These exercises can and should be performed on critical days.

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Each month, our sports are hindered by pain during critical days. Periodic pain has always been an obstacle for women to exercise during this period. About 80% of women suffer from painful menstruation. As a rule, pain always lasts during the first two days of the cycle and usually consists of pain in the lower abdomen, back, and upper legs.

For many women, the usual way to deal with this condition was to drink a few tablets of painkillers and eat a lot of chocolate. There is a reasonable opinion that training on critical days is not only possible but also necessary. Doctors say that by burning more calories, you can feel stronger during this period. Of course, at first glance it does not sound very convincing, however, let’s try to make sure in practice the correctness of the statement of medical workers.

So, to burn more calories, to reduce your pain, we found the five best physical exercises that you need to do on critical days.

1. Hiking

Walking is incredibly good for many reasons. Firstly, it does not require additional financial costs, and secondly, it is objectively proved that walking helps with cardiovascular diseases and improves overall health if you walk for at least 30 minutes every day. But how does pain fit on critical days in this situation? According to the study, the aerobic exercise team found a decrease in pain symptoms of PMS while walking.

2. Running

From the perspective of those involved in practical research, running definitely helps to reduce pain symptoms. However, it is important to be careful not to overdo the load. In addition, there is still a series of evidence confirming the presence of a positive effect from running during menstruation. In one study using a treadmill for 4 weeks (three times a week, followed by aerobic exercise at home), in which women participated, the fact of effective reduction of pain associated with menstrual cramps was established.

3. Swimming

We know how difficult it is to squeeze a tense body into a bathing suit on critical days, but swimming is one of the most relaxing exercises you can do (when not competing at the Olympic level, of course).

According to doctors, “many women notice that when they are in cold water, bleeding decreases.” Thus, do not deny yourself the pleasure of swimming, even on critical days.

4. Home Workouts

Of course, the home workout is ideal for those who cannot fully feel confident in the presence of other people in the presence of too much emotionality. Therefore, choose the training that is convenient for you and start right now.

5. Yoga

An analysis of the studies convincingly shows that yoga practice can also help reduce pain during menstruation.

These studies mainly focused on women practicing yoga daily or almost daily, so if you exercise twice a week, you may need to increase the number of workouts. If you do not know where to start practical training, there are currently many video tutorials on the Internet to help you, as well as books that describe each exercise in detail.


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