Foods that can be eaten at night

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We all know that eating is not possible after six, but before bedtime. More precisely, it is undesirable to gorge on a lot. And even more precisely – you should not load the digestive system at night: both periods of sleep will be inferior, and excess calories can turn into extra pounds. No need to endure or try to fall asleep under the rumbling of the abdomen, because there are a lot of products that are before bedtime – you can!

Moreover, you can have a snack even in the middle of the night, if you suddenly woke up from acute hunger. Yes, a “night eating” may well be beneficial if you approach it wisely and pre-register some foods in the refrigerator. In case of emergency. So, here it is, the cherished list of useful and low-calorie foods that will not strain the stomach at night looking.

  1. In the first place, of course, apples. “Do not want an apple – do not want to eat.” It is better that they are fruits of green varieties with pronounced acidity – the chemical composition of these fruits improves digestion. And it enhances the appetite, therefore it is better to bake the apple: only 10-15 minutes in the oven, and a healthy night snack is ready. Do not want to bake – stock up on medium-sweet apples of small sizes.
  2. Mushrooms. If you cook them not with potatoes and without oil, then this is a dietary product – they have few calories, they do not create a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, and saturate well. Pickled mushrooms also work, but make sure sugar doesn’t appear on the label. Boil the mushrooms in salted water with a little spice and can have dinner right before bedtime.
  3. Greens + buckwheat. A classic fitness that you can eat at any time of the day. We will not even advise how to cook it, and if buckwheat is not tired of you in the afternoon, then in 15-20 minutes you can cook a great dinner. Add cucumber, lettuce, bell pepper – all this will contribute to healthy nightly metabolism and help regenerate cells while you sleep.
  4. Whitefish. Cod, haddock, eel (it will cost a little more than other varieties), flounder (it will be slightly fatter than cod, but it is still a dietary product). Halibut, herring, catfish, and mackerel, although they are white varieties, are too fat. It is best to bake the fish in foil, it will not lose moisture, it will not require excess oil or flour, and cooking it is simple. Whitefish is rich in beneficial fatty acids and is easily digested.
  5. Corn. Popcorn and pickled will not work – a lot of sugar, salt, and butter. Boiled corn will prevent the formation of adipose tissue, remove excess cholesterol, and improve digestion. Raw cobs will have to be cooked for a long time, up to an hour and a half, so take care of this in advance or buy already boiled corn. Sometimes it is sold ready-made in vacuum bags with a long shelf life.
  6. Caviar from eggplant or zucchini. Strictly home-cooked under your strict control. Shop caviar can contain a lot of excess products, including sugar and vegetable oil. Vegetable caviar is fiber and a minimum of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, but it is tasty and satisfying.
  7. Raspberries. Minimum calories, but a lot of minerals, vitamins, other micro and macro elements. One handful is enough to kill hunger until morning. Raspberry has a good effect on the health of the skin, the work of the stomach and intestines strengthens the immune system.
  8. Apricots or nectarines. These fruits are low in calories, contain a lot of fiber, leave a feeling of satiety and prevent the deposition of fat reserves. Their sweetness is completely harmless. Do not confuse it with dried apricots: the latter is fraught with the danger of imperceptibly eating too much, in terms of dried fruits to fresh fruits, a whole kilogram can easily turn out.
  9. Turnip, sweet radish, daikon. It is possible with a small amount of honey – for some reason, few people remember this traditional Russian recipe. But turnip or daikon with honey is well known to vegetarians: they know that these vegetables help cleanse the body, positively affect the immune and digestive systems. A lot of fiber, few calories.
  10. Qiwi. Moderately sweet fruit that copes well with hunger. In addition, kiwi contains many useful substances that are not found in the more familiar non-tropical fruits or berries. Kiwi is a pantry of important salts, vitamins, and compounds that independently work on the breakdown of adipose tissue.
  11. Beets. Rub with garlic – get a salad for night owls, light and healthy, but do not eat too much, otherwise, due to the dose of vitamins, vitality will appear. Boiled beets are well stored and replace the dessert because it has a pleasant sweetness. If hunger caught you by surprise, and you don’t feel like cooking at all, you can eat it raw. By the way, on beets, they lose weight perfectly – it contributes to the breakdown of fats.
  12. Pumpkin or pumpkin seeds. In general, modern people underestimate pumpkins, like turnips. Delicious mashed soup, baked pumpkin, baked with honey, stewed … Recipes – the sea, the benefits – the same. Seeds contain magnesium, selenium, and other elements if they hunt “something to bite before bedtime.” By the way, pumpkin is very easy to cook, the main thing is not to be too lazy and bring it from the store.
  13. Omelet. But only from proteins, yolks can save for a good breakfast. Prepared in 5-10 minutes, add any vegetables, slices of turkey, herbs, spices. Bake in the oven or do everything in a traditional style in a frying pan without oil, but you already know about the benefits of egg white. If you do not know, then we have for you an entire article devoted only to eggs.
  14. And the best sedative in the world: warm milk with honey. It’s just a unique drink: it’s a sleeping pill that works at the level of human instincts, and a sweet drink that kills hunger, and calcium, and amino acids … A small portion of unrefined sugar from honey will stimulate the production of serotonin, and you will fall asleep full, calm and happy!

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    1. Thank you, I do have some recipes, it is just a spread or dip, made of vegies, just somehow our traditional recipes uses the word caviar)

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