slightly wider than shoulders.
  2. The arms are bent a little at the elbows and squeeze the dumbbells to shoulder level or one to two centimeters. Swings are performed without jerking.

Do ten to fifteen repetitions. We start with minimum weight. If we want to remove fat from the shoulder area, then simply increase the number of approaches, leaving the weight unchanged.

3. Standing breeding
Breeding standing on the shoulders works out the middle bunch of deltas.

  1. We stand straight, chin slightly raised, shoulders straightened.
  2. Hands bend slightly at the elbows, dumbbells are located on the side of the hips.
  3. Raise the dumbbells, a few centimeters above shoulder level. The peculiarity of this breeding of dumbbells is that we hold them with dumbbells as if we have two bottles of water in our hands, slightly tilted with their neck down.
  4. Swings are performed slowly, without jerking in the lateral plane.

Do ten to fifteen repetitions. We start with minimum weight.

Do not forget! We make efforts on exhalation, and we relax muscles on inspiration! At the maximum point, linger on a few accounts – this increases the efficiency of the workload.

4. Inclination breeding
We are working on the back bunches of deltas. The extensor muscles of the lower back and the broadest backs are included in the work of the muscle. In order to reduce the load on the lower back, perform dilutions with emphasis on the head. The movement well removes fat from the shoulder blades.

  1. We take dumbbells with palms pointing inward.
  2. Tilt the case. The knees can be slightly bent. The spine retains its natural bends. Do not round your back!
  3. Hands with dumbbells freely extend to the feet.
  4. We spread our arms to the sides. The shoulder joints work, the whole body is a fixed structure.
  5. Hands move vertically, without sudden movements, slowly and smoothly.

Perform eight repetitions with minimal weights. With each workout, we increase the number of repetitions.

5. Lifting dumbbells to the chin
Deltoid, trapezoid, and biceps are included in the work. We form an ideal line of deltas and reduce the volume of hands.

  1. We take dumbbells, shoulders deployed, chin slightly raised. We put our legs a little wider than our shoulders.
  2. We lower our hands and bend a little at the elbow, palms are turned towards the body.
  3. We lift the dumbbells to the chin, lingering at the maximum point for several counts.
    To start, we perform eight repetitions with minimum weight.

With each workout, we increase the number of repetitions.

Training Recommendations
There are a number of recommendations that must be followed during strength exercises aimed at working out the shoulder:

  • Classes need to be increased gradually. Girls have small muscle mass compared to men, so this rule must be followed very strictly to avoid injuries.
  • The risk of sprain is always present. Follow recommended techniques, even if you are in good physical condition.
  • Load calculation. Do not chase the number of repetitions, increase the load dosed.
  • The selection of weights. The maximum weight for women with good physical fitness is up to five kilograms. If the girl has a desire to pump up her shoulders, make them wider and more massive, then you can take dumbbells and more. If the task is to reduce shoulders and narrow your back, then you need to use a minimum weight and a large number of approaches.
  • If you started training for the first time, do not perform strength exercises for a while – choose lighter types of exercises without weighting materials.
  • Learning to perform strength exercises correctly. Practice the technique many times without weight, then with minimal weight.
  • Weight gain. Gradually, we begin to increase weight, focusing on our condition. Adjust the weight down if you feel that it is too big for you at this stage.
  • Warm-up. Before training, do a high-quality workout to warm up the shoulder joints. Even experienced athletes get sprains by not doing the workout well enough.
  • The program of classes. Draw up a training program so that the power exercises for the deltas are included two to three times a week. Muscles should be able to recover and relax.
  • After the first strength training, there is severe muscle pain. It can be removed by taking a warm salt bath with a few drops of lavender essential oil or tea tree. Then you need to rub the muscles with a hand towel.

Performing the complex constantly, you will achieve the first desired results in a short period of time. But for the muscles to take shape, these exercises need to be practiced constantly. Strength exercises give the muscles relief, a slim figure, and also actively burn calories. Performing exercises, you must strictly follow all the recommendations so that the classes benefit and bring you joy.


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