Diet Jelly Recipes

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Diet jelly is prepared simply and quickly, but calories contain very few. 100 grams of this diet dessert contains 45−55 calories. But this, of course, depends on the products used. For comparison, the calorie content of ordinary jelly from a bag is about 150 calories, but it also contains a solid dose of preservatives and sugar. Of course, adhering to proper nutrition, it is best to give preference to diet jelly, prepared with your own hands.

What to cook diet jelly desserts from?

There are many diet jelly recipes that can be included in the diet menu. All contain low-calorie ingredients. Here are the most popular examples of healthy jelly base:

Fruits and berries. Here, give preference to low-calorie fruits – apples, oranges, pears. Any berries are ideal for making this dessert – strawberries, cherries, raspberries.

Vegetables. Surprisingly, even from vegetables, you can make a real diet dessert. The leader in this group is pumpkin and beetroot! And due to the sweetness of these vegetables, you can even refuse to add sugar or a sweetener!

Kefir or ryazhenka. Surprisingly, even from these fermented milk products, you can cook real dietary jelly. The main thing is to decide which product you will use in the recipe.

Milk. Fans of delicate dairy desserts should definitely try milk-based jelly.

Cottage cheese. What is a diet dessert without adding cottage cheese? One of the most common recipes for jelly is a cottage cheese recipe. This is not only ideal for losing weight but also a great way to add more protein to your diet!

Jelly with stevia

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So, if you like delicious desserts, but do not want to get better, then try the jelly recipe with stevia. This natural sweetener is great for making diet desserts.

200 grams of pumpkin. 100 grams of this product contains only 30 calories but at the same time a lot of nutrients, as well as a lot of fiber. We clean the pumpkin, cut it into slices and bake. Then beat in a blender.

70 ml of milk. You can use plain skim milk or any vegetable. Oat milk goes well with pumpkin.

1 teaspoon of gelatin. As a thickener, we will use gelatin.

Stevia. According to your taste. But remember that this sweetener is really very sweet, so it’s important not to add too much.

Any spices. You can use cinnamon or ground ginger.

First, fill the gelatin with milk and let it swell a little. Then put on the stove and, not bringing to a boil, wait until it is completely dissolved. The resulting mixture is mixed with pumpkin puree, add spices to taste, sweetener, and whisk everything in a blender. Pour the jelly into the mold and send it to the refrigerator for several hours.

Curd diet jelly

This dessert can be safely included in your diet, even for dinner, because it contains very little fat and carbohydrates.

200 grams of cottage cheese. We take ordinary fat-free cottage cheese in briquettes. Before making jelly, it is better to get the cottage cheese from the refrigerator, since it should be at room temperature. 100 grams of cottage cheese contains only about 70 calories, but at the same time as much as 16 grams of protein!

7 grams of gelatin. This is about a teaspoon with a slide!

50 ml of water. In it, we will dissolve gelatin.

Any sweetener to your liking. You can use honey.

Pour gelatin with water and set it on fire. Without bringing it to a boil, we wait until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Then we combine cottage cheese, sweetener, and gelatin in a blender and thoroughly whip everything. Pour into molds and send to the refrigerator until completely thickened. This jelly from cottage cheese will become an adornment of not only a dietary table.

Fruit Jelly 

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You can make fruit jelly from any fruit. It is best to use sweet fruits, then you may not even need a sweetener. Great for this recipe for mango or peach.

350 grams of fruit puree. We clean and wash the fruits, beat in a blender until a homogeneous consistency.

2 teaspoons of gelatin with a slide. This will be about 15 grams.

250 grams of water.

Stevia or another sweetener to your liking.

We measure out 100 ml of water and fill in the gelatin. Leave it for a couple of minutes, so that it dissolves a little, then put on fire and stir until completely dissolved, without bringing to a boil.

The rest of the water is added to the fruit puree, mix and put gelatin and sweetener in the same place. Beat in a blender and pour into molds!

