10 breakfast options. 16 best morning products. Recipe.

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  • Oatmeal with blueberries and almonds. In terms of a balanced diet, this is a great start to the day. Add the thawed blueberries and grated almonds to the Oatmeal, sprinkle with all the cinnamon, and add some honey. These foods are rich in nutrients, protein, and fiber.
  • Fried eggs with greens or scrambled eggs with vegetables. This breakfast is like for those who like to eat a good meal in the morning. In addition to feeling full, eggs will provide you with protein and vitamin E.

  • Fresh berries, Oatmeal, and yogurt. Using a blender, mix all the ingredients and add two teaspoons of flax oil.
  • fruit salad. Cut some apples, melons, oranges, pears, bananas, add grapes and berries. Next, cut fruits should be poured with lemon juice and yogurt. Very tasty and healthy.
  • A nutritious sandwich made from whole-grain bread, lettuce, chicken, and lean hard cheese.
  • cottage cheese and fruit. Add non-fat cottage cheese to the taste of any fruit: apples, citrus fruits, berries will do.
  • buckwheat porridge with milk. Buckwheat is an excellent dietary product. In addition, it is a storehouse of vegetable protein and is important for our body trace elements.
  • hearty avocado salad: cut a couple of avocado fruits, add boiled egg and grated cheese, and do not fill. The result: a lot of vitamins, calories, and nutrients.
  • a mixture of half a banana, a third of a large apple, and a tablespoon of oatmeal. Pour the mixture of 200-250 g of yogurt.

Healthy breakfast for slim figure number 1.

Why not start the day with Oatmeal? This is a useful porridge in the number of useful vitamins and trace elements in the lead. To diversify the taste of oatmeal, you can add fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables.

Only 200-250 grams of Oatmeal for a healthy breakfast, and the traitorous thought of chocolate will cease to be intrusive, and the slim figure will be closer. Oatmeal is quickly digested, does not sink a very heavy load on the waist and hips.

In order to not lose time at the stove in the morning because of the risk of porridge sticking, you can use the method of its express preparation. It is necessary to pour the oatmeal with water and leave it in the microwave for 5-7 minutes.
During this time you will have time to make light makeup, and porridge will turn into a pleasant creamy mass.

Healthy breakfast for slim figure number 2.

Buckwheat porridge – an alternative to oatmeal. Buckwheat to lose weight in general, a favorite product from those who wish. A small plate of porridge is not just a tasty dish, but also a storehouse of vitamins and microelements.
It is no accident that the buckwheat mono-diet is known as the most effective and efficient.

Healthy breakfast for slim figure number 3.

Smoothies are a trendy and healthy breakfast that is worthy of a bronze spot in our food collection for finding a slim figure. Smoothies are easy to prepare. You need to add to kefir or low-fat yogurt everything your heart desires.
In vegetables, smoothies fit all the vegetables, which are combined to taste. Fruit – easy.

When all components of the future breakfast are determined, it is necessary to mix everything in a blender. And to give satiety, you can mix the dish with a handful of oatmeal. Done! Delicious and healthy breakfast for gaining a slim figure on your table.

Healthy breakfast for slim figure number 4.

Omelette is a unique breakfast. It has a lot of advantages: it is quickly prepared, varied in design, tasty and healthy. To dream with the taste of an omelet and add vitamin value to it, vegetables such as broccoli, tomatoes, green paprika, or paprika will not be superfluous in the egg mass.

Healthy breakfast for slim figure number 5.

A delicious, beautiful, and healthy breakfast for a slim figure is made from low-fat cottage cheese with berries and honey. Thus, if you beat all the ingredients in a blender, you get a juicy curd cream, in which there are no extra calories, but only maximum benefit.

You can diversify the taste of cottage cheese breakfast not only with the help of fruit. This dairy product and in combination with fresh herbs is good.

Healthy breakfast for slim figure number 6.

