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Outdoor fitness is becoming more and more popular every year for men and women who seek to improve their appearance and health.

The benefits of fitness in nature
Outdoor fitness – these are the following beneficial properties:

  • Outdoor work changes the essence of training. With increased efficiency, all body systems begin to work, which leads to rapid recovery, improvement of the general condition of the athlete. The respiratory and cardiovascular systems are improving. Outdoor fitness is a powerful cardio protector for men and women who are forced to be in a stressful environment. The work of the lymphatic and hormonal systems improves. Blood is saturated with oxygen, harmful toxins are eliminated from the body, which accumulated there for decades and could manifest as:
  1. Bad skin. Outdoor fitness reduces skin rashes or completely removes them, depending on the cause. Since training in the fresh air has a positive effect on all body systems, your skin will become cleaner anyway.
  2. Constant drowsiness, headaches. Low physical activity and slagging of the body lead to the fact that it becomes difficult for you to live. Physical and mental severity appears, which can be removed through training.
  3. Bad mood. Irritability, unmotivated aggression, depression. The body cannot cope with an incorrect lifestyle and takes all the resources to stop the consequences of an unnatural existence. It is difficult to enjoy life when the body tries to survive in the current conditions.

Regular outdoor fitness significantly improves your health.

  • Fitness training in nature is accelerated weight loss for people who need it. Training in the fresh air speeds up the metabolism, which is reflected in an increase in calorie intake to maintain current weight. Example: a girl weighing 65 kilograms wants to lose weight. She has a slow metabolism, and in order to maintain her current weight, she must eat about 2,000 calories. With the help of training, we accelerate the metabolism, and this figure increases to 2500. To maintain her current weight, she needs to eat 500 more calories. Then we add calorie burning through training – we get 2800 units. By accelerating the metabolism and burning calories, the girl loses weight even without a diet.
  • Training in the fresh air helps to gain muscle mass. Regular outdoor fitness improves the functioning of the hormonal system, increases the number of anabolic hormones in the blood. In men, the level of testosterone increases – the main mass-gaining hormone, which also makes a man more masculine. In a confined space with bad air, the body is often stressed. The hormone cortisol is produced, a high concentration of which not only slows muscle growth but also inhibits the production of testosterone.
  • Outdoor fitness is a complete replacement for summer workouts. In the summer, we tend to change training programs for the following reasons:
    1. Vacation There is no opportunity to train in the gym. We take with us several mini-simulators (or confine ourselves to a sports ground) and conduct training in the fresh air.
    2. The body needs a rest. Against the background of the heat, it is difficult to maintain the usual intensity of training. For 9 months, the body is tired. It is not necessary to train easily all 3 summer months, but changing training activity for 2-6 weeks can be useful. And the result is not lost.
    3. Outdoor fitness is a pleasure. This is something you can remember after many years. Unlike ordinary training in a stuffy gym.
  • Outdoor fitness is cheap. No need to buy a fitness club membership. It is enough to purchase several exercise machines or not to buy anything and work with your own body weight. The existence of fitness in nature proves: training does not need anything other than your desire. You can work on yourself without money and without simulators.
  • Outdoor fitness improves mood. Due to the saturation of blood with oxygen and the production of hormones of happiness, fitness in nature from stress turns into a workout that brings a lot of positive emotions.

How to train in nature?
First, determine your goals. Ask yourself the question, “Why am I training?”

For the majority, the goal will be: “I want to improve my figure and health, improve my mood and relax.”

For the realization of various goals, training based on different training principles is needed.

To keep fit, improve mood, and relax, the following principles are not required. For a set of muscle mass and weight loss (to a greater extent) and to improve health (to a lesser extent) – a must.

The principle of progression of loads
The principle of progression of loads states: to achieve the result, objective training stress must be constantly increased. The first training is unique stress for the athlete. It starts the process of gaining muscle mass and (or) losing weight (depending on nutrition). After several workouts, the body adapts to the resulting stress by increasing muscle mass, getting rid of fat. Training from mass-gaining and fat-burning pass into the category of “supportive”. The received load is too small to realize the goal of the athlete.

