Keto diet: weekly menu with recipes

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More recently, in order to lose weight, many losing weight drove themselves into a tight framework and maximally limited themselves in nutrition. Today, science has already successfully proved that you can lose weight by eating enough fatty foods, and it makes no sense to deprive yourself of fats, which have long been considered the culprits of obesity.

What is a keto diet for weight loss?

Dr. Joseph Mercola was able to make a truly revolutionary breakthrough in nutrition. With the help of numerous studies, he came to the conclusion that fats are not only useful for our body but also help to successfully lose weight, normalizing vital indicators.

His nutrition system is very different from all the programs that are currently presented in the field of nutrition.

Everyone has long been accustomed to the fact that in order to lose weight, you need to limit yourself in taking carbohydrates and fats and dramatically increase your protein intake. As you know, the latter breaks up extremely slowly and the body spends a lot of calories on their processing.

But Mercola offers a whole new vision in nutrition.

Consume large amounts of fats so that the body draws energy from these nutrients.

He focuses on another source of energy for us – ketones. When we stop receiving glucose, our body looks for alternative ways to get it. Ketone bodies are exactly that additional or alternative resources that will allow us to replace glucose and provide us with the necessary energy. They are formed when you are in dire need of glucose, and as carbohydrates are limited, their amount increases, allowing you to easily transfer your diet and lose extra pounds.

The doctor published a detailed description of his nutrition plan and all the details and subtleties in his book, which is very popular and has already helped many people get rid of obesity.

 Let’s get acquainted with the basic principles of this system:

  • Your diet will be based on fats. Their mass should be about 70% or 80% of the daily diet. At first glance, this may seem unattainable, but in reality, there is nothing complicated. When composing your menu, you will adjust and adjust their number yourself. If you ate less fat than you need during a meal, you can add them to your next meal.
  • Protein intake has its limits and limitations. Ideally, you should not eat more than 1 gram of protein per kilogram of muscle mass. Please note that we are talking about the muscles, and not about the weight of the whole body. This is the average indication of this nutrient, it is from this figure that the most frequently repelled are those who lose weight.
  • Carbohydrate restriction. This is perhaps one of the most difficult rules, but it should be noted right away that the lack of this nutrient will not be perceived as hard as on other food systems. The average amount of this nutrient should be reduced to 20 grams per day! In rare cases, you can afford a little more, but remember that the next day you need to return to this figure again.

Let us dwell in more detail on the last nutrient. Based on its daily amount, you can divide this food system into three types: standard food, target, and cyclic. The first option is the most common type of diet with 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. The second type of such nutrition involves an increase in nutrients, but only if you practice long and exhausting workouts, then you need a source of carbohydrates to make up for lost glucose. And the last version of the diet involves adding extra carbohydrates to the familiar menu when the body is exhausted and needs to be refilled. Each person determines such a moment for himself.

As in any nutrition system built on restriction methods, there are contraindications here:

  • The main problem of this technique is the low presence of fiber in the diet, which threatens a digestive failure. This is usually manifested by the appearance of constipation and flatulence. If you had similar diseases before the diet, then you better choose a different nutrition plan.
  • Be sure to check the level of iron in the body before a diet. Since you will consume a lot of foods rich in iron, your level of iron should not exceed permissible levels. Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to start a diet. Excess of this mineral adversely affects the work of the liver, kidneys, heart, bladder.
  • There is also individual fat intolerance. Usually,  this is a consequence of diseases of the hepatobiliary system, which lead to impaired absorption of fats. Such people have a deficiency of digestive enzymes and it is extremely difficult for them to follow such a nutrition plan.

In any case, it is best to consult a doctor and pass all the tests before following this dietary scheme.

Before you go on a diet, you must definitely determine the level of muscle mass in order to correctly calculate the rate of protein intake. There are many ways for this diagnosis, but, first of all, you should find out your percentage of fat mass. It can be calculated using special devices or using a formula, however, the first method is still more accurate. If fat indicators exceed more than 30%, then this is already considered overweight or obese, and you need to urgently take up nutrition.

Now that you know these indicators, it will not be difficult for you to calculate muscle mass. This can be done with the help of numerous online calculators. Well-established Body Fat Calculator. It indicates not only the percentage of fat but lean muscle mass.

You can use a simple formula for counting:

Bodyweight – bodyweight * (fat percentage / 100).

So, if your weight is about 90 kilograms, and the percentage of fat is as much as 30%, then your formula will look like this:

90−90 * (30% / 100) = 63. So your protein intake per day should be 63 grams!

Allowed foods on a keto diet: list

What you really do not have to do on a keto diet is to starve. Fortunately, the list of products that you can include in your diet is quite extensive, and for lovers of meat and fatty foods, this is an ideal menu.