Homemade muesli is a real energy healthy breakfast for a slim figure. Not to be confused with store muesli, which is, unfortunately, a storehouse of calories. Muesli itself is easy to do.
It is necessary to slightly fry the flakes in the pan or heat them in the oven. This will give a pleasant aroma and add a crunch.

And then just pour the flakes with low-fat milk, kefir, or yogurt, add fresh and dried fruits, nuts and that’s it! A nutritious and very rich healthy breakfast is ready for a slim figure. And note that it will not be extra calories. In case you, of course, do not overdo it with nuts and dried fruits.

Healthy breakfast for slim figure number 7.

Fruit salad is a great start to the day. Any combinations are welcome. But do not forget that grapefruit burns fat, avocado gives a feeling of satiety, and a banana – calories, but for a healthy breakfast is not critical.
A plate of fruit salad can saturate, energize and increase vitality. True, for the sake of making it, you will have to sacrifice about 5-7 minutes of sleep, but for the sake of a beautiful figure, we think you should go for such a feat as moving the alarm clock back a little.

Healthy breakfast for slim figure number 8.

Unsweetened coffee with bitter chocolate is a compromise healthy breakfast for those who can not refuse their favorite drink and delicacy. However, the chocolate you need to choose only one that contains at least 70% cocoa. Otherwise, instead of good for a slim figure, bitter chocolate will accumulate overweight in the most problematic places of the figure.

Healthy breakfast for slim figure number 9.

Hard sorts of cheese with a slice of whole-grain bread are an alternative to the beginning of the morning with a wholesome breakfast. Please note that the fat content of cheese should not be very high, as cheese is quite a high-calorie product. It is important that the sandwich was small.
You shouldn’t limit yourself to miniature size in an effort to quickly achieve a slender figure because in just an hour and a half there will be a desire to eat. And your task – to hold out after a cheese breakfast before lunch.

Healthy breakfast for slim figure number 10.

A small handful of nuts is suitable as a healthy breakfast for those who do not have time to prepare themselves some of the above 9 recipes. We must remember that nuts are very high in calories, so they should not be abused. But in a small amount, about 10 almonds, your body will receive a charge of vitality for the next 3-3, 5 hours.

Healthy products for breakfast.

Freshly squeezed juices. A healthy breakfast started with a glass of orange juice, will help the stomach prepare for digestion. This nectar contains large amounts of vitamin C; Other natural juices (apple, carrot, tomato, etc.) Rich in pectin, carotene, and other nutrients. Caloric content – 40-70 kcal.

Cereals. For breakfast, it is helpful to eat cereal rich in carbohydrates, rye bread, and whole-grain bread containing mineral salts, group B vitamins, and coarse fiber. The caloric content of various cereals ranges from 285 kcal (rice) to 330 kcal (barley).

Fruits. A healthy breakfast can be started with fresh fruits or dried fruits – dried apricots, prunes, figs, raisins. Natural products contain many vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, thanks to which this breakfast ensures the normal functioning of the intestines. The caloric content of many fruits – apples, citrus, pears, plums, and others – does not exceed 40-60 kcal, which allows you to include them in any diet for weight loss.

Milk products. A natural addition to a healthy breakfast will be natural yogurt: the live lactobacilli contained in it will help strengthen the immune system. For breakfast, it is important to eat and cheese, rich in easily digestible protein and calcium. Calorie yogurt – 70-80 kcal, cheese – 200-400 kcal.

Honey. Almost 40% of the carbohydrates contained in this product are fructose, which normalizes the enzymatic processes in the body after breakfast. The benefits of honey – in a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system: the inclusion of this valuable component in the healthy breakfast menu will allow you to avoid adverse jumps in blood pressure throughout the day. Calorie – about 400 kcal.

Coffee, Tea. Tannin and caffeine have a stimulating effect on the nervous system and help the body to wake up, while minerals and antioxidants increase the defenses. In addition to a healthy breakfast, you can drink green tea that improves your complexion. Calorie black coffee – 1-2 kcal, tea – 3-5 kcal.

