5 eating habits: nutrition tips

A careful calculation of calories consumed in food is not only one of the toughest ways to stick to a diet, but also the least accurate when it comes to proper, healthy nutrition. When choosing products based on the cherished inscription on the package “only 100 calories”, we forget that they have been processed more than once and can be harmful to us. And completely different thing is natural products. Take the same avocado as an example – it contains a high amount of calories, but they are all rich in nutrients.

“Calories differ from calories!”

Ready to learn about other ways to eat right, as suggested by nutritionists? Then let’s get started!

1. Pay attention to food

Talking with the dish, of course, is not worth it. All you need to do is enjoy the food, not throw it in transit without even noticing. So, take a break and sit at the table, feel the aroma and taste of each piece. Pay tribute to the tasted, as they said before. Well, or respect and respect.

2. Choose foods that are nutritious.

Avoid any processed, packaged foods, refined carbohydrates and refined sugar: yes – zero calories, but also zero vitamins and minerals. Having chopped off chips, you will not be able to get enough, you will want more. Instead, choose whole foods that are able to satisfy your appetite with a small amount – the same root crops and whole grain products.

3. Naturalness

Choose those foods that can be eaten as close as possible to their original state. Healthy food does not mean – tasteless, quite the opposite. Just choose exactly the vegetables that you like. After your body, spoiled by fast food, again learns to perceive nutritious-dense foods, it will respond with gratitude and the next time it won’t even blink an eye at the sight of a greasy and harmful burger.

4. Eat when hungry

It sounds somewhat mocking and as if everything we do is just know to eat on a full stomach. But it’s a little bit different. You need to learn to listen to your body: very often we confuse a real feeling of hunger with … boredom! And we eat to just keep ourselves busy with something, and not because we are really hungry. Lack of fluid in the body can also be mistaken for an attack of hunger, especially in the late morning hours before lunch. In fact, it is enough to drink a glass of water and everything will pass.

5. Move

By including sports in your schedule, believe me, you will be much more careful about what you put on your plate. We are not about spending an hour in the gym, even a brief exercise and walking are enough.

Success! You’re on the list.

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