How running is addictive due to euphoria

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The tremendous popularity of running in recent years is not only due to the fact that only running shoes and space are needed for jogging, not only because proper running is a very simple way to start exercising your health. There is also an emotional side to this sport, and now we will tell you what emotions are and how to add them to your runs.

Many athletes know the phenomenon of euphoria. For the majority, it comes after hard training – this is a state of strong satisfaction from oneself, a sense of causeless joy and pure consciousness, a positive attitude towards the world.

Runners are luckier – at long distances the euphoria comes right during the race, and it is somewhat different. Those who at least once tried to run at an average pace of 5-10 km, probably felt it. And you don’t have to set records, you don’t need to be some kind of advanced and experienced marathon runner to one day feel the runner’s euphoria and fall in love with running – including for that.
An elevated state of mind right on the treadmill or in the open field can be obtained by following a simple plan of action. And at the same time, physical fitness will improve. As a rule, a runner’s euphoria occurs in the period from the 30th minute to the 45th minute of running, however, depending on your physical condition, training, well-being, and pace.

  1. Do a warm-up, start a run at a slow pace, you should not be tired at the very beginning. Feel that the forces leave you too quickly or the pulse jumps up – slow down.
  2. Start to increase speed. However, do this not by slow build-up, but interval: sharply increase the pace for a couple of minutes, slow down, rest a bit in slow – again faster. This is as if hinting to the body that soon he will have to give his best.
  3. Do not stop or go one step if you feel good. Tired – slowed down, and if the acceleration already seems too heavy for you, just run at your own pace for another 20-30 minutes, calming your breath and thoughts.
  4. Think about your body, about the road, about steps, about these wonderful sneakers. Gradually, you get distracted from the running technique, get used to breathing and exertion – you could probably even talk to someone on the go, you feel so comfortable. Here you will begin to feel a surge of strength, as soon as you feel – increase your speed, but not so sharply.
  5. Do not step back, the goal is already close. Feel that there is not enough breathing – do not slow down, try to breathe deeper. It is at this moment of “turning point” when you think that you are tired, but do not stop, euphoria comes. There is no point in describing these feelings, but you may want to run even faster, as in childhood, enjoying the movement itself and enjoying everything in the world: the fact that you have legs, for example, and you can run so wonderful.
  6. An unusual feeling can last for several minutes or longer, but a surge of hormones of pleasure will gradually subside. Do not worry, there will be no “breaking” – a good mood will remain with you for a long time to come. Although you can talk about some dependence on the runner’s euphoria, many hope to get it during any race.
  7. Do not forget to hitch, and finish the run at a calm pace. By the way, the euphoria of a runner is not a unique phenomenon in fitness. The same thing happens with many athletes involved in long aerobic exercise: bicycle, roller skating, ice skating, and other types of fitness and sports, where tens of kilometers are covered at a time.
  8. Be sure to follow all safety rules while jogging and follow normal fitness procedures: drink enough water, do not eat for at least an hour before the race, try to train the proper running technique.

Another way to make running a real pleasure is to smile. Moreover, this is not just advice from the category of “smile and you will feel better”, but a real study: scientists published in the journal Psychology of Sports and Exercise work with evidence that facial expressions are associated with sports results and the degree of tension of athletes.
Thus, overcoming the distance becomes easier, and many marathon runners do this: they smile on the run, perhaps without even realizing that they help themselves to enjoy the load. A smile reduces muscle tension and distracts from unpleasant sensations, because be that as it may, for our muscles any tension is already stressful.

The study was carried out just on the runners. Experts from Ulster University asked athletes to overcome distances on a treadmill with different emotions on their faces: with a smile, a frown, relaxed and concentrated. Sensors and breathing masks were connected to the athletes, taking all body indicators, including energy costs.
Smiling runners spent almost 3% less energy, unconsciously relieving tension from their muscles and, in fact, did nothing more specifically for this.

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      1. For sure. But also: I tried it a few times. I just didn’t get the ready-made excitement I got from other cardio exercises.

      2. It depends on health, need always ask the doctor, I had knee trauma, also for some people with heart issues might be dangerous. But, we did not try to put effort to that and smile).

    1. Honestly, I feel really bad after running, during too, I have some kind of allergy when wind blows on my, I still figuring out why. So, I cannot run. But want to try again.

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