Dietary jelly from kefir and gelatin

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Kefir lovers can treat themselves to low-calorie kefir jelly.

500 ml of kefir. You can use kefir of any fat content, but remember that the calorie content of the dessert will depend on this. 100 grams of fat-free kefir contains 30 calories, in ordinary kefir 2.5% fat is 53 calories.

Any sweetener to your liking.

10 grams of gelatin.

100 grams of water.

Add sweetener to kefir. Pour gelatin with water and put it on the stove. Cook until completely dissolved, without boiling. Then mix with kefir and mix thoroughly. Pour into glasses and send to the refrigerator.

Dietary gelatin milk jelly

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Most dairy desserts are cooked with fat cream and lots of sugar. Such desserts contain many empty calories and it is not worth including them in your diet. Another thing is milk healthy jelly. Instead of heavy cream, we will use milk, and sugar will be replaced with a natural sweetener.

200 ml of milk. We use low-fat milk. 100 grams of such a product contains only 30 calories.

15 grams of gelatin. These are approximately two teaspoons with a slide.

20 grams of honey. You can also use stevia.

We take half the milk and fill our gelatin. Stir and put on fire. Cook until completely dissolved, without boiling. In the rest of the milk, put honey and allow it to completely dissolve. Then mix with gelatin and pour into molds.

Dietary cherry jelly

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In previous diet jelly recipes, we used gelatin to thicken. In this recipe, we take agar-agar, which is also called Japanese gelatin. This product has no calories but contains a lot of fiber, which is important if you are on a diet.

350 grams of cherries. Peel and beat in a blender until smooth.

10 grams of agar-agar. Another plus of this product is that it absolutely does not trap excess fluid in the body.

100 ml of water.

Sweetener to your liking. Remember that cherries have a sour taste, so you have to put a little more sweetener.

Pour agar-agar with water and let it brew for 30 minutes. Pour the berry puree into any container, add sweetener to taste there, and put it on the stove. Pour agar-agar there and bring to a boil. It is imperative to remove from heat before the mixture boils. Pour into molds and leave in the refrigerator until thickened.

Diet Orange Jelly

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If you want something light and refreshing, make orange jelly well.

3 oranges. These fruits have a very rich vitamin composition, so it is very important to include them in your diet during your diet. Wash the oranges and cut them into two. Squeeze juice out of them. We don’t throw away the crusts!

20 grams of gelatin.

Any sweetener to your liking

1200 ml of water.

First, let’s make gelatin. Fill it with 200 ml of water and leave to brew. Now we will cook the orange syrup, cut the peels of oranges into small pieces and fill them with the remaining water. Add sweetener to your taste and cook for about 10 minutes. As soon as the syrup begins to boil, remove from heat, filter, and cool to 40 degrees. When the syrup has cooled, add all the other ingredients: juice and gelatin. Put on fire, bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat. Pour in convenient shapes, you can use small glasses. Sent to the refrigerator.

Low-calorie summer jelly from berries and sour cream

This diet jelly resembles even cake, which can be safely included in the diet for weight loss. We will prepare this dessert with the help of sour cream and any berries.

250 grams of sour cream. We will use 10% low-fat sour cream.

Any berries. You can take as many berries as you want.

20 grams of gelatin.

Any sweetener to your liking.

To begin, take the berries and beat them in a blender. We get the berry puree, add sweetener to it to your taste.

Now take 20 grams of gelatin and pour 250 ml of water. We put on the fire and cook, not bringing to a boil. Add the gelatin to the berry puree, mix and pour into the mold. The first layer of our dessert is ready. We put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

Now let’s get into the second layer. Put sweetener to taste in sour cream. Dilute 20 grams of gelatin in 150 ml of water and bring to a boil again. Add gelatin to sour cream, mix. You can put a handful of berries. Pour this sour cream on the first layer and leave it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.


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