Sugar-free jam: 10 recipes

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Jam is, of course, not a diet product at all. This is a source of fast carbohydrates, which we diligently avoid during proper nutrition. And if we add to this the fact that the most delicious is the jam with a bun, then such a snack can be easily equated to a decent portion of chocolate or a piece of cake. 100 grams of jam contains about 278 calories, but this figure may vary depending on how much sugar was put in the preparation.

Is there any low-calorie jam and can it be included in your diet? Yes! You can always cook your favorite treat by replacing the usual sugar with a natural sweetener. The most frequent substitute in recipes is honey. It is on this product that it is best to cook the grind preserved jam. But you can also use other sweeteners that do not contain calories. Stevia – great for not only baking dietary desserts but also for making low-calorie jam!

Where can I put jam? Often this product is used during breakfast. You can make these variations of healthy breakfast:

low-fat cottage cheese +  jam

oatmeal +  jam

toast +  jam

natural yogurt +  jam

healthy pancakes +  jam

Honey jam

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Those who are not the first day adhere to proper nutrition or diet, know that honey contains fewer calories than sugar, but at the same time, the benefits of this product are much greater. There are 304 calories in 100 grams of honey, whereas in sugar 387. That is why it is best to drink tea on a diet with honey, and if you really want to have a sweet tooth, you can spread the same honey on a small toast! What will happen if you add to the honey and berries, containing a lot of useful substances and vitamins? Get honey jam! Such a product can be safely included in your diet.

There are two ways to make honey jam:

cold cooking. This is the option that is considered the most useful. Berries with honey are ground and not digested. This jam can be stored in the refrigerator for several months.

hot cooking method. This option includes the process of cooking, so some of the beneficial properties of honey will be lost. True, this jam can be stored much more than just ground coffee.

Most often, honey jam is made from any berries. This is a very simple and convenient recipe to which you can resort at any time of the year because you can even use frozen berries. The proportions are always the same – 1: 1. You simply grind the berries through a sieve or grind in a blender and mix with honey. This is a universal recipe for all occasions.

Ginger, Lemon and Honey Jam

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This jam is not only tasty but also healthy. It is best to always keep it in the refrigerator in the autumn-winter period and include it in your diet in order to prevent colds. You will need:

3 medium lemons. Mine and cut into cubes. In no case do not remove the peel, since it contains many useful vitamins and minerals.

ginger root (choose a large root, about 200−250 grams). Clean and cut too.

200 grams of honey.

Now using a blender grind lemons and ginger. In the resulting mixture, put the honey and mix thoroughly. We put on the jars and send them to the fridge!

Apple jam with honey

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But lovers of apples can always cook a pp of apple jam with honey, especially since it is made very simply. According to its consistency, such a jam looks more like jam, which will be very convenient to spread on toast. So you need it.

2 cups applesauce. You can make mashed potatoes from any sort of apples. To do this, simply wash the apples, cut, remove the core and remove the peel. We cut into slices and bake in the oven. Then everything is ground in a blender to a state of uniform mashed potatoes.

300 grams of honey. We take any kind of honey depending on your taste preferences.

Mix all the ingredients and set on a very small fire. Cook until jam thickens.

Pumpkin jam with honey

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This is a truly perfect recipe for jam. Here you can decide for yourself how much honey to put, thereby completely controlling the caloric content of an already prepared dish. The basis for the preparation of this recipe is a pumpkin! This is one of the most dietary vegetables. Per 100 grams of pumpkin accounts for only 26 calories!

1.5 kg of pumpkin. We are talking about the already purified pulp. Cut it into pieces.

1 orange. Although it is not a required ingredient, it is better to add it for a pleasant aroma and taste. My orange, cut into pieces and be sure to remove the bones.

Half a lemon. Cut into pieces.

Honey to taste.

So, first, we need to grind all our ingredients in a blender – pumpkin, orange, and lemon. When you have a homogeneous mass, lay it in a container and add half a glass of water. We put the stew on slow fire. Cook for about 40 minutes. If you see that there is not enough water, you can add some more. Then we remove the jam from the heat and wait until it cools to room temperature, and only then put honey to taste!

