Why shoulders and wrists hurt during push-ups and plank

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Straps and push-ups are the most affordable exercises that can be performed anywhere, anytime. We tell you why after the bar and push-ups your wrists and shoulders may hurt and what to do about it.

Exercises such as the bar and push-ups involve almost all muscle groups, but the greatest load is on the shoulders and wrists. If a person has poorly developed strength, the ligaments and joints can strain too much during the exercises and do not have time to recover between sets – this is an unpleasant feeling after a workout.

– Most often, wrists during push-ups hurt from habit. This is normal, especially if a person is just starting to exercise. If initially, everything is in order with the joints, after a few workouts the pain in the shoulders and wrists passes. If you do push-ups and the bar correctly, nothing should hurt. The first time after training, the ligaments may hurt, but this is also normal – the pain will go away after a couple of sessions.

If due to muscle pain you want to take a break from your workouts or quit altogether, the following recommendations are for you.

Reduce the load on your wrists

An easy way to get rid of pain in the wrists is to carry out lightweight push-ups and do all the planks on the elbows.

– If your wrists hurt badly, you need to reduce the load on them – replace the push-ups with a bench press of light dumbbells or a bench press. The lightweight TRX push-ups and push-ups from the hill are perfect – this reduces the pressure on the hands. Any exercise can over-strain muscles. To avoid the appearance of pain in the shoulders and wrists, the load should be dosed and the body should rest. If the pain persists after the third to the fifth training session, it may be worth going to the doctor.

Push up correctly and don’t give up

We rarely use all the muscles of the shoulder girdle in everyday life. When a person began to train his shoulders, the muscles begin to hurt in the most unexpected places.

– Straps and push-ups – the least traumatic exercises. If the shoulders hurt after push-ups, it means that the muscles get stressed and trained, they became stronger. It is necessary to follow the implementation technique so that the training of the shoulder girdle is effective. When you do push-ups or stand on the bar, work with your own weight occurs, the muscles that hold the spine are strengthened. At the same time, there is no axial or vertical load on the spine – that is why the trims and push-ups are quite safe. With regular training, the shoulders will gradually cease to hurt, and the muscles will strengthen and become stronger.

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