What daily exercises will help you feel great in adulthood

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Diseases and ailments are constant companions of the elderly. Exercise will help restore health without medication. Regular exercises will improve well-being, restore the joy of life, and stop the aging process.

The benefits of doing sports

Moderate physical activity reduces the risk of developing diseases such as:

Elderly, leading an active lifestyle, there is a minimal risk of cancer. Increased stamina and agility help prevent accidental falls and injuries.

Exercise for the elderly

In order not to provoke serious health problems, classes are carried out with a minimum load, gradually increasing it. It is important to consider health status and age.

Slow walking, swimming, cycling activate and strengthen the organs of the heart system.

To strengthen the muscles, it is useful to perform tilting the body, swinging arms exercises with an expander, and kettlebells.

Morning exercises

Includes a contrast shower and light charging.

  • Warm-up. Stretching exercises. Swing arms and legs. Tilts forward and sideways.
  • General developmental exercises. Running on the spot, jumping. Work with dumbbells and expanders.

Classes activate blood circulation, improve muscle function, increase efficiency.

Daytime exercises

Held in the middle or in the afternoon.

  • Strengthening the back – circular movements of the hands, leaning forward with hands behind the head.
  • The development of the shoulders – rises on socks with swings, bends to the sides.
  • Strengthening the feet and legs – squats on toes.

Active activities include walking, jogging, cleaning the house, working on a summer cottage.

Evening exercises

Perform 2-3 hours before going to bed. Classes help get rid of stress and tension, improve blood circulation, have a positive effect on the nervous system, and relieve memory problems.

  • Stretching exercises strengthen joints, increase flexibility, and reduce the risk of injuries.
  • Improved coordination – stand on one leg with eyes closed, balancing on tiptoe with eyes closed.
  • Strengthening the muscles of the trunk and legs – walking in one line, walking in place with eyes closed.

During classes, it is important to monitor the pulse and pressure. For any ailments or discomfort, you should stop the exercises and give the body a rest.

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  1. While nothing can stop the aging process, any exercise is beneficial and can make aging easier to deal with. The key is motion. Get off the couch and move. Garden, take a walk or do anything that forces you to exert yourself. It keeps the heart moving and the mind alert.

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