Is it possible to play sports “these days”?

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Many girls ask this question. In addition, this topic is quite relevant and it is worth paying special attention to it. Representatives of the fair half who regularly engage in sports are not always ready to suspend their workouts during menstruation, and some listen to the opinions of doctors who say that it is better to postpone classes during this period. What is left to do?

Features of sports during menstruation
Probably, every girl will remember those school days when it was possible to evade physical education lessons under the pretext of the onset of menstruation. But now, playing sports for myself and to get a certain result, I want to squeeze the most out of myself to reach my cherished goal.

It makes no sense to limit physical activity, however, the training regimen during menstruation is still worth revising. If your well-being does not interfere with sports, feel free to go to the gym. But heavy physical exercises will need to be abandoned. Lift dumbbells, barbells, exercises during menstruation on the abdomen, and hyperextension postpone until later. Do not forget that physical activity can increase menstrual flow, and excessive stress can even cause cycle disruptions. During training, you should not feel tired, dizzy, or unwell. Try to drink more water, as the water balance is disturbed during menstruation.

Girls prone to copious discharge and experiencing cramping pain during critical days, it is better to refrain from training. It is recommended to start classes on the 3-5 days of the cycle. In most cases, you should focus on your well-being. While practicing personally with the trainer, do not be shy and warn him that you have started “these days”. He, in turn, will review the exercises, and reduce the load, making the occupation productive and safe for health.

What type of fitness during menstruation is the most optimal?
Workout during menstruation, you can choose for yourself interesting types of fitness that will allow you to maintain physical fitness and not cause discomfort.

Yoga and Pilates. You can visit any of these areas. They are able to relieve pain in the abdomen and lower back. Inverted postures and postures that exert pressure and tension in the abdomen should be avoided. Return to them after completing your period;

Cardio workout. Light cardio, short workouts on an elliptical or stationary bike will benefit. Also, just walking in the fresh air will not be superfluous;

Swimming. Yes, there is no mistake. Contrary to all judgments, you can visit the pool during critical days. Such exercises will relieve spasms and pain, improve mood and help strengthen muscles. Pool water should be warm, but not cold. Visiting such training, do not forget about hygiene products that will allow you to feel comfortable and fully surrender to the training process;

Dancing. You can always attend such training. They favorably affect the body. It would be especially useful to attend oriental dance classes. This type of dance will allow you to relax, enjoy the training itself, and improve well-being. Today there is such a fitness area as Port de Bra. It includes elements of dance, yoga, and stretching. You can learn more about this type of training in our previous article.

Now that you know how to play sports during your period, you can not be afraid for your health and freely go to training. If you have any gynecological diseases, consult with a gynecologist about the advisability of visiting the hall during menstruation and on other days of the cycle. Thus, you will protect yourself and be able to derive unlimited benefits from training for your health!


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