Muscle growth stops, fat burning slows down. An athlete may think that he has been doing fitness for years and puzzle over the reasons for the lack of progress. In fact, he is engaged in physical education.

We show the principle of progression of loads by the example of an exercise with rubber loops.

Training number 1

Training number 2

Training number 3

Training number 4

Training number 5

Training number 6

Training number 8

Training number 10

Training number 11

Training number 13

Training number 15

Training number 16

Training number 19

Training number 21

Training number 22

Training number 30

Training number 40

We progress to complete satisfaction with the result. Regular rubber loops, with this approach to training, are a complete replacement for a barbell or dumbbell.

Principle of super-compensation

Image by happyveganfit from Pixabay

The principle by which the ideal training frequency is selected. The principle of super-compensation divides the training process into 4 phases:

  • Training. During training, the muscles get micro-traumas, and all the trained systems of the body get stress.
  • Recovery. The body begins to repair the damage immediately after the workout. Muscles are restored, and the trained systems of the body adapt to the resulting stress.
  • Super-compensation. In the phase of super-compensation, the body seeks to create conditions for a comfortable repetition of similar stress, which leads to a set of muscle mass, an improvement in the functioning of all body systems. Only in the phase of super-compensation is it possible to observe the principle of progression of loads. Only in the super-compensation phase do workouts make sense.
  • Loss of super-compensation. If the athlete does not exercise on time, super-compensation is lost. The body returns to the state in which it was before training.

So it looks in practice:

Monday. Training

The athlete performed the work in the super-compensation phase. He feels great, the previous result is surpassed.

Tuesday. In the event that the next training session on a misunderstanding occurs on Tuesday, we get the following picture:

In the fourth approach, the required 10 repetitions failed. The athlete is in a recovery phase. The sensations from training are unpleasant, there is no energy. Depressed mood. If you repeat the training the next day, the symptoms of the “disease” will worsen. The more often training will take place in the phase of under-recovery, the closer the athlete is to overtrain, apathy, and cessation of exercise.

Wednesday. Recovery is over, but you should not train now.

The athlete performed the same work as in the previous training. Supercompensation did not occur. It was not possible to surpass yourself. Sensations from training are mediocre. There is no excessive fatigue, as well as joy from the work done.

Thursday. Super-compensation. This day you need to conduct a workout.

The body was ready for work. The athlete exceeded past results. The sensations from the workout are excellent – slight fatigue along with the joy of the work done and the desire to continue what was started.

Friday. Super-compensation. A suitable day for work, but not optimal. The optimal (in the framework of this example) is Thursday.

The feelings are the same.

Saturday-Sunday-Monday. Loss of super-compensation.

The athlete did not train on time, as a result of which he could not surpass himself in the next training session. Sensations – slight fatigue, there is no particular pleasure from the work done.

Outdoor fitness is training in the super-compensation phase, the onset of which depends on:

  • The severity of the workout. The harder the workout, the longer the recovery and the later super-compensation comes. And the longer it lasts.
  • Qualities of recovery procedures. The better the recovery, the faster the day comes in which your body will be best suited for training.
  • Age and genetics. The older the person, the longer the recovery of the body. Genetics also affects the rate of regeneration of the body.

The super-compensation phase is a period that is comfortable for training, during which the trained muscles do not hurt, and the body is set up to work.

Gradual principle
Outdoor fitness is a gradual increase in stress. The principle of gradualness says: the rapid increase in the training load leads to overtraining, the desire to quit work on yourself.

Training is stress that precedes a possible strengthening of the body. When stress becomes too strong or too frequent, the amount of cortisol, the main stress hormone, increases. The body is not able to cope with a given load.

Non-compliance with the principle of gradualism in practice looks like this:

Training number 1

Fitness in nature. Training number 2

Training number 3

Fitness in nature. Training number 4

Training number 5

Fitness in nature. Training number 6

Fitness in nature. Training number 7

Training number 8

Fitness in nature. Training number 9

Return to the principle of progression of loads and compare these patterns.

The second scheme may seem more attractive. In 9 workouts, achieving a result that is achievable in the first program only after 30 workouts is a tempting idea. But in practice, the second scheme will only worsen your health. The body is not able to progress so quickly, and therefore the technique is deteriorating – in order to achieve the set task, you have to “undernourish” or work at half-amplitudes. Each training becomes a torment, after which you want to give up everything. Once this moment comes.

