Prunes at what time is – when it is useful, and when it can harm the body?

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Let’s think together today about what available means of weight loss are, about our health, and how we can take care of ourselves by choosing healthy eating! But first, a little bit of history.

Since ancient times, dried plums (and these are prunes) have been used by chefs from around the world to prepare tasty and healthy dishes. After all, the drying process was used to preserve all the elements that have a positive effect on human health. Now, no kitchen in the world can do without this product. So we find out today in more detail what prunes are good for the body, and in which cases they can harm.

Prunes are dried or dried plums. It was grown in the gardens of Egypt since the 4th century BC. At that time only the families of the aristocracy ate the fruits. Later, the plant began to cultivate in neighboring countries.

The process of turning fresh fruit into a dried one consists of blanching, cooling in plain water, and drying in special steam ones. Then the prepared fruit is cooled again and lowered into hot water for a while. In conclusion, manufacturers often treat the product with glycerine to make it shine, which is not necessary.

In retail outlets, there are several types of dried fruit, which can be distinguished by:

  • appearance, where the rounds fall into category A, flat to E;
  • varieties, divided into canteens, first, higher and extra:
  • caliber (how many berries in a pound of weight) – from 20/30 to 120/140.

Calorie prunes, how much can you eat?

The calorie content of any prunes is about 230 Kcal per 100 grams.

In the dry plum, there is also water with ash. Carbohydrates in the composition of 57.5 g, protein 2.3, and fat only 0.7 grams per 100 product.

An adult healthy person will benefit from eating up to 6 pieces during the day. If this rate is exceeded, then you can get a digestive upset due to a large amount of dietary fiber in the composition.

Children are allowed to introduce prunes into the diet from the age of 3, starting with small doses, carefully watching the reaction of the small organism.

The composition of prunes: vitamins and minerals

The vitamin composition of prunes is so rich that not including these fruits in your diet is just a crime!

Vitamins in 100 g of dried plums
A, retinol and its equivalent compounds – 38.713 μg
B5, Pantothenate – 0.419 mg
C, ascorbic acid – 0.577 mg
B1, thiamine – 0.049 mg
B6, pyridoxine – 0.203 mg
E, alpha-tocopherol, tocopherol equivalent – 0.427 mg
B2, riboflavin – 0.184 mg
PP, nicotinic acid, niacin equivalent – 1,879 mg
B9, folic acid – 3,904 mcg
B4, choline – 10.093 mg
In addition, useful compounds such as phylloquinone (vitamin K, content – 59.494 mg per 100 g of product) and betaine (0.399 mg per 100 g) were found in dried plums.

Macronutrients in 100 g of dried plums
Phosphorus – 68.773 mg
Magnesium – 40.836 mg
Potassium – 731.294 mg
Sodium – 1,944 mg
Calcium – 42.106 mg
Fluorine – 3,966 mcg

Medium-sized dried plum weighs 15 g. This means that 1 fruit contains about 36 kcal. About 250 grams of dried plums can be placed in a standard 200-ml beaker. The energy value of this portion of the product is 600 kcal

The benefits and harms of prunes for orgasm

Although hardly anyone considers this tasty fruit to be a cure – it is usually used as an ingredient in any dish. But prunes can solve many problems associated with the health and appearance of a person, and all thanks to the following properties:

  • diuretic and choleretic;
  • antibacterial and tonic;
  • beneficial effect on the work of the digestive tract, cardiovascular system, and central nervous system.

This explains the ability of prunes to positively influence our well-being and improve overall health:

  1. With a weak immunity, it is useful with a high content of vitamins and trace elements. It is advisable to include it in the diet in the spring when the body is already depleted in the body. Thus, you will get additional substances for better resistance to infections.
    2. With regular use of prunes will improve your overall health and mood.
    3 . The product has a positive effect on the digestive system and the entire gastrointestinal tract.
    4. Due to the presence of coarse fibers, all harmful substances, including toxins, are actively eliminated from the intestines. And dry plum inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria.
    5. Since iron is present in prunes, it is useful for anemia.
    6. The product is able to normalize blood pressure.
    7. By increasing the secretion of gastric juice, increases appetite.
    8. Calcium in the composition accelerates choleretic and diuretic processes.
    9. And potassium, which is 1.5 times more in a dried fruit than in a banana, has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart and blood vessels.

Antioxidants present in prunes are effective in combating the negative effects of free radicals. And this has a preventive effect against the development of neoplasms in the body.

This delicious dried fruit helps to rejuvenate, postponing the aging process, and improving the quality of hair, skin, and nails.

