9 Ways to Keep Your Belly Flat – No Diet or Exercise

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Proud that you are finally the owner of a beautiful, flat tummy? Now the main thing is to keep this result. The following methods are good in that they do not require you to take any radical measures or global changes.

1 Perfect Posture
Straighten your back, straighten your shoulders, and your figure will look better in an instant. With proper posture, you automatically strain and tone the abdominal muscles. It doesn’t matter if you are standing or sitting, do it with a flat back. Are you constantly forgetting? But what if you put up stickers with reminders to consolidate the habit?

2 Drink it
Maintain a high level of fluid in the body constantly, because its lack makes your body accumulate water. And this, in turn, leads to excess weight – why do you need an extra couple of kilograms? Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water or other liquid every day.

3 “Eat” more water
Yes, you heard right. Introduce foods high in water into your diet — fruits and vegetables will help you eat more quickly and stay full longer. Start your meal with soup or salad.

4 Snack Nuts
One of the by-products of the study of the properties of nuts was an interesting fact – lovers of gnawing nuts have a smaller waist. This product is rich in monounsaturated fats, which makes it a more preferred snack product than crackers. But make sure that your nuts are not salted, and their quantity per serving does not exceed what you can hold in the palm of your hand.

5 Brew an aromatic cup of coffee
Another victory of your favorite drink: coffee with natural caffeine is a natural (and moderate) diuretic that prevents the retention of excess fluid in the body. The stimulating effects of coffee also contribute to the improvement of the digestive tract, and its regular cleansing helps to keep the stomach flatter.

6 Dairy products for breakfast
Diets that include foods high in calcium are directly related to healthy body weight. Plus, the beneficial minerals found in dairy products – all the same calcium, as well as magnesium and potassium – prevent bloating.

7 Do not swallow food
This, of course, is not about chewing and spitting out. No matter how you rush, make time for thoughtful eating and chewing pieces at least 10 times. Do not complicate the life of your body, which already works with regular overtime hours, and it still has to push food to the stomach and along the entire intestine. Therefore, the smaller it will be in volume, the easier. In addition, in a hurry, you swallow more air, which then leads to bloating in the waist and abdomen.

8 Probiotics
Probiotics are such good bacteria that help your digestive system deal with the products that enter it. However, one should not use probiotic supplements on an ongoing basis without indications. Simply include yogurts, milk, and other foods rich in these bacteria in your daily diet.

9 Ignore chewing gum
Even if you are a well-mannered person and try to chew gum with your mouth closed, this does not protect you from swallowing air through your mouth, which will soon affect your ability to fit into your favorite skinny jeans. If necessary, freshen your breath, stock up mint candies.


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