Fitness in nature, taking into account the principle of super-compensation – training in pleasure, combining results and health.

Fitness in nature. Outdoor Training Equipment
For a full workout in the street, you will need the following equipment:

Universal expander
A simulator with which you can work out any muscle group.


  • Compactness. Fits in a small bag do not take up much space, are lightweight and convenient.
  • Universality. It works on any muscle group from different angles. You can work with the expander on the street, at home, in the gym – in any place where you want to conduct a workout.
  • Cheapness. A tubular expander costs a penny, and in functionality, it replaces the entire gym.
  • Ability to increase the load. Expanders with different resistances ensure the implementation of the principle of progression of loads.

The only reason that training with an expander may not work is incorrect training. Non-observance of the principles that must be observed not only in the gym.

Rubber hinges
The ideal exercise machine for fitness in nature. Hinges have the following advantages:

  • Maximum adaptation to basic training principles. Rubber loops provide a gradual implementation of the principle of progression of loads, which is why they are the best equipment for training on the street.
  • Cheapness. Despite the effectiveness, the hinges are easy to manufacture and cost a penny. This is the best simulator for men and women who are eager to try training but have not yet decided on the future of their sports. Rubber loops are an opportunity to change a life and not to lose money at these changes.
  • Convenience, compactness. Weightless loops fit in any bag or deep pocket.
  • The ability to fully replace heavy basic exercises. High resistance loops – a complete replacement for exercises with a barbell and dumbbells. Thanks to the loops, it is impossible to become a bodybuilder or a power-lifter, but to increase strength, performance, and endurance, burn fat, tone muscles, gain 10-15 kilograms of muscle mass is a doable task.

Men and women who wish to try out outdoor training are advised to start with rubber loops. Like it – buy other simulators, start full training. Do not like it – you have not lost anything. In addition to this, you will always have a universal simulator at home, with which you can start exercising at any time.

Rollers for the abs
An alternative is a regular abdominal roller. Abdominal rollers are a more functional simulator that has the following advantages:

  • Universality. The ability to train not only the abs but also all the muscles of the upper body. Abdominal rollers allow you to include the muscles of the shoulders, arms, chest, and back. To exert a static load on the legs and buttocks.
  • Cheapness. Outdoor fitness means saving on the purchase of season tickets and expensive trainers. Compact, functional simulators protect the thickness of your wallet.
  • Convenience and lightweight. The rollers are placed in a small handbag, and along with the rest of the inventory are almost not felt in it.
  • Ability to work out the muscles of the press at new angles. Press rollers allow you to independently choose the angle of study of the target muscle. The more diverse angles we use, the faster the progress.

Speed ​​jumping rope
The best aerobic exercise in the street. Speed ​​rope has the following advantages:

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels
  • The speed of achieving the result. Light, fast jump rope allows you to burn more calories than usual. The point is not so much in the rope itself but in the intensity of the training that it helps to provide. A fast jump rope means more calories burned, a better response of the hormonal system, and faster muscle tone.
  • Convenience. Low weight, takes up little space.
  • Supplements strength exercises. The best workout is a combination of anaerobic (strength) exercises with aerobic ones. We carry out the power part with loops, an expander, and rollers. Aerobic – jump rope and run. We get full-fledged training, which with maximum speed brings us closer to our goals.

Fitness in nature. Top places
The following fitness spots will be especially helpful:

Fitness on the beach
Fitness on the seashore (ocean) is the best that a modern person can do for his health. Sea air is an opportunity to improve the condition of all body systems. Especially – respiratory and cardiovascular. Muscle activity increases, brain activity improves. Against this background, we are conducting a training session that accelerates all processes in the body. The healing of the body is accelerated thanks to the sea air.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Sea, ocean, river – any source of water is suitable for training if you want to calm the nervous system, relieve excess stress.

Fitness on the beach is beautiful. You will want to train here not only because of the fresh air, but also thanks of a sense of aesthetic pleasure.

