Why does autumn depression appear?

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Autumn depression is another seasonal psychological problem in which there is a change in mood towards negativism and apathy to many things. Why is this happening? It turned out that more than women more than men are affected by such changes, all individuals are especially susceptible to such changes. These are emotional people, as well as those who could have suffered emotional trauma, stressful situations, and have been ill with something serious and other things.

Symptoms of autumn depression are not difficult to detect – apathy to many factors, a sad state, night sleeplessness, frequent spending time in bed or in sleep, irritable state, tension, decreased libido, loss of appetite, and other negative phenomena that are not characteristic of a normal optimistic character. However, do not confuse the symptoms of autumn depression with the possible onset or manifestation of a disease.
In fact, few are aware of where this condition comes from. Many say that this is due to a decrease in the flow of sunlight, someone claims that these are seasonal hormonal changes. In fact, all this is interconnected, due to a lack of sunlight, the number of special hormones increases, which leads to a change in mood, the appearance of a drowsy state, and apathy to many factors of social life.

How to fight?

  1. Of course, move to where there is more sun and lead your life image with constant flights. A joke, of course, to which the millionaires and oligarchs will be skeptical. But if there are no financial means, then you have to use the ordinary means that always helped us.
  2. Compliance with the correct regime is the main factor in eliminating the autumn depression. Sleep more, sleep about 6-9 hours a day. Do not abuse strong drinks, exclude alcohol and cigarette smoking. Drink more decoctions on various herbs, rose hips, or, for example, dried apples. In general, as you understand, fortify your diet. Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, and herbs.
  3. Physical activity – a necessary action for the prevention of autumn depression. Increase evening walks in the fresh air, try to run a little in the mornings, go “to scout” in the gym and fitness club, then be sure to sign up if the conditions satisfy your needs.
  4. Friends – a mandatory social factor for communication, without this in any way. Many people prefer to shut themselves off from people to experience and repress alone – this is stupid. It is friends who will help you get out of this state if it is present.
  5. Pamper yourself with something that was not allowed before. Go to matches with your favorite team, play paintball, attend cinema evening sessions, in general, do something that can bring you more pleasure.
  6. And do not forget to eat chocolate – you are provided with an influx of hormones of happiness. Just do not get carried away with flour and sweet products. One of the interesting factors in the autumn depression is that many develop a wolfish appetite, and it begins to eat precisely sweet foods – cakes, pastries, cookies, pies, and other things. Stop! This should not be done. And if you are a lover of sweets, then replace the products. Eat dark chocolate, oatmeal, or just replace flour products with fresh sweet fruits. By the way, the autumn season is replete with its autumn fruits. So hurry to take advantage of the gifts of this season. You can also prepare tasty and healthy protein-rich chocolate-nut bars.
  7. But if nothing helps and the condition worsens every day, then hurry to use the services of a psychologist or psychotherapist.


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