Twerk – benefits and harm

How do you feel about twerk? This dance style has a lot of fans, but also many people consider it very frank and even indecent.

Despite all the contradictions, the twerk dance continues to develop and is becoming a fairly popular destination. Today, information about booty dance can be found everywhere: on TV, in newspapers and magazines, and many dance schools are inviting to classes, publishing information on the Internet and throughout the city.

What is twerk?

Twerk is a bold type of dance in which the main movements are performed by the buttocks, hips, partly by the stomach, and hands. Beautiful and rhythmic dance elements simply attract the attention of not only men but also women.

Booty dance will help girls to relax, increase their self-esteem and become self-confident, increase their plasticity, become slimmer and sexier. Do not hide the fact that all female representatives want to try themselves in this fashionable direction. Graceful bends in the backs and “hot” hips will not leave anyone indifferent. You can dance to hip-hop, reggae, R&B, and more. Having mastered the basic techniques of movement and shaking your hips, you will be the queen of the dance floor!

It is worth signing up for twerk if you:

  • want to get rid of the complexes;
  • want to learn how to express your sexuality through dance;
  • plan to try a new and vibrant dance direction;
  • look for a way to keep fit and enhance your femininity and attractiveness.

Benefits of Booty Dance

Twerk is not only a spectacular dance, but it also has a positive effect on women’s health:

  • Prevention of congestion in the pelvis;
  • Correction of body imperfections in problem areas (hips, buttocks, abs, etc.)
  • The development of body plasticity and movements in general;
  • Promotes the formation of a beautiful back deflection;
  • Activation of metabolic processes in the body;
  • During training, a large number of calories are burned, which in turn contributes to the rapid loss of excess weight.

What you can do?

There is no need to especially acquire a form for training. You can engage in clothing that is convenient for you: a T-shirt or T-shirt, leggings or shorts, as well as sneakers. It is important that the clothes do not hamper your movements. The only things you need to get are knee pads. They are necessary to perform dance elements on the floor. By the way, many schools provide their students with the necessary equipment, so, most likely, you can do without their purchase.

When twerking is contraindicated?

You may be surprised, but there are still contraindications to practicing this type of dance. These include:

  • Diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems;
  • Musculoskeletal injuries;
  • The presence of hernias;
  • Gynecological diseases;
  • Pregnancy.

Booty dance is your unique opportunity not only to work on attractiveness and self-confidence but also to correct your figure, giving it feminine outlines.



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