10 breakfast options. 16 best morning products. Recipe.


  • Oatmeal with blueberries and almonds. In terms of a balanced diet, this is a great start to the day. Add the thawed blueberries and grated almonds to the Oatmeal, sprinkle with all the cinnamon and add some honey. These foods are rich in nutrients, protein and fiber.
  • Fried eggs with greens or scrambled eggs with vegetables. This breakfast is like for those who like to eat a good meal in the morning. In addition to feeling full, eggs will provide you with protein and vitamin E.
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How to cook chicken breast: delicious diet recipes.

1. Baked chicken is a useful alternative to French meat.

Per 100 g: 72 Kcal/ 10 proteins/ 2 fats/ 4 carbs


800 g chicken fillet.

600 g onions.

400 g of champignons.

200 g low-fat cheese.

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