How to train with sore knees and not hurt

Pain in the knees is one of the most common injuries among fitness enthusiasts. Whether it is running, squats or other activity, the load on the knees is carried out with each of our steps. The less depreciation, the more likely to miss the next workout, or even damage the joint. But let’s not talk about the bad – you can and even need to train with sore knees.

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My Sunshine blogger award #2

I want to say thank you to a very interesting blogger Kim marie`s blog for such a nice surprise! Thank you for nominating me, it is a great honor.

1. What’s your most inspirational quote ?

“There is always the way”, “Everything can be fixed”)

2. If you could change a personal experience in your life what would you change?

If I could change it, I would agree to go to art school when I was teenager, as my parents offered, so for now I would have more experience in painting than I have. Honestly, sometimes I am thinking, pity I did not learn about computers, so, as for art, I do paintings without that art school, so, as for computers, I am getting frustrated so often, I guess, I would go to some computer course earlier.

3. What is your favorite thing to do to relax?

Painting, knitting or some other crafting, playing with a dog works like magic for me.

4. Where would you see yourself in 10yrs from now?

I see myself as a successful designer for sport clothes, nice cook, painter with children and I am not sure what mean where… If it is place of living,so, I am in US and do not mind not to change it)

5. If you had an exotic destination, where would it be?

Oh, I really really really want to go to Philippines or Peru- Machu Pikchu.

6. What are your main goals in life: In 5 words?

Happiness, family, health, traviling, hobbies.

7. What made you become a blogger?

Cannot say for sure, but one day I woke up and decided that I want to share my fitness and healthy eating experience. I have seen so many people who follow stupid dieting and just distorting their health,so, I wanted to help.

8. Who is your musical influence?


Bad Wolves

Serj Tarkean



9. What is your best goal in the world that you have ever achieved ?

I met a wonderful guy, we are engaged.

10. If there is something in your life would you do differently, what would it be?

I guess, I would pay more attention to my education and opportunities, I have lost so many chances in my life to get new experience, to travel.

11. If you get a chance to write a great novel…what would it be about?

I actually was writing some short stories, but all of them are mystical. One was about ghost, another about spirits living in the house which I never finished, there was another idea about previous life and girl in coma, but no more details) I still thinking to write about it some day)

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11. Mommy Me

  1. How would you describe yourself? 5 words.
  2. Your favorite time of the year? Why?
  3. What is your hobby?
  4. What country would you like to visit?
  5. What is the craziest thing have you done in your life?
  6. Who inspires you? Or what is your inspiration?
  7. If you had opportunity to learn something new, what would it be?
  8. Your favorite music?
  9. Do you like sports? If yes, which?
  10. What is the goal of your life?
  11. Why did you became a blogger?

Have a good day, guys!

10,000 – how many steps per day do you really need to go through?

Any sports application on the phone and any fitness bracelet or smartwatch can count steps. Actually, they do this as their main and most popular function. And counting the steps is a reasonable explanation: walking a lot, that is, destroying your sedentary lifestyle is really important. But how many kilometers do we really need to go each day?

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All You Need to Know About the Best Source of Protein – Chicken Eggs

Eggs are a reference source of protein for an athlete; other sources of protein are evaluated against them. This is the most popular, cheap and high-quality product that is simply necessary for building muscle mass, so bodybuilders buy chicken eggs in whole trays and eat them every day.

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6 stupid healthy food myths to be ashamed of

In early childhood, we could hear (most often from our mother) that it is strictly forbidden to swallow seeds from berries – they say a tree will grow in the tummy. And not only parents, even scientists and nutritionists, only in the last century gave strange nutritional recommendations, and doctors prescribed unhealthy diets. The list of misconceptions about food and products is endless – good, modern science is gradually proving their absurdity. But some myths are still alive – let’s destroy them.

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How running is addictive due to euphoria

The tremendous popularity of running in recent years is not only due to the fact that only running shoes and space are needed for jogging, not only because proper running is a very simple way to start exercising your health. There is also an emotional side to this sport, and now we will tell you what emotions are and how to add them to your runs.

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Massage roller: how to get rid of muscle pain

After any physical exertion, we feel fatigue, and sometimes pain, burning in the muscles. Such a reaction is considered absolutely normal if you first came to the gym, resumed training after a long pause, or simply lead an inactive lifestyle.

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12 facts about fitness that your trainer won’t tell you

A healthy lifestyle is choosing more and more people. To look better and feel great, many choose fitness. But, like any business, you need to do sports wisely.

1. A noticeable result will have to wait long enough

Now and in a 6 months

Do not expect too fast results from classes in the gym. Those who want to lose weight by the summer or the New Year in 2 months are likely to fail. Of course, it all depends on the initial quality of your body, weight, as well as age. In any case, you will notice the first results of training after about 2-3 months. Others will see positive changes in your body no earlier than six months later. It is also important to understand that the key to success is regularity, the frequency of training and proper nutrition. Two shock workouts per week will not be of particular benefit. You can achieve good results with 3 power and 2 cardio workouts per week. And it’s not necessary to spend 5 days a week on the hall. As a cardio load, a normal walk may well be.

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Caution: Pesticides!

Beautiful fresh vegetables without traces of parasites at any time of the year are now the norm. But along with beautiful vegetables and fruits, pesticides fall on our table, without which these vegetables would not grow and would not reach consumers in this condition. Pesticides – a comprehensive concept that includes various groups of substances used in agriculture to control various kinds of pests and plant diseases: herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and the like.

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