Banana after a workout? Yes, please!

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Banana after a workout? Better a few! Intense physical activity requires a lot of strength and energy and this is not a secret for those who regularly work out in the gym. Everything that the body loses during such training must be replenished. In this case, a banana can help out after a workout, or rather a few.

Everyone has heard about such methods of restoring strength as carbohydrate shakes, pastries, boiled rice, and many others. However, live food is much healthier. And nothing replenishes energy as efficiently as a few bananas after a workout. This fruit has truly amazing characteristics and returns your strength and energy very quickly.

The benefits of bananas

  • First of all, during training, the athlete loses vitamins and minerals, and especially potassium, which leaves the body with sweat. There is more potassium in a banana than in any other fruit.
  • Also, after increased loads, the muscles need carbohydrates, which replenish the supply of glycogen. Banana contains fructose and sucrose, which are absorbed very quickly and are very beneficial for the body.
  • Banana can be given even to infants, because it does not contain any allergens, unlike citrus fruits. Therefore, it can be used by any person.
  • Bananas contain a large amount of calcium, which is beneficial for every person. It strengthens bones and teeth. Such bananas also contain iron, which positively affects the composition of the blood.
  • In addition to all of the above, bananas are the food of happy people, because they are a source of the hormone of happiness. Therefore, bananas are the best way to fight depression and bad moods. But banana is a high-calorie food, especially in dried form, so you should not eat it before bedtime.

From all this, it follows that bananas after a workout are the best way to gain strength and simply excellent food.

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