With a breakdown, after suffering a serious illness or surgery, a mixture of honey, nuts, and prunes will be very useful.

If you eat 5 prunes every day, you can forget about diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and lose most of your excess weight. The benefits of prunes for other organs and systems are also obvious.

With osteoporosis
According to statistics on osteoporosis, there are 14 million people diagnosed with osteoporosis, another 20 million have osteopenia (reduced bone mass).

Prune helps prevent bone fragility. This problem is particularly relevant for women in menopause. Scientists from the University of Florida said that daily consumption of 10 dried plums would prevent the development of osteoporosis and avoid fractures.

With constipation
Dried plums are a mild but effective laxative. In order to cope with prolonged constipation, it is enough to eat 3 steamed fruits in boiling water or drink half a cup of broth prepared from them before each meal.

For heart
Polyphenols, potassium, and other nutrients that enter the body through eating prunes give strength and elasticity to the walls of blood vessels, strengthen the heart muscle, normalize the heart rate. Due to this, people who regularly include these dried fruits in their diet, significantly reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

For kidney
Dried plums have a diuretic effect, help to cope even with strong edema, improve the functioning of the kidneys, promote the removal of toxins and toxins from the body.

For sight
Prunes are rich in vitamin A, which has a positive effect on vision. The use of the product is indicated for people who spend a lot of time at the computer or have had surgery on their eyes.

With avitaminosis
Fresh prunes are a rich source of nutrients. People who eat 3-4 dried plums daily are less likely to experience manifestations of hypovitaminosis and diseases that develop on the background of a deficiency of vitamins, micro, and macro elements.

With angina
The pulp of dried plums contains compounds with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Decoction of prunes is an effective remedy for rinsing the mouth in case of sore throat, stomatitis, and other diseases accompanied by inflammation of the soft tissues of the mouth and oropharynx.

To slow aging
Prunes are rich in antioxidant compounds that allow the body to successfully resist the negative effects of free radicals. Daily consumption of dried plums helps to slow down the aging of organs, tissues, and systems of the human body, and reduce the likelihood of tumors.

To enhance immunity
When eating prunes, substances enter the body that strengthens the immune system, reduce the risk of developing infectious and catarrhal diseases, and minimize the influence of negative environmental factors on the organs and tissues of the human body.

For proper functioning of the nervous system
Vitamins of group B and other nutrients present in the pulp of prunes normalize the nervous system, reduces the adverse effects of stress on the body, helps to combat anxiety, increased irritability, insomnia.

To combat corns and calluses
In traditional medicine, dried plums are used to combat corns and calluses. The dry fruit is boiled in fat milk for 7 minutes, cut in half, and put a cut to the problem area. After the drain cools, it is replaced with a new one. The total duration of each procedure is 10 minutes.

To increase potency
With regular consumption of prunes, the potency increases, the composition of the ejaculate improves in men, the symptoms of the premenstrual and menopausal syndrome in women are weakened.

Prunes for women

For the female body prunes, to the above properties, is useful in the ability to prevent bone fragility. This is especially important for women in the period of menopause when the development of a serious disease is possible – osteoporosis. To do this, prunes have everything you need – a lot of calcium and vitamin D.


Most of all lose weight with the help of dried plums like sweet teeth. As soon as you want sweet – eat a few berries. The body will receive food, you – pleasure. The figure does not upset overweight. By the way, cottage cheese with prunes is a great dessert. Tasty, quickly prepared, and most importantly is not harmful.

The product is important for women the ability to help in getting rid of extra pounds, which is explained by the following qualities:

  • Reduce the amount of “bad” cholesterol in the blood;
  • To create fullness in the stomach, maintaining a feeling of fullness for a long time due to the low glycemic index;
  • Improve mood and protect against the appearance of depressive states due to restrictions on eating during diets;
  • To prevent flabbiness and aging of the skin due to a decrease in volume;
  • Intensify metabolic processes in the body and relieve constipation, which is especially important in losing weight.
  • Prunes are a great snack between main meals, being a substitute for any high-calorie sweets that you used to eat. It is not advisable to eat it after 16.00, high calorie content dictates certain conditions. Do not eat prunes later than 4 hours before bedtime. Carbohydrates at night have the unpleasant property of being deposited in fat, as well as interfere with healthy sleep and recovery.
  • Keep track of the amount. Not eating prunes is bad, and a lot of dried fruit is even worse. The optimal amount of 5-6 berries, and stick to it.

Dried apricots in tandem with prunes – a bad combination for losing weight girls, an exception is a case when the dried fruits are used no more than one tablespoon per day.

