10 simple tips for the care of dry skin

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If your skin is prone to dryness and irritation and you constantly suffer from it, then these 10 rules are for you. I will tell you how to properly care for her and what cosmetics to use in order to forget about the problems forever.

Tip number 1. Beware of hot water.

In the cold season, we especially like to soak in the bath or shower, making the water hotter. But it can harm the skin, especially if it is dry. Exposing it to too high temperatures can easily provoke damage to the dermis. Therefore, stay in a hot shower for no more than 10 minutes (the same amount of time is enough for a bath). And remember that bathing water should be warm, not hot.

Tip number 2. Use a shower gel with a minimum amount of additives

The fewer chemical additives your shower gel or bath foam contains, the better. Fragrances with rich perfume compositions very often irritate sensitive skin. Try to choose cosmetic products without dyes and fragrances. Do not forget to pay attention to the package: if it has the inscription “Antibacterial” on it, then its formula may be too aggressive. Such products often additionally dry the skin.

Tip number 3. Remember to moisturize

Take on two good habits:

  • Moisturize your body after bathing, while the skin is clean and ready for care and treatment. An emollient will help her retain moisture and make her soft and supple.
  • Take care of yourself right in bed. A few minutes before bedtime, when you are already in bed, will be a pleasure to spend on pampering your skin. Keep moisturizers on the bedside table. Turn a useful procedure into a daily ritual before bedtime, which will bring you a feeling of freshness, promote relaxation and relieve insomnia.

Tip number 4. Use a natural washcloth

Your skin condition also depends on which washcloth you choose. To prevent the appearance of ingrown hair, use vegetable sponges or natural washcloths. Rub the body in small circular motions to gently remove the exfoliated layers of the skin. And do not forget to rinse the sponge well after bathing and hang it to dry.

Tip number 5. Use baby cosmetics

There is no need to spend too much money to take care of your skin! Inexpensive products designed for the delicate skin of children will suit you. Children’s shower gel is a great alternative to adult products for dry and sensitive skin. A baby cream can be used to soften rough skin on the elbows or heels.

Tip number 6. Care should be different

Our skin is different in different parts of the body. For example, the skin on the soles of the feet is completely different than on the chest. Each specific area requires its own special care.

Among the skin products in your cabinet must be:

  • face creams (day, with protection against ultraviolet rays and night);
  • cream for the eyelids;
  • lip balm;
  • moisturizer or body milk;
  • cream for elbows;
  • hand cream;
  • foot cream.

Tip number 7. Special care for the neckline and neck

The neck and chest should receive the same care and delicate care as the face. Try not to carry a washcloth in these areas (or do this as carefully as possible). And in no case do not use flavored products and products with dyes to cleanse the skin of the neck and neck, as these areas of the skin are very sensitive and prone to allergies.

Tip number 8. Remember the “friends” and “enemies” of your skin

There are objective risk factors that make the skin fade, lose moisture, and become pale and lifeless. The two main enemies of beautiful skin are ultraviolet radiation from the sun and tobacco. And the main ally is water, which needs to be drunk more often and more.

Tip number 9. Try to change cosmetics more often

The skin of any person changes with the change of weather seasons, health status, habits, and needs of the body in biologically active substances. If you are used to using the same cosmetic products all the time, we recommend that you change this habit. To find the “right” skincare products, we recommend updating their stocks at least four times a year.

Tip number 10. Use cosmetic oils

Dry skin loves oils of plant origin and needs their care. They help to effectively soften, soothe and moisturize the skin. Today, a huge number of special cosmetic oils are produced, but some unrefined edible oils can also be used: almond, grape seed, coconut, or olive. Mix a couple of tablespoons of honey, lemon fresh, and such oil, gently apply to the body for a quarter of an hour and rinse with water.

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