How many calories need to be used to lose weight. Safe lose.

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Theory of correct calculation

In order to find out how many calories you need to eat in order to lose weight, you need to:

  • know daily calorie intake;
  • determine daily calorie deficit for weight loss, i.e. how many calories you need to eat to lose weight.

In order to lose 1 kg of fat, it is necessary to underuse (or spend) 7700 kcal. Those. by reducing consumption by 7700 kcal, you can drop 1 kg per day – this is the “Grail of weight loss”. In fact, this is impossible, because, at my daily rate of 2000 kcal, I can not eat “in minus” 5700 kcal.

Knowing the daily rate, we can determine how much it is necessary to use calories per day in order to effectively lose weight. How to count calories for weight loss? Easy!

To do this, from the result of the daily calories we subtract:

  • 15% for a gradual weight loss (and this is the safest rate of calories per day for body slimming);
  • 20-25% if you want to lose weight at an average speed (for example, you need to lose weight by DR, and it will be in 1-2 months);
  • at the “Emergency” mode of weight loss, we subtract 30-40% of the daily value.

The minimum norm in day

Just keep in mind that with all this, your daily consumption should not be less: (weight ÷ 0.45) x 8.

For example, I weigh 54 kg and I want to lose weight. Daily need – 2000 kcal. I, as an ordinary girl, want everything at once. Therefore, we choose the “emergency” mode of weight loss, in which 40% or more is subtracted from the daily norm. At the same time, I should remember the formula: (54kg ÷ 0.45) * 8 = 960 kcal. That is, 960 kcal is the bottom line, by stepping over which you can quickly earn a variety of diseases.

Doctors say that the slowest way to lose weight is the best and safest way to lose weight. It is proved that in such conditions you do not put your health at risk.

Providing a calorie deficit is possible in absolutely different ways. Some choose the sport with which they burn more than they consume. Even at home, you can burn 1000 calories per day. Others are addicted to a variety of diets, exclude harmful carbohydrates from the menu, and include low-calorie dishes in their menu. Very good results are achieved with protein diets, especially Maggi and Ducan.

It all depends on you. Even if you do not have the opportunity to play sports and train hard. Or you just do not want and do not like physical education, then with the right calculation, you will still be able to lose weight.

Calculation example

Since gradual and slow weight loss is the safest for our health. I propose to calculate how much you can lose weight in a week just for this option.

My daily consumption rate is 2000 kcal. I want to lose weight gradually, reducing the food intake by 15%.

Then the daily calorie deficit will be 2000 kcal x 0.15 = 300 kcal.

And I will need to consume: 2000 kcal – 300 kcal = 1700 kcal.

For a week I did not use it: 300 kcal x 7 = 2100 kcal.

As we remember, 1 kg of fat is equal to 7700 kcal spent or underused.

Then in a week I will lose weight by: (2100 kcal / 7700 kcal) x 1 kg = 0.27 kg

And now let’s take another example – I want to lose 3 kg in 30 days. The daily consumption rate is the same – 2000 kcal.

In order to lose 3 kg of fat I need to be underused: 7700 kcal x 3 kg = 23100 kcal.

Knowing this, you can calculate your daily calorie deficit: 23100/30 = 770 kcal.

Those. I need to consume daily: 2000 kcal – 770 kcal = 1230 kcal.

By the way, but if I want the same 3 kilos in 15 days to lose, then the calorie deficit will be as much as 1540 kcal. And my daily consumption will be only 460 kcal, which is well below the safe threshold for me at 960 kcal.

So do not overdo it with a decrease in the caloric content of your diet. Plus, slow weight loss and the fact that such small changes in nutrition will not significantly affect your body’s usual metabolism.

How to reach the best results

  1. Replace low-calorie foods (for example, replace whole milk with low-fat).
  2. Measure portions on kitchen scales. If you count every calorie, then success is not far off!
  3. Eat 5-6 times a day in small portions. For a snack, it is very convenient to take with you a slimming shake or protein shake.
  4. Drink water before each meal. This will help you lose weight faster.
  5. Eat at the table in silence. According to a study, chewing in front of the TV is eaten by 288 more calories. And that’s just for one meal!
  6. The last meal should be no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime. 
  7. Instead of a movie, go for a walk. For 1 hour of normal walking, about 527 calories are burned. And down with the hated kilograms!
  8. Sleep at least 6 hours a day.

Have patience and endurance, as weight loss without harm to health, is slow enough. And I am sure that you will definitely achieve your goal.



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