Pregnancy and lactation

Such an important period for any woman as carrying a baby is not always accompanied by pleasant moments. This applies to mood swings, constipation, pressure surges, and many other symptoms.

So, prunes will help to minimize them, and at the same time give the body of a woman and a child all the necessary elements. The positive effect of the product still extends to the liver, without loading it, as is done by medicinal pharmaceutical preparations, but gently acting.

Many young mothers are interested in the question – is it possible to eat prunes during breastfeeding? Not only possible but necessary, because it enriches the body with all useful substances, including fiber, activates the bowels. As always the reservation – if there is no allergy.

A difficult problem after childbirth becomes obstructed stools. So prunes will help to solve it, as well as possible. The only “but” – not to be zealous in its use, which will lead to violations in the digestive system, like the mother and the baby.

Thanks to prunes, appetite increases, and digestion are accelerated. It contains a lot of natural potassium, which is quickly absorbed and normalizes the balance of salt and water in the body. It contains substances that fight pathogens and bacteria, and antibiotics should not be taken during pregnancy, but prunes are a natural and natural antibiotic without side effects. It is prescribed for vitamin deficiency and anemia because it is an excellent source of iron.

If you eat prunes every day, your skin condition improves, small pimples and oily skin disappear. Thanks to it, you can get rid of hypertension, but it is better to drink the extract of prunes. Just take a few dry berries and chop, then brew them as usual tea. In addition, this tea has a positive effect on the state of the nervous system, and stress is often observed during pregnancy, so it is very useful.

Pregnant women often experience large bowel obstruction and pain in the gastrointestinal tract, but prunes have a laxative effect and improve the secretion of bile and gastric juice. It is for this reason that it removes excess water from the body, as it contains substances that not only improve the separation of bile but also have a diuretic effect. Because of this, you can lose weight, because during pregnancy there is an increase in the amount of water in the body. If you want to get rid of constipation and reduce weight – eat 15 berries at night during the week.

But you need to follow certain rules when using prunes. First, never eat more than 100 grams of prunes a day, it’s better to talk to your doctor about the amount. The prune extract is very useful, just add 500 milliliters of boiling water to 100 grams of berries, and then wait about half an hour. Drink 100 milliliters of broth for 20 minutes before eating.

Secondly, you can get rid of harmful substances when using prunes. Since it contains many antioxidants, you can remove accumulated chemicals from your body and increase its resistance to free radicals. Because of the ecology in our country, it is necessary to periodically clean the body, and pregnant women need to do this, so buy high-quality black prunes.

About contraindications

Even the most useful product is capable of harming the body when it is used excessively and improperly. Prunes can not be eaten (in any form) by people who have such health problems as:

  • diarrhea with indigestion;
  • diagnosed with diabetes;
  • intolerance to the components of the dried fruit;
  • stones in the kidneys.

Despite the many positive qualities, it is forbidden to use for people suffering from obesity

All the rest of this amazing dried fruit will bring many benefits, and just give a lot of taste delights.

Therapeutic use of prunes
As mentioned earlier, prunes can solve various health problems. And you do not need to go to the pharmacy and buy medicines. You can prepare the healing composition yourself.

For example, to obtain an infusion, you will need only 6 dry plum berries and pour a glass of boiled water overnight. And in the morning you drink the finished drink, eating the fruits to cleanse the intestines and maintain its microflora. This infusion can be drunk before bedtime – the effect will be the same.

To get rid of constipation, there is a recipe for making “candy” from 6 pieces of prunes, the same number of figs, and a small spoonful of coriander seeds. Mix everything thoroughly and divide the resulting mass into two equal parts, placing them in the refrigerator. Just a couple of these “candies” can significantly alleviate the delicate problem with the chair.

During the off-season, when the body lacks vitamins and microelements, eat the following mixture in the morning on an empty stomach or in the evening with 1 tablespoon: 100 g of prunes, dried apricots, raisins, walnuts, and some honey for taste – mix everything well. Regular use of such a composition in the recommended amount will provide you with all the necessary substances.

Dry plums can get rid of corns. To do this, fill the fruit with hot milk, and after swelling remove the bones. Until the berries have cooled, attach them to problem areas until they cool down completely, replacing them with a new portion of the hot composition, and so on until you use everything. Repeat the procedure as often as possible.

Fights prunes and caries, providing a preventive effect. You will need to carefully chew a couple of dry berries before going to bed.

