You still do not know the secrets of the right motivation or what to do with your own laziness?

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There are people who want to earn more, but do nothing … There are people who want to lose weight, but do nothing … There are people who want to have more free time, but do nothing … There are people who want to learn a foreign language, do morning exercises, stop being late for meetings, but they don’t do anything …

Maybe it’s time to find answers to the questions:
1. How have we been taught to resist change since childhood and how to raise a child so that he is not lazy?
2. How to increase your effectiveness many times, but at the same time not stop enjoying life?
3. Why there are many people who work hard, but they do not have money and free time, but there are many beautiful stories about the injustice of Life and Personal uniqueness!
4. How to earn more or work less while maintaining income levels?
5. Why is “necessary” a bad motivation, and what alternative is there?
6. How to stop deceiving yourself and others? How to stop coming up with “beautiful stories” and justify the lack of results?

It is worth analyzing the reasons for your own disorganization and ways to increase efficiency at times. Your needs, in and of themselves, are a very powerful motivating tool for increasing work efficiency.

Using the acquired skills you can increase the effectiveness of your life, achieve your goals in a short time and reach a new level of quality of life. It will be practical and lively self-development, after which your idea of ​​your capabilities and your understanding of people will radically change.

Learn something new about yourself! Look differently at yourself and others.

“Must” and “Must” are words that have been resisting us since childhood, and this resistance occurs on a subconscious level. If you need to do something, but you can not do it (there will be any severe punishment), then a person sabotages these actions, even if he is very interested in the result!

“Must-Must” is more than words, it is a whole concept of education, it is a combination of motives and habits that determine the subsequent life of a person.

All your life you owe something to someone:
1. I must obey my parents, graduate from high school, go to college!
2. Gotta get married/get married!
3. Gotta work and make money!
4. Must be a good mother/father, grateful daughter/son!
5. Must work on me! must go in for sports!
6. Must … must … must …

All these “Musts” fall on the shoulders of a heavy burden, make it impossible to enjoy life, choose those scenarios that bring you happiness. They surround you with a fence of responsibilities, make you engage in an unloved business, communicate within a certain framework, play roles, meet the expectations of others.

What is the alternative to the concept of “Must-Must” and what to do with your own laziness?
1. Understand the understanding of motivation and the causes of internal resistance.
2. Learn working techniques to overcome laziness and fear.
3. Get to know other people’s experiences of acceleration and efficiency in different areas of life.
4. Do practical exercises and get the desired changes.
5. Create individual instructions for what and how you will do.
6. Use the knowledge gained in relation to yourself and motivate other people.


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