Sports nutrition for women for weight loss and muscle gain

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Today, male bodybuilders widely use various nutritional supplements for both losing weight and gaining muscle mass, and girls are cautious and do not use sports nutrition for weight loss so often. Most women dream of getting rid of hated kilograms, so they mainly pay attention to sports fat burners for girls, but many are afraid to use such drugs because of possible side effects. The modern fitness industry offers a huge number of varieties of sports nutrition for women, which varies in its properties, rules of use, etc.

Sports nutrition for women: its types

The following varieties of sports supplements are most in-demand among modern athletes:

Sports nutrition for women to gain muscle mass

These are proteins or concentrated protein, which is used mainly in the form of powder shakes, as well as in the form of protein bars, gainers (protein-carbohydrate mixtures), creatine. These supplements are used not only by men striving for large muscles but also by women who want to pump up muscles and have a tightened relief body. The relief is achieved mainly due to the protein, which is a pure protein without carbohydrates and fats. Of course, protein is also found in its natural form – in meat, eggs, legumes, seafood, but human consumption of these products is impossible without the additional use of carbohydrates and fats, which leads to the deposition of fat. To avoid excess fat on the body, athletes working on the relief, use special protein supplements.

Weight gainers are the next most popular product among athletes. These are carbohydrates and proteins mixed in various proportions. For those who want to gain weight, weight gainers, the basis of which are carbohydrates, are suitable. And prone to fullness, on the contrary – protein-based gainers.

The next market leader in sports nutrition is creatine (carboxylic acid). Both on the female and male bodies, its use has a positive effect in many areas, namely: endurance increases, muscle growth occurs, recovery after exhausting workouts is faster, its intake has a good effect on the heart, contributes to weight loss while maintaining proper nutrition.

Sports nutrition for women for weight loss (fat burners)

The problem of excess weight is the main problem of modern society. Women’s dreams of losing weight push them to purchase various miracle drugs. Accordingly, sports fat burners for girls and women are very popular among women. Fat burners affect the body in different ways, so they are divided into several types: thermogenic, appetite blockers, fat and carbohydrate blockers, drugs that affect camisole, diuretics, and lipotropics. Gender, chronic diseases, as well as individual intolerance are the main factors that should be considered when choosing a specific fat-burning drug.

Supplements that suppress appetite and which increase the speed of metabolic processes are more suitable for girls. In men, the metabolism is more intense, the muscles grow quickly, so L-carnitine, which helps to reduce the fat layer, is ideal for them.

One cannot but pay attention to supplements that can not be used by either men or women. These are drugs based on endorphin, sibutramine, caffeine, and thyroxine. Large doses of these drugs turn them into real poison.

In fact, one cannot give an unambiguous answer to the question: is the use of sports nutrition harmful? The body of each person is individual, the metabolic processes are different for everyone, so you should use sport spit with caution, listen to your body, and also observe the basic rules for taking sports nutrition, which is described below.

The main rules for the use of sports nutrition products for women

All “female” fat burners are divided into several main groups: thermogenic, lipotropic, and blocking supplements.

  1. Thermogenic fat burners for women. They increase body temperature, accelerate metabolism, contribute to an increase in performance and endurance. The basis of thermogenic additives is synephrine, caffeine, guarana, extract from cayenne pepper, green tea extract, etc. They should be consumed 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening – 4 hours before bedtime or before training. Take the drug, you need to start with the minimum dose, and then gradually increase it, tracking the body’s response to taking the drug. If an allergic reaction to the additive occurs, it must be immediately abandoned.
  2. Lipotropic drugs for women. They are based on choline, levocarnitine, methionine, which accelerate the breakdown of fats, as well as stimulate the liver and normalize insulin levels. These drugs should be taken 2 times a day, as well as thermogenic. It is worth noting that lipotropic drugs do not have side effects.
  3. Carbohydrate and fat blockers for women. They are based on bean extract, chitosan, and garcinia extract. The intake of these drugs should be limited to once a day (15 minutes before meals). Fatty foods should be ruled out because otherwise, you can earn an upset bowel.

The use of sports nutrition will not bring any results if you do not combine its intake with physical activity. Professional athletes can not do without protein and weight gainers, but is it necessary for women who want to lose weight to get expensive sports nutrition? After all, you can lose weight without these expensive miracle drugs, simply by observing proper nutrition and at least 3 times a week loading your body with physical activity. It is up to you to decide.



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