Diet pizza: chicken recipe, no dough, oatmeal

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Proper nutrition is not a system of strict prohibitions and restrictions, and therefore, if you stick to healthy eating, it does not mean that you should deny yourself such a tasty and beloved piece of pizza, especially if it is a diet pizza. Properly selected ingredients and the method of preparation will help you prepare delicious and low-calorie pizza, which you can safely include in your diet for weight loss.

Pizza dough
One of the main secrets of cooking diet pizza is low-calorie dough. Plain pizza is made from wheat flour. 100 grams of such flour contains about 330 calories and 70 grams of carbohydrates, which automatically makes wheat flour a threat to our body. In addition to this, wheat flour practically does not contain fiber, which is recommended by nutritionists to include in their diet during weight loss. That is why diet pizza in most cases completely excludes wheat flour from the main ingredients.

Diet pizza dough

One of the most popular and common methods for preparing diet dough is to use protein isolate. In this case, your diet pizza will not only contain a minimum of calories, but also a maximum of proteins, which is extremely useful if you want to lose weight.

3 tablespoons of isolate. It’s best to use pure protein without different flavors.
4 tablespoons of bran. You can choose bran as you wish, but ideally, it is best to mix several types of bran. It turns out that dietary dough on oat bran with the addition of wheat is good – this will make the dough more tender and soft. The bran must be ground in a coffee grinder so that it completely turns into flour.
125 grams of natural yogurt. Use only classic yogurt without additives or fillers. If you wish, you can take low-fat yogurt, so you further reduce the calorie content of pizza.
1 egg
½ teaspoon of baking powder.

Just mix all the ingredients and knead the dough. Remember to add salt and spices to taste. This low-calorie pizza dough can be used if you follow a protein diet. This recipe contains a minimum of calories, but a maximum of protein and fiber.

Wholemeal pizza dough

Diet pizza can always be made from whole grain flour. True, the number of calories from the use of such flour will not decrease, but there will be much more benefit. Whole grain flour is rich in useful substances and minerals, and all because in the process of processing the grain does not lose its shell. This type of flour is made from almost all grain crops, which means you will have a huge choice of flour. For the preparation of dough, you can use both whole wheat flour (coarse grinding with small grains) and whole-grain fine flour. The most popular varieties of whole-grain flour used in weight loss are wheat, rye, oat, and buckwheat flour.

1 cup kefir. Since this is a diet pizza, we will use low-fat kefir.
1 egg
Any whole grain flour. We will add flour, if necessary until you get the dough of the desired consistency.

To begin, mix kefir with an egg, add two pinches of salt and gradually add flour until the dough becomes stiff. Send it to the refrigerator for 20 minutes, and then roll it out.

Diet pizza without dough

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Can I make a diet pizza without a gram of flour? I can! There is a simple and tasty pizza recipe, for the preparation of which you do not need flour. The secret of such a pizza is cakes with ground chicken.

Chicken is one of the most beloved products of all losing weight. 100 grams of chicken contains only about 110-120 calories, but the protein content reaches 23 grams. Diet pizza on a chicken breast is an ideal option for people who follow protein diets, as well as those who simply follow their figure.

At the heart of such a diet pizza is minced chicken. Please note that the stuffing should be made precisely from this part of the chicken since other parts contain a different percentage of fat and calorie content, respectively, varies. Is it possible to buy ready-made minced meat for chicken pizza? The prepared stuffing may contain various additives, often even pork fat, therefore it is better to cook such stuffing yourself.

500 grams of ground chicken. Grind the minced meat in a meat grinder or blender. For a more homogeneous mass, you can skip the stuffing twice.
1 or 2 eggs.
Favorite dried seasoning. You can add oregano, pepper, paprika.

Mix the minced chicken with eggs and add your favorite spices. To make our basis for a dietary test airier, the mince can be slightly beaten off. Then put the minced meat on a baking sheet and send it to the oven (180-200 degrees) for 15-20 minutes.

Since this is a diet pizza, we will also use low-calorie filling.

100 grams of cheese with a low-fat content – 10-15% no more. Cheeses such as Gaudette, Chechil, Fitness are great.
Tomato paste. Use only natural tomato paste without the addition of sugar and other ingredients.
1 medium tomato

Take our diet pizza base out of the oven and spread the toppings. Another 5 minutes in the oven – and low-calorie pizza is ready!

Diet pizza in the pan

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If you do not want to cook pizza in the oven, you can always cook diet pizza in a pan. This pizza is perfect for lunch and dinner, as well as for breakfast. Instead of flour, in this recipe, we will use the oat bran. So we need:

2 tablespoons of oat bran. Before preparing a diet pizza, pour bran kefir (120 grams) and let them brew in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.
2 eggs.
30 grams of skim cheese (not more than 10% fat).
1 tablespoon of natural tomato paste and a little mustard
1 medium tomato
Any spices to your taste.