Conventionally, all the products on this food scheme can be divided into several categories: meat products, fish, butter and fats, dairy products, nuts and seeds, vegetables, and fruits. The last category, of course, does not abound in the number of permitted products, but nevertheless, it is still present in your diet.

One of the main rules is that the fatter the product, the better for the diet, and you won’t have to puzzle over how to introduce more fat into your diet. From meat, we choose pork or duck, from fish – salmon. And if you include cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese in your diet, then only fatty ones. We drink coffee not with milk, but with cream with a fat content of 20% -30%.

Do not forget to add bacon or sausage to the omelet in order to gain the right amount of fat.

A nice bonus on such a food system is the dressing of vegetable salads. Now you can fill them not only with vegetable oils but also with mayonnaise because it contains a lot of fat. You can also pay attention to other ready-made gas stations, the main thing is that they do not contain carbohydrates. Be sure to read the composition when buying ready-made gas stations.

If you want something sweet, you can add a sweetener to your diet – fat cottage cheese, fat sour cream, or coconut oil plus a sweetener – and you will remember the forgotten taste of sweet.

This food system also allows the use of canned meat and fish. You can eat pastes, sprats, cod liver, and much more, without going beyond the nutrients.

Everything that is on the list of allowed products is possible, but under one important condition: you carefully control the Proteins/ Fats/ Carbs so as not to overeat more proteins and carbohydrates.

In order to carry out the calculations correctly, be sure to set up an electronic diary or notebook where you will write everything down, and a kitchen scale in order to correctly determine the entire product. This is important, as the success of your diet depends on it!

The main mistake of losing weight is a complete lack of control eaten. Some include a lot of meat, fish, and cheese, getting an excess of protein, some forget that nuts and seeds, in addition to fats, also contain carbohydrates.

Keto diet for vegetarians

Since this diet is based on the large consumption of meat products, what about vegetarians who want to follow this nutrition plan. There is an exit! With the right approach, people who do not eat animal foods can stick to this nutrition plan. True, they should make many more corrections to their diet.

The main task is to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, and they are known to prevail in cereals and legumes, which are the main part of the diet of vegetarians. You will also have to forget about flour, even the most useful, and limit the intake of fruits and vegetables. In order to introduce more fat into your diet, you need to eat more nuts and seeds. Well, of course, natural oils are an ideal source of fat. Of fruits, you can safely include avocados in your meal plan. However, it should be remembered that such a nutrition system is suitable exclusively for adults and healthy people, but patients, adolescents, and children need to consult a doctor.

Keto Diet Alcohol

There is no direct prohibition on the use of strong drinks on this diet. But before you include alcohol in your diet, you should definitely find out the content of carbohydrates.

Of course, it is best to avoid sugary drinks – sweet or semi-sweet wine, champagne, liqueurs. Also, avoid various cocktails, they can contain a lot of sugar.

What you should pay attention to is strong drinks: cognac, vodka, rum, tequila, whiskey, brandy, gin. The carbohydrate content in such drinks is minimal. If you really want to drink beer, they prefer light and choose dry varieties from the wines.

It is extremely important to take into account the nutrients from these drinks and add them to your calculations, so you will control the level of their consumption.

Keto diet menu for every day: recipes with the calculation of proteins/ fats/ carbs

Following this nutrition system, you must understand one important thing – there is no one menu for losing weight since each diet is selected based on the individual needs of the person, his weight, and muscle mass. Therefore, you will have to arm yourself with knowledge and make your own menu, taking into account all the details that we described above.

First, consider the keto diet breakfast:

Option 1

2 fried eggs, 30 grams of cheese, a cup of coffee with 10 grams of coconut oil. Calories/ Proteins/ Fats/ Carbs will be 427/23/37/1

This is an excellent breakfast since you get a decent portion of fats, a share of proteins and practically do not get carbohydrates.

Option 2

And here’s another great option with eggs. Fry 2 eggs with bacon (30 grams), drink coffee with 10 grams of coconut milk, and get Calories/ Proteins/ Fats/ Carbs 415/21/36/1

Option 3

If you really want sweets, you can afford 100 grams of fat cottage cheese (take 30% fat) + 50 grams of fat sour cream (25% fat) and add a sweetener. We drink tea or coffee + 30 ml of fat cream (30% fat content) and at the output, we get Calories/ Proteins/ Fats/ Carbs 445/16/42/4

You can experiment by adding new ingredients to breakfast. If you need to increase the amount of fat, add more butter or cream, if you need to reduce protein – use fewer eggs.

