Interesting fitness facts you did not know

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  • Running in the morning increases your libido. Moreover, both women and men. How strong is unknown, but an increased desire to have sex persists until the end of the day.

  • Even with a normal metabolic rate, you can gain up to 10 kg per year, if you do not engage in physical activity and sports. More than half of those people who do not do fitness do not save even proper nutrition.
  • Only strong tranquilizers and anesthesia do better with insomnia than fitness. Physical fatigue after training is much more effective than any soothing tinctures from the pharmacy.
  • Regular light fasting prevents cancer. If you don’t get carried away, not only adipose tissue cells but also cancer cells will stop growing.
  • During running, our body experiences not only loads but also overloads. So, at the time of landing, the feet feel 7 times more bodyweight. That is why you need to learn how to run.
  • Rhythmic music by 15% increases the effectiveness of training. There is no magic here, it’s just easier for the brain to concentrate on the technique of performing exercises and not be distracted by unnecessary thoughts.
  • Synchronized swimmers always hear the music they perform. It is broadcast by special speakers built into the sides of the pool.
  • Any kind of fitness requires intensive breathing in order to enrich the blood with oxygen, even swimming. You will need to hold your breath only in diving classes without scuba diving.
  • Cardio, aerobics, and various types of walking are the top 3 classes for women. Men also prefer walking, but even more often they engage in playing sports: basketball and … golf.
  • In the middle of the last century, the United States swept the total obesity of the nation. Whoever said anything, this phenomenon had one powerful positive point – it was thanks to the obese people that fitness appeared in its modern form.
  • 100 ml of strong alcohol reduces testosterone levels by 6.8%. Regular use is harmful not only to health in general but also negatively affects the growth of muscle mass.
    Yoga classes not only improve the quality of sleep but also make dreams colorful.
  • Some people have an unusual feature of not having dreams at all – yoga copes with this phenomenon.
  • Osteochondrosis can be cured without medical intervention. It is enough to swim in the pool a couple of times a week.
  • Exercising reduces pain during PMS and menstruation. Many women report a complete disappearance of pain in the lower abdomen after several months of regular training.
  • Quitting smoking doubles the stamina of the body. There is a reverse effect: exhausting workouts help get rid of a bad habit, especially multi-kilometer races in the fresh air.
  • Professional swimmers put on two rubber hats at once – the second holds the goggles and presses them to the head and face.
  • Watching erotic films increases the effectiveness of strength training. The relationship is simple: the more the body produces testosterone, the better muscle fibers grow.
  • Testosterone is better produced during cardio workouts. That is, first they are, then power. Nobody forbids doing it in the reverse order, but then what to do with all this testosterone supply?
  • If every muscle in our body could lift a load, then its total weight would exceed 22 tons.
    Kapu should be used not only my boxers. If you tighten your jaws, you can lift more weight. And in order not to damage your teeth, buy a mouthguard. No one knows for sure how this works, but the fact remains.
  • If you wear a fitness bracelet in early childhood, then by old age it will show about 150 million steps or more than 110 thousand kilometers. This is almost a third of the distance to the moon.
  • The aging of the body is also expressed in the loss of muscle strength. By retirement, we only have 20% of the powder in the flasks, unless you play sports. If you engage regularly and adhere to the rules of a healthy lifestyle, then this figure tends to be 100%.
    Most people believe that magnesia increases friction. In fact, this white powder improves the sliding of the palms on the crossbar and removes excess moisture from them.
  • Imaginary training positively affects the real. Try to imagine in detail what you will do in the gym today, and the exercises will become more effective. The main thing is not to replace the occupation with a completely imaginary one.
  • If you can talk while jogging, then you are breathing correctly. The inability to be distracted even by a short informal conversation is a clear sign that you need to slow down.
  • The same goes for high-intensity workouts. If after class you cannot keep up the conversation and generally have a poor mind, reduce the load.
  • According to unofficial statistics, 30% of athletes have at least one tattoo.
  • Unfortunately, there are no statistics on the beard of cross-fitters yet.
  • Fractional nutrition is overestimated. Snacks are needed only when there is a feeling of hunger. In all other cases, this may not be such a healthy habit.
  • The regularity of exercise makes the body a habit of burning fat. Punctual athletes who do not miss workouts have activated processes to break down adipose tissue, even if they suddenly missed a lesson. Moreover, the body starts these processes so precisely that they begin exactly at the time when the training should go.
  • Football is one of the few sports where field judges practice fitness. You can’t refuse a subscription: before important championships, referees have to pass difficult sports tests.
  • There is no perfect time for fitness. Our modes of life and organisms are so different from each other that you can only establish your ideal time by experience. When you get maximum pleasure and maximum effect from the sport, then do it.
  • Another controversial and individual issue is the need for nutrition before exercise. Most people really need to “refuel” with carbohydrates and protein a couple of hours before class. But there are many athletes in whom training is more effective on an empty stomach.
  • You can easily engage your life partner in the sport if he has not previously been particularly active. Unfortunately, the law also works in the opposite direction: your partner has exactly the same chance of pulling you to his side. Of course, provided that you equally love each other.
  • Diversity in the training process affects the harmonious development of the whole body. In addition, the constant change of exercises, simulators, and even types of fitness develops the skills of stress resistance and flexibility of the mind. Probably, the brain, along with the body, is training to be ready for new challenges.
  • Professional gymnasts, as a rule, are short. This is due to the beginning of training from childhood: due to stress on the cartilage and bone, their growth slows down.
  • Sometimes fitness can hurt. For example, in Seattle, a group of rockers playing disco-punk decided to release an album and took the name Fitness. After the very first concert tour (quite successful), the musicians fell through the ground.
  • In judo, not 10, as is commonly believed, but 12 dan. Moreover, in the history of sports, there is no and there was no person with the 11th dan, and the 12th was awarded only to the founder of judo.

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  5. I used to jog for an hour four times a week, but then I got married and my routine fell apart.

    Thanks for this wonderful blog post! I was glad to see you use the word ‘adipose.’ As a coincidence, I just learned that word today!

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