Marmalade, jam. Gelatin contained in these healthy breakfast foods has a beneficial effect on the secretory function of the gastric glands. This breakfast allows you to normalize the level of acidity and provides a comfortable state of health for the whole day. Calorie – about 300 kcal.

Eggs. This traditional breakfast product is a complete source of essential nutrients. Eggs consumed for breakfast will replenish reserves of phosphorus, zinc, sulfur, iron, vitamin A, D, and group B. Calories – 160 kcal.

The importance of breakfast for the body

A hungry person does not think about work, but about what he wants to eat. Therefore, well-nourished, attention will be better, and the memory does not deteriorate. Doctors say that breakfast is important because it helps you control your cholesterol and sugar levels in your body. Eating well in the morning is quite beneficial, it is the basis of healthy eating, and not only. If a person regularly misses the morning meal, the feeling of hunger begins to torment him long before lunch. In such a state, it is difficult to control oneself and not to throw into oneself everything that is not nailed. It has long been proven that a person who misses breakfast eats more during the day than those who do not. In the body, there are beneficial digestive enzymes that our body produces in the morning. If a person does not eat in the morning, they disappear, and this may affect the functioning of the body. Scientists have shown that people who eat breakfast have strong immunity, and do not get sick so often.

In the morning I don’t want to think about what to cook. Therefore, it will be much more convenient to create an exemplary menu for the whole week. So it will be easier to eat properly, and free time will remain much more.
Food, of course, should be correct, but strong restrictions lead to breakdowns. If you can’t imagine your life without sweets, morning is the perfect time for a “little crime.” Your body will have a whole day to get rid of the evidence, it will allow your figure to remain unchanged. After breakfast and before lunch, your body needs the right snack. This will help get rid of hunger. Work will be fruitful, and at lunch, you will not face overeating. The ideal time for a snack or second breakfast is three hours after the main meal. An apple, a glass of kefir, or a handful of nuts are perfect for a proper snack.

How to cook the oatmeal pancake?

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Oatmeal pancake – a real find for lovers of tasty and satisfying breakfast and snack during the day healthy and healthy food.

Oatmeal pancake consists of the same eggs, oatmeal, and milk, which is why it easily replaces porridge, and scrambled eggs, and scrambled eggs. Oatmeal pancake- a recipe for proper nutrition, whose caloric content is within reasonable limits. It is good in itself, but it will be much tastier to add to it a diverse filling, sweet or salty to taste.

For 2 oatmeal pancakes, you need:

2 eggs
6 tbsp. oatmeal long boiling
6 tbsp. of milk
a pinch of salt
For filling:

1 option:
half banana
4 slices of chocolate
Option 2:
2 tbsp. cottage cheese 
3-4 slices of lightly salted fish

How to cook oatmeal pancake:

  1. Divide all the ingredients into 2 parts and alternately prepare 2 pancakes.
    2. Oatmeal must first grind with a blender or coffee grinder, but not to the state of flour.
    3. In a bowl with prepared oatmeal break the egg.
    4. Add milk, add some salt, and mix everything thoroughly.
    5. Pour the mixture into a cold frying pan with a good non-stick coating, turn on the slow fire and cook until bubbles appear.
    6. Spread on one side of the first pancake cottage cheese and slices of salted fish.
    7. Cover the second side. After a couple of seconds, turn off the fire. Oatmeal pancake with savory fillings ready.
    8. Do the same thing with the second oatmeal pancake, only now we put banana slices on it along with the chocolate slices.
    9. As a result, we got two wonderful oatmeal pancakes with different fillings.
    10. By the way, you can fill with a warm or already cooled oatmeal pancake with anything! For example hard cheese and vegetables, chicken fillet, cottage cheese with berries, peanut paste with bananas. If you like to show imagination, then every day for breakfast or snack you can indulge yourself and your loved ones with a new oatmeal pancake. Enjoy your meal!

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