Chebureks in the oven

Photo by Scott Eckersley on Unsplash

Calories per 100 g:

Calories – 189 kcal / Protein – 6.8 g / Fat – 3.34 g / Carbohydrate – 32g

Ingredients for the dough:
• Durum wheat flour – 200 g
• Rice flour – 50 g
• Corn flour – 50 g
Egg – 1 pc + 2 yolks
• Olive oil – 1 tbsp.
• Chilled boiled water – 1/2 cup

Ingredients for the filling:
• Ground chicken – 300g
Onion -1 pcs
Zucchini – 200 g
Parsley or cilantro – 2-3 branches
• Cheese of low-fat content – 50 g
Salt and spices to taste

  1. First, prepare the dough. To do this, sift the flour and grind with
    egg + yolk, add olive oil, and mix well.
    2. Then add salted water and knead until the dough is uniform and soft. Cover it with cling film and refrigerate for 15 minutes.
    3. Grind onions and chicken (without skin) in a blender or twist in
    meat grinder, add salt, spices.
    4. Peel the zucchini, cut them into small cubes. Green finely
    chop it up. Grate cheese on a coarse grater.
    5. Mix everything with ground chicken.
    6. Next, we form our pasties from the dough.
    7. On the rolled surface we spread the stuffing. Cover with a layer of dough and fork, close up the edges of the pasties, spread the pasties on a baking sheet covered with parchment.
    8. Grease on top with yolk mixed with 1 tsp olive oil.
    9. Put chebureks in the oven preheated to 180s. For the first 15 minutes of baking, tightly cover the baking sheet with foil so that it does not touch the pasties, otherwise, it will stick. Then remove the foil and bake without it for another 15 minutes.

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