First, blend the eggs and add the soaked bran to them. Be sure to whip the resulting mass in a blender, as uniformity is very important to us because this is our basis for low-calorie pizza. The resulting mixture is poured into the pan. Be sure to use a pan with a non-stick coating so that our dough does not stick and does not burn. Cook our base on low heat for 5 minutes. So the dough for diet pizza is very tender, you can not turn it over so as not to break. While the dough is being prepared, we’ll deal with the filling: grate the cheese on a fine grater, chop the tomato and mix the tomato paste with mustard. Gently lay on the base tomato mustard sauce, tomato slices, and sprinkle with cheese. Close the lid and cook for 10 minutes on low heat. Diet pizza in the pan is ready!

Oatmeal pizza

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Looking for the perfect diet pizza? Why not try making pizza based on an oatmeal pancake?

Oatmeal pancake is the No. 1 dish of all losing weight and people leading a healthy lifestyle. Such a basis for diet pizza is extremely easy to prepare and contains a lot of nutrients with a minimum of extra calories. With the help of oatmeal pancakes, you can cook a lot of diet and tasty recipes, and pizza among them.

40 grams of oatmeal. Do not use instant oatmeal, it contains a minimum of fiber. Preliminary, pour oatmeal with hot water (one glass) and leave to swell for 10 minutes. Remember to drain excess water.
2 eggs. Since this is a diet pizza recipe, we will use proteins exclusively. This will reduce the calorie content of the finished dish.
70 grams of chicken. First, fry the fillet pieces in a non-stick pan.
30 grams of any low-fat cheese. In this recipe, we will use mozzarella cheese.
1 small tomato
Any greens to your liking.

Blend the egg whites in a blender, add the soaked oatmeal to the protein mass, mix well. Remember to add some salt to taste. Pour the base for our dough onto a preheated dry pan. Cook on low heat until the pancake is almost ready. Then put our filling, cover, and cook another 5-7 minutes. Sprinkle the prepared diet pizza with herbs.

Curd Pizza

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If you want to get as many proteins as possible in your pizza and at the same time reduce its calorie content – just add cottage cheese to the base for the test. The calorie content of fat-free cottage cheese is only about 70 calories, and the protein content in 100 grams is about 16 grams. So cottage cheese is an ideal ingredient for low-calorie pizza.

2 packs of cottage cheese (it is about 400 g). We use low-fat cottage cheese with a fat content of 2%. If desired, you can use 0% fat.
100 grams of flour. In this recipe, we will use whole grain wheat flour – 40 grams, and cornflour – 60 grams. This combination will add a special delicate taste to our diet pizza.
1 egg
30 grams of any low-fat cheese. You can use Mozzarella.
A can of tomatoes in its own juice. Just put the tomatoes in a pan (non-stick) and add your favorite spices. Cook for about 5 minutes on low heat.
Cherry tomatoes
Basil for decoration

Mix the cottage cheese with the egg and gradually add the flour, kneading the dough. If the dough is too dry, you can always add a little kefir. We lay the finished base on a baking sheet and bake in the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees for about 10 minutes. On the basis of spread tomato sauce, cut cherry tomatoes and sprinkle with cheese. Cooking another 5 minutes!

Pizza in a slow cooker
You can cook pizza in a slow cooker. Such pizza will not concede to traditional pizza cooked in the oven.

So you will need

1 cup whole-grain oatmeal.
1 egg
Diet pizza sauce: mix 1 tbsp of natural tomato paste and 1 tbsp of natural yogurt, add your favorite spices and seasonings to taste.
3-4 champignons
Cherry tomatoes
50 grams of boiled chicken
30 grams of low-fat cheese.

To start, let’s take a test: mix oatmeal with an egg and add water until you get a homogeneous and dense mass. The basis for the test will have to remind you of sour cream. Cover the crock-pot with parchment paper, so it will be easier for us to get ready pizza. On the basis of pizza, carefully spread the sauce, slices of chicken, chopped champignons, and cherry tomatoes. Sprinkle with grated cheese. We put the pizza in the multi-cooker on the Baking mode.

Diet Pizza Stuffing

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Adhering to proper nutrition, do not forget about the filling, which very often contains many extra and empty calories.

If you are preparing low-calorie pizza, then it is better to exclude the following ingredients:

  • Fatty meats (pork, lamb), smoked sausage, fatty ham
  • High-fat cheeses
  • Ready-made pizza sauces with a high content of sugar and other additives. Low-calorie pizza has nothing to do with mayonnaise and fat sour cream, so you have to forget about these ingredients.

But you can safely include the following ingredients in your pp pizza:

  • Low-fat meats (chicken, turkey, veal, beef)
  • Seafood. This is a real storehouse of protein.
  • Fat-free cheeses. On average, the fat content of such cheeses should not exceed 17-24%. Here the choice is quite large: ricotta, chechil, mozzarella, feta, Gaudette, fitness cheeses. Do not forget about tofu soy cheese!
  • Sauces are based on yogurt or tomato paste. Just remember that these ingredients must be completely natural!
  • All kinds of vegetables, especially green vegetables, contain a minimum of calories, but a maximum of fiber – broccoli, green beans, green pepper, green peas. Be sure to put the mushrooms, they are rich in protein.

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