Sugar-free diet jam

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You can cook low-calorie jam from any berries, even frozen ones. This recipe is perfect if you want to pour jam diet cheesecakes or pancakes. You will need:

100 grams of frozen berries. Put them on a plate and send them to the microwave to soften the berries. Enough 1 or 2 minutes, depending on the power. Then knead some of the berries with a fork. The basis for the jam is ready.

stevia 1 tsp. or more

1 teaspoon cornstarch. It will make our jam thick.

Now we put the sweetener and starch into the basis for the jam, mix everything thoroughly and send it in the microwave for another 1 minute!

 Jam is ready!

Jam from apples without sugar for the winter

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Is it possible to make jam without sugar and other sugar substitutes? Yes, one that can be stored all winter? Is it possible? For this recipe, you need only two simple ingredients:

3 kg of apples. It is best to take sweet varieties of apples, then jam will be much tastier. My apples, clean, cut into slices.

600 ml of water.

Fill the slices with water and set to boil for 20 minutes. Then, the resulting mass must be rubbed through a sieve and put to boil on a slow fire until thick. Do not forget to constantly stir your jam.

Then we spill them in cans, close the lid, and put them on sterilization. If you have cans of 0.5 liters, then you need 15 minutes to sterilize. Jam is ready!

Jam with stevia instead of sugar

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Do you like strawberries? Then catch the recipe for strawberry jam! So, you will need:

650 grams of strawberries. Carefully wash and remove the stem.

Stevia Focus on your preferences and put them to your liking.

10 grams of apple pectin. This product is often used in the preparation of jelly candies, marmalade, and other desserts. In this case, we use it as a thickener for our jam.

1 teaspoon citric acid.

250 ml of water.

Pour water into the tank and set it on fire. As soon as the water boils, add the berries and cook for about 15 minutes on low heat. While the strawberries cook, mix citric acid, apple pectin, and stevia. Put this mixture in jam and boil it for 5 minutes. Jam is ready!

Low-calorie jam

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Do you like blueberries? Then you will enjoy a simple jam recipe.

600 grams of blueberries. You can use both fresh and frozen berries.

Any sweetener to your taste.

We put blueberries on the stew. As soon as it starts to boil, reduce the heat and cook for 40 minutes. Then remove from heat and cool slightly. At the very end put the sweetener to taste.

Sea buckthorn jam with honey

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Another option of useful jam, which is best to have in the refrigerator during the autumn-winter period. Sea buckthorn has a mass of beneficial properties, contains many vitamins and nutrients.

sea ​​buckthorn. You will need 3 cups of fruit. Wash them, dry them, and grind in a blender. You can also chop the meat grinder, but then you will need to scroll the fruit about 3 times.

1 cup of honey.

1 lemon Mine, cut into pieces, and remove the bones. Grind in a blender.

Thoroughly mix all the ingredients and lay on the banks. Keep refrigerated.

Raspberry jam with honey

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This is perhaps the most favorite jam for both children and adults! It is best to cook this jam in a cold way to preserve all the useful substances. So, you will need:

1 kg of raspberry. Be sure to sort the berries, so as not to come across leaves. Berry needs to knead a wooden spoon.

1 kg of honey. Ideal to use in this recipe lime honey, but any floral is also suitable.

Mix mashed berries with honey and layout the preserves in dry and clean jars. How should we close the lid and send it to the refrigerator?

Viburnum jam with honey

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This jam can be used for preventive and medical purposes. Viburnum is an excellent source of vitamin C, so it is good to have a jar of such jam on hand.

1 kg of viburnum. Carefully wash the berries and pour boiling water. This is necessary in order to leave bitterness and unpleasant taste. Then we will merge water. And we rub viburnum through a sieve. The remaining meal will be thrown away.

1 kg of honey.

Mix viburnum with honey, mix and leave until honey is completely dissolved. Then we pour out on the sterilized banks, we close and we send in the refrigerator.



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