Fitness in the forest
Training and entertainment at the same time. The sounds and atmosphere of the forest will make training unforgettable. It is important to choose an interesting place for training from the point of view of consolidating the sense of pleasure that occurs due to the release of hormones of joy in response to unusual activities. The athlete enjoys. There is a consolidation in the form of “Workout-pleasure. Pleasure is good. Training is good. ” Training in unusual places helps to establish a lifestyle for amateur athletes who cannot find the motivation for regular work on themselves.

Photo by Rui Dias from Pexels

Fitness in the snow
The variant of tempering the body and spirit in winter. Effective for people living in the north of our country. Victory over the cold releases a huge amount of dopamine (the hormone of pleasure and motivation), increases the level of testosterone, which can significantly increase the life efficiency of a man. Girls also benefit greatly from winter fitness. The body is cleansed, the immune system improves. The only condition is that you need to start gradually. You can not immediately go out in the snow in shorts and a T-shirt.

Photo by Julia Larson from Pexels

Excessively cold air is contraindicated in people with serious respiratory diseases like asthma.

Fitness in nature. Any beautiful place.

The more beautiful your training ground turns out to be, the faster and more long-term training progress will be. “Beautiful” is the hormone of pleasure. This is dopamine, due to which a positive attitude towards training is recorded. Even if you don’t like the training itself, thanks to this “beautifully” the psyche will remember working on yourself as something positive and attractive. You will be able to train for pleasure, do not score for training after 1-2 weeks.

Fitness in nature. Training programs
The following programs will help you start from scratch and go from a beginner to an attractive athlete (athlete):

Fitness in nature. Program No. 1

Day number 1

Day 2

Fitness in nature. Program number 2.

We increase the number of approaches and the duration of the exercises

Day number 1

Day 2

We fix this result for 1-4 workouts.

Fitness in nature. Program number 3.

We perform a similar action.

Day number 1

Day 2

Fitness in nature. Program number 4.

In exercises on the lower body, we increase the resistance of the simulator. The number of approaches is reduced.

Day number 1

Day 2

Fitness in nature. Program number 5.
We increase the resistance of the simulator in exercises on the upper body. In exercises on the lower body, we increase the number of approaches. In the rest – we follow the standard principle of progression of loads.

Day number 1

Day 2

Fitness in nature. Program number 6.
We increase the number of approaches, repetitions, and the duration of the exercises.

Day number 1

Day 2

Fitness in nature. Program number 7.
We progress by increasing the number of repetitions.

Day number 1

Day 2

Fitness in nature. Program number 8.
In exercises on the lower body, we increase the resistance of the simulator. At the top is the number of approaches.

Day number 1

Day 2

Fitness in nature. Program number 9.

In exercises on the upper body, we increase the resistance of the simulator. To the bottom – the number of approaches.

Day number 1

Day 2

Comments on the programs:

These schemes are suitable for both men and women. Girls can add 1-3 exercises on the legs and buttocks to the program. Men – a similar amount of exercise on the upper body.
Increase the load until you are completely satisfied with the result. Then – maintain the objective severity of the workout at the same level in order to keep fit.
The speed of progress depends on many individual factors. It is permissible to progress once every 1-5 workouts. Do not proceed to the next program until you have completed the previous one.
Gradually increase the amount of exercise. The key to success is regular progress in the same exercises. An athlete who does 5 sets of squats with a red loop will have less inflated legs and buttocks than an athlete who does the same 5 sets, but with a black loop. Over time, the ability to progress in the exercise will exhaust itself. Then – add a new exercise and work out the muscles in it along a new path.
Resistance, the number of approaches, and repetitions can be changed depending on the physical form of the athlete. Some men and women will not be able to complete the first program in full. They need to reduce the number of approaches by 2-3, after which they review all the programs, catch the principles of their construction, and add 2-3 programs in which you will add one approach to the exercise. After executing these programs, you will find yourself at the starting point from which you can start moving along the written schemes.

Fitness in nature. Pictures.

The following photos will charge you with motivation, with which you can continue to move forward when it seems that you are no longer strong. Review this collection every time you want to quit what you started. Every time you forget why you started training. Every time you want to give up, quit everything, and return to an idle, limp lifestyle.

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