Another product, decoction of it, has the ability to pull pus and rid of acne on the skin – you need to apply a warm compress to problem areas or wipe your face with a cotton swab dipped in the medicinal fluid.

Selection of quality prunes

An important point – the choice of dried fruit. After all, a poor-quality product can, at a minimum, not give any benefit, but as maximum harm to our body.

Good fruit has a dull black color, bright sweet taste with a slight sourness without bitterness.

If you see a coffee shade, know that the berries were scalded with boiling water, which means that they contain significantly fewer vitamins. This is done for safety preservation. Often, besides water, caustic soda is also present there.

Prunes imported from the United States are often covered with genetically modified soybean oil, giving the product a brownish tint. The taste of these fruits has a slight bitterness and in them a minimum of nutrients.

It is not recommended to purchase berries of dark gray (anthracite) color, as it was treated with glycerin, which made them shine. Quality prunes should not shine – just a little.

You can independently check the product for quality – wet the berries and leave them alone for 30 minutes. If after this time you have found whitish shades on them, then it means you have a natural, unprocessed, prune.

Prunes in cooking

With the presence of prunes, there are a huge number of dishes, from simple – for every day, to exquisite – for the holidays. I would like to offer you a salad recipe with prunes, walnuts, and chicken, which is easy to prepare, but very tasty and healthy:

Cut the pre-cooked 200 g chicken fillet, adding 130 g soaked and chopped dry plum berries.
One fresh cucumber is cut into strips.
Boil an egg boiled hard and grate.
Now all the products need to be put in a prepared salad bowl in layers – first prunes, followed by chicken, then cucumber, after it a layer of nuts and finally crushed egg, sprinkled with greens on top. Each layer is coated with sour cream at your discretion.

An excellent source of vitamins and a means of relieving constipation and abdominal pain in young children is a compote of dry plum berries. It is prepared very simply and quickly – pour a liter of water with up to 12 fruits with a bone and put them on the stove. After the composition begins to boil, make the fire minimal and cook for another 15 minutes. Then remove from heat, cover with a clean towel or thick cloth and allow to stand until completely cool. For lovers of sweets, you can add a little sugar or honey, but also in a warm drink.

Salad with beets. This salad is very tasty, healthy, contributes to weight loss. Boil 1 large beet, cool, rub on a coarse grater. Take 3 – 4 large plums, pour boiling water. Cut into medium slices. Add to beets, pour with low-fat sour cream. That’s all. Salad is cooked quickly, it turns out delicious, helps to lose those extra pounds. You can diversify a handful of walnuts.

Dessert with prunes. You will need low-fat cheese, kefir, dried plums. Sugar can not add enough fructose. At 200 grams of cottage cheese, you need 8 – 9 pieces of plums. You can grind in a blender, add 100 grams of kefir, mix thoroughly. Such a dessert can be eaten at any time.

Infusion of prunes and raisins. Pour several dried fruits (as much as fit in one tablespoon) with a glass of boiling water and leave for 5-10 minutes. This infusion will help reduce appetite with a minimum amount of calories, so it is better to drink it half an hour before meals. And do not forget to eat the berries themselves

Prunes in the diet

If you want to lose weight – include prunes in the diet. It is suitable for all popular diets, but note that the best diet is a normal diet with healthy foods. Prunes contain many minerals with vitamins, which have a positive effect on metabolism. But still, what does a diet with prunes look like?

First day

Breakfast: one boiled egg and one prune, a mug of strong black coffee.
Lunch: two almond nuts, cabbage soup, boiled beef 100 grams, a cup of black tea.
Dinner: three prunes, salad, a cup of black tea.

Second day

Breakfast: 20 grams of cheese, a cup of black coffee, two prunes.
Lunch: two almond nuts, cabbage soup, boiled beef 100 grams, a cup of black tea.
Dinner: a cup of black tea, four prunes, a salad.

The third day

Breakfast: a cup of black coffee, three prunes, a sandwich with cheese and ham.
Lunch: tomato, vegetable soup, boiled potatoes, a cup of tea, two prunes.
Dinner: a glass of milk, five prunes.

Fourth day

Breakfast: 100 grams of oatmeal with warm milk, five prunes, a cup of strong coffee.
Lunch: soup, two prunes, a salad of cucumber and tomato, a cup of tea.
Dinner: 50 grams of raisins, a sandwich with ham and cheese, a cup of tea, six prunes.
Normally, I do not suggest follow any diet, you know that there is nothing better than healthy eating 4-6 times per day, just need to follow the rules which products better to eat in the morning, which better to eat in the evenings.

Stay healthy and be happy!)


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