Multi-colored cake

Image by MrGajowy3 from Pixabay

50 g. cornflour
125 g. Greek yogurt
4 scoops sugar substitute
3 egg
4 g. cocoa
5 g. turmeric

6 g poppy

  1. Beat the egg, flour, yogurt, sugar substitute with a blender.
    2. Divide the dough into 3 parts.
    3. Put turmeric in one piece
    4. Into the other part put the poppy seeds, in the third cocoa.
    5. Pouring the dough into a mold is convenient.
    6. Bake at 190 C -25/30 min.

5 thoughts on “Multi-colored cake”

  1. I’m eager to try this… It’s unlike anything i’m used to.
    What’s your preferred sugar substitute for this?

    1. I am sure,you will like it. I usually use stevia or honey, maple syrup. Can be brown sugar, but I use it very seldom. Sometimes I can use mashed bananas or figs.

      1. Tnx for the reply!
        I keep maple syrup and honey around. And mashed bananas – that sounds delicious!

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