Healthy cookies with candied fruits and chocolate drops

Image by Blandine JOANNIC from Pixabay

Very tasty, sweet, bright, and healthy cookies with candied fruits and chocolate drops. If desired, you can add nuts, raisins, or cranberries. Very tasty.

From the number of ingredients listed below, I got 9 cookies. The calorie content of one cookie is 120 kcal.

Oatmeal: 100 g.
Whole wheat flour: 100 g.
Egg: 2 pcs.
Butter 72%: 20 g.
Kefir (or soft cottage cheese / yogurt): 20 ml.
Baking powder: 1 tsp
Orange zest: 1 tsp
Stevia: to taste
Candied fruits: 30 g.
Chocolate drops 10 g.

Turn oatmeal into flour (using a coffee grinder, for example), mix with whole grain flour, baking powder, stevia, zest. Add melted butter, eggs, and kefir. Mix. It turns out a thick sticky dough. Finely chopped candied fruits and add to the dough, mix so that they are evenly distributed throughout the dough. Divide the dough into several identical parts and form cookies. Add a few chocolate drops to each cookie and press them a little into the dough.
Bake cookies for 20-22 minutes at a temperature of 180 °.

Per 100 g.
Calories 317 kcal/ Protein 10.5 g/ Fats 10 g/ Carbohydrates 48.5 g.

9 thoughts on “Healthy cookies with candied fruits and chocolate drops”

  1. Healthy and delectable..!! Thank you Madam for sharing.. 🙂
    Chocolate itself is healthy in its pure form, but addition of sugar decreases its health benefits. I have very dark chocolates, not white or milk ones..

  2. My sister likes candied fruit, so this is for her. I’d have to trade for nuts and cranberries and such. I hope the recipe would still work.

    1. I hope it will work) I love all, nuts and candies fruits. I have my favorite spot, where I am buying these, they have a huge amount of different goods)

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