6 reasons why your workout is ineffective

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Every day, you rush into the gym and do an intense workout with energy and fuse. You like it! Or not? Sometimes conflicting feelings arise, and there are reasons for this.

When you just start training, after a few weeks of active training, your fighting spirit may disappear. You will no longer enjoy the complex exercises that make you sweat and strain. And in the mornings you will want to sleep more instead of exhausting runs. As a result, without achieving a result and picking up a lot of excuses, you quit sports. If you feel a loss of motivation, in no case should you drag yourself forcibly into the gym, hoping that everything will change?

Our tips will help you understand the problem from the inside out and again feel energetic and full of strength to move forward.

1. You finish the training incorrectly

What do you do at the end of your workout? Maybe you jump from a bicycle and immediately head to the locker room? Or, having finished a set of strength exercises, immediately drink a protein smoothie? In any case, you skip one step. You should be in a neutral position at the end of your workout. This means that you are stretching or using the opposite muscles. For example, if you were running, you should calmly walk on a treadmill for five minutes. After you’re done, stand up and do stretching exercises.

2. You forget about the rest

Even if you like to be hyperactive, one day a week must be allocated for relaxation. Exercise is stress that we load in huge quantities on the body. Constant stress does not allow one to grow and develop. Therefore, you definitely need to take time to restore strength. If you feel lethargic and tired throughout your workout, your body asks for a break. Listen to him and take a day off. Take a walk (for fun!), Do stretching, or do yoga. This will help the body overcome stress and regain tone.

3. Workout does not suit you

Maybe you are doing power yoga because your neighbor swears that she helped her lose weight. Or Cross Fit, because … well … that’s cool. But if training does not match your hobbies and physical abilities, you are likely to put your body under extreme stress. Do not overload yourself with workouts that will not allow you to achieve physical and emotional progress. The program may be too complicated for you, and you will not be able to make the necessary effort to achieve a result, or, conversely, the program is too simple and does not stimulate growth. If you feel that each workout is not good for you, try something new or return to the activities that you enjoyed before.

4. It’s hard for you to imagine the result

To enjoy your workout, you must understand what you need it for. Most people who are afraid of exercise simply do not imagine what amazing results they can achieve. Once you are able to perform several push-ups instead of one, your mood will change dramatically. Gradually, you will begin to notice improvements in your body and love the workouts, more motivation will appear.

5. You do not get enough sleep

If you come home late, set an alarm early and train ahead! But if you do not get enough sleep on an ongoing basis, take yourself a recovery day and rest with a clear conscience as it should. If you exercise while being tired, the risk of heart disease is significantly increased.

6. You do not take breaks between sets

Nowadays, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is especially popular. This style is different from slow and continuous cardio training and requires less time despite the amazing result. Performing interval training is a huge effort, but the main thing is to follow all the rules. You perform difficult intervals that alternate with appropriate rest to recover to the next interval. Without good rest, you will not be able to make maximum efforts for subsequent intervals, and therefore, you will not get all the benefits of training. For example, if you do 20-second Tabata intervals, make sure you rest 10 seconds between them.


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  1. This post made me think about my work out style…. So thank you…. I will make sure to follow these rules….

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