Burnout at work

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Should you like your work and should it bring pleasure? It should! After all, you spend 8 hours of your life on it every day. What to do if the work has become not so interesting and entertaining? Perhaps the reason for this is burnout at work. It is seasonal in nature and “exacerbated” in the fall or spring.

First of all, people with creative professions are affected by emotional burnout – artists, designers, actors, directors, etc. Emotional burnout refers to depressive states. It occurs in those people who are unhappy with their lives.

Signs of emotional burnout: fatigue from the failure of their actions, powerlessness, disappointment, and emptiness. A man puts all his strength into work, but there is no result. It feels like time wasted. Usually, money motivates up to 25-30 years, later other things become important. After 30 years, we rejoice in our own growth and development. It is this, and not money, that becomes the goal of our work.

What to do?

  1. When leaving home, do not carry all your problems with you. When leaving work, go outside and imitate, as if you were wiping your feet on the ground. At this time, think that everything that you took with you from work, you leave there. This technique allows you not to think about working at home.
  2. Once every 5 years, change jobs. Without change, life becomes predictable, fresh, and boring. When changing jobs, you can not only get a more interesting and well-paid position but also open up a new outlook on things. You can’t sit in the same place all your life – burnout is guaranteed.
  3. Before leaving work, find yourself a new one and decide whether you want to continue to do the same. Go for interviews and see how much you cost in the labor market. Perhaps you should go to courses, training or even change your profession. Think about what you would like to do. Often people don’t like their life, and they don’t know what they would like to do. Define your goals and expectations. It happens that a person really sat up, and he needed a change of scenery, but it happens that a person himself does not know what he needs, and he does not like everything.
  4. No need to surround yourself with whiners and idlers. Do not take on someone else’s work and ignore the “dissatisfied with life.”
  5. By age 30, you will determine exactly what you like. But only if you don’t mess around. Follow the road your heart tells you! Do not be afraid to act and make mistakes!

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