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And so today we will work on the muscles of the arms and shoulders because if we focus only on a taut and pumped figure excluding the hands, the image as a whole will turn out to be not harmonious and not proportional. Therefore, I present to your attention effective exercises for arms with dumbbells specifically for women. This set of exercises will help to tone the muscles of the hands, give them a light relief. Exercises involve both the biceps and the triceps that are often lagging behind the girls, as well as the shoulders.

Beautiful, slightly embossed hands can be achieved both in the gym and at home, for this you need dumbbells. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can pump up the girl’s hands at home using ordinary plastic bottles filled with water or sand. You can also use books, bricks, and other weights that are just at hand. Remember that our goal is to easily pump muscles and work out problem areas of the hands, so you should not take too heavyweight, because we want to remain feminine and have sophisticated hands, and not pump up steel “cans”, like Schwarzenegger’s. Choose dumbbells from 1 to 3 kilograms depending on the initial physical fitness.

Before you begin to perform exercises for the hands with dumbbells or any other weighting, it is necessary to perform a warm-up. This will help to warm up the muscles, make them elastic and, as a result, eliminate the occurrence of injuries during exercise. Make circular movements with your arms, shoulders, and hands in one direction and the other. You can do the exercise “Scissors”, alternating a large amplitude with a small one. Hand warm-up should take 5-10 minutes.

The training complex for the hands consists of three small sets containing several exercises, with the recommended number of repetitions, however, given the varying degree of training, I want to note that these figures should be individual. You need to perform the exercises so many times that the last five repetitions would be very difficult for you, one might even say through force. Moreover, during training, be sure to follow the exercise technique, so you can more efficiently pump your arm muscles, as well as avoid injuries. Perform each set in 4 sets, between which pause for 30-40 seconds. Between sets, take a break of 50-60 seconds.

A set of exercises for arm muscles number 1

The exercises of this set must be performed one after another, that is, perform the first exercise, immediately after it the second, followed by the third. Then repeat the sequence first. As if we combine three exercises into one. Exercise at a slow pace, without jerking or rocking the body. Do not forget about breathing, exhale in the effort, inhale in relaxation. Perform a set without pauses, exercises should go in a complex, one after another. Exercises of this set affect the biceps of the hands, deltoid muscles, trapezoid. The entire complex of this set is performed 15-20 times.

1. Bending arms with dumbbells in a standing position. Take dumbbells, stand straight, legs slightly narrower than shoulder-width, straighten your shoulders, lower your hands along the body, elbows slightly pressed to the body. On exhalation, we bend our arms at the elbows, to the extreme upper position, while turning the hands with palms to the chest. On inspiration, we lower our hands to the starting position.

2. Standing dumbbell lift in front of you. Continuing the previous exercise, inhaling and holding your breath, at the same time raise straight arms to parallelism with the floor, while not lowering and not parting hands, they should also be parallel to each other. Do not stop or take your shoulders off, the body should remain motionless, only hands work. As you exhale, lower your hands to the starting position.

3. Breaking dumbbells to the side from a standing position. Continuing the previous exercise, we part our arms slightly bent at the elbow joint to the sides until parallel to the floor (to shoulder level), palms pointing to the floor. Try not to raise your shoulders, fix them in one position.

A set of exercises for arm muscles number 2

The second set is aimed at pumping the triceps of the arms, as well as the shoulders and back. The whole complex of exercises is performed on an incline, with a slow pace, without jerking. Exercises, as in the previous set, go one after another. Repeat the integrated exercise 15-20 times.

  1. Breeding hands in a slope. Tilt the body forward to parallelism with the floor, the gaze is directed to the floor, bend slightly in the lower back, pull the pelvis back, arms are lowered perpendicular to the floor, hands are turned palms to each other. After inhaling and holding your breath, spread your straight or slightly bent arms to the sides (palms down), as high as possible. At the top, the elbows should be above the level of the back. Movements should be made only in the shoulder joints.

2. Dumbbell pull in the slope. Without changing the starting position of the previous exercise and continuing it, we do dumbbell traction, bending and removing the elbows as far back as possible and slightly pressing them to the body. At the top of the exercise, the elbows should be above the level of the back.

3. Extension of the arms in an inclination. Continuing the previous exercise, and without changing the starting position, bend the arms at the elbows and move them back to the level of the back, press the elbows to the body, and then unbend the arms, drawing the hands back. Hands are turned palms to each other. Then we bend our arms at the elbows again and only after that do we return the arms to their original position.

A set of exercises for arm muscles number 3

This complex contains only one exercise, but with three options, in dynamics with a large amplitude, in dynamics with a small amplitude, and statics at a lower point. In this set, unlike the previous ones, we perform 15-20 repetitions of the first exercise at the beginning, then proceed to 15-20 repetitions of the second exercise, and only after that do we proceed to the statics of the exercise. Then after a short pause, we repeat the set first.

1. Extension of the arms from behind the head (large amplitude). Take dumbbells, for convenience, you can take one dumbbell with a weight of two, and raise straight arms above your head. Turn your brushes so that your palms look at each other. From this position, bend your elbows and take your forearm as far back as possible behind your head. At the same time, be sure to fix your elbows, they should not go apart, go back or forward, keep them parallel and absolutely motionless. Work occurs only in the elbow joint due to the abduction of the forearms. Then straighten your elbows, returning your hands to their original position. The body should remain motionless, the back is straight. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times.

2. Extension of arms behind the head (small amplitude). The exercise is completely identical to the previous one, however, it is performed with a small amplitude, and more dynamically. That is, during execution, you do not need to bend and unbend your elbows to the end. Repeat exercise 15-20.

3. Extension of the arms due to the head (static). Perform basic flexion of the first exercise of this set, but not as much as possible, but until the angle of 90 degrees forms the elbow joint and hold this position as much as possible (until a strong burning sensation in the muscles).

Perform this complex, which contains exercises for the hands with dumbbells, 1-2 times a week. If you notice, then the exercises presented above are not insulating, so if you perform them, you will also work on the muscles of the back and shoulders. Remember that you do not need to chase a lot of weight, because the priority is beautiful female arms, not pumped manly arms.


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