As sandwiches on such a power system, you can use the following schemes:

  • cheese + cod liver
  • cheese + fatty paste (pork or goose)
  • cheese + butter (of course, all this without bread)
  • cheese + peanut paste (here you need to monitor carbohydrates, they are in peanuts).

Now let’s move on to dinner and talk about this meal. The good news is that you can eat soups on fatty meat broths, but, of course, without potatoes, cereals and pasta. Cabbage and green beans are your best friends in such soups.

Option 1

Cabbage soup with cabbage on fatty pork broth. To do this, we need 250 ml of prepared pork broth, add 100 grams of cabbage and cook until tender. To this, we add fried pork, about 100 grams, and we get Calories/ Proteins/ Fats/ Carbs 761/19/74/5.

Option 2

Another option with broth and salad. To make a salad, you will need 100 grams of lettuce, 100 grams of avocado, 50 grams of boiled chicken, nuts (we use cedar) about 10 grams, and 15 grams of vegetable oil. Now let’s look at the Calories/ Proteins/ Fats/ Carbs for such a dinner: 698/22/63/12

Option 3

Take 100 grams of baked duck and make a salad (avocado 100 grams + 20 grams of cheese + 100 grams of tomato + 15 grams of vegetable oil). Due to the fact that the duck contains a lot of fat, we get Calories/ Proteins/ Fats/ Carbs 756/22/68/13

During dinner, you can adjust the number of nutrients you need, but make sure that you still have a window for evening dinner.

Option 1

100 grams of fried salmon, green leaf salad (100 grams) seasoned with vegetable oil (10 grams). We get Calories/ Proteins/ Fats/ Carbs 322/22/25/1

Option 2

A cup of beef broth (300 ml) +20 grams of butter (throw it into the broth) +1 boiled egg. Calculation of Calories/ Proteins/ Fats/ Carbs 358/16/32/1

Option 3

Green olives salad (100 grams, use pitted olives) + lettuce (100 grams) +20 grams of cheese + 10 ml of vegetable oil. Total Calories/ Proteins/ Fats/ Carbs 332/7/33/1

Surely many will be concerned about the question of what to do if it is not possible to include the right amount of fat in your diet. In between meals, you can use snacks that contain the maximum amount of these nutrients.

Here are examples of such a snack, which is also called a keto bomb. You cook them yourself, be sure to count calories/ proteins/ fats/ carbs, and freeze portion-wise in small molds. For example:

  • coconut oil + butter + cream cheese
  • coconut oil + cocoa + butter + peanut butter

In principle, you yourself can create your own recipes based on the allowed ingredients and add other components. You can add some berries, nuts, seeds.

To get your rate of fat, it’s good to drink tea or coffee with coconut oil or cocoa butter. Importantly, do not forget to count these sources of fat.

Question answer:

  1. Why am I not losing weight on a keto diet?

This is one of the most common questions on this food system. It is extremely important to correctly and accurately calculate the number of nutrients eaten. Some foods contain carbohydrates that you might not even suspect, so it is possible that you do not have a true carbohydrate restriction. It is very important not to consume a lot of protein – it is an extremely permissible norm!

  1. Is a calorie deficit needed for a keto diet?

If you think that you can eat any number of fatty foods, then you are mistaken. On average, a person with a mobile lifestyle needs about 2200 calories per day. While following this nutrition plan, it is recommended to reduce your calorie content by a maximum of 30%. You can reduce your diet by 10% or 20%, you will still lose weight, albeit a little slower. In this case, be sure to monitor not only calories but also the balance of nutrients.

  1. How fast does a keto diet go?

Weight loss is extremely individual and depends on many factors. It is likely that in the first weeks of the diet your body will be rebuilt and your weight will stand – this is absolutely normal. In any case, do not expect quick results, as this diet is aimed not only at losing weight, but also at changing lifestyle.

  1. Keto diet how to enter ketosis?

Since the essence of this technique is precise that the body has entered a ketogenic state, it is necessary to strictly observe all dietary rules and the proportions of nutrients consumed. If you follow the nutrition program correctly, you will enter ketosis within a week.

  1. Disruption on the keto diet

Disruptions are very rare on this power system. This is due to the fact that you will not experience a feeling of hunger, as the diet will be nutritious and varied. In principle, this is the only diet that can be successfully practiced during the holidays and feasts.

     6. Stars on the Keto Diet

This revolutionary diet has found a huge following in Hollywood. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Holly Berry, Adriana Lima, and Megan Fox successfully follow this nutrition plan.

The Keto diet is a great way to not only lose extra pounds but also completely change your lifestyle. The most important rule is to strictly follow the rules and recommendations, and then the results will not be long in coming. If the keto diet has already become your usual way of life, then be sure to share your results and secrets with us.


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