Why should I drink coffee with water?

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Where did the tradition go to a strong espresso to serve a glass of clean water, what is the meaning of such a presentation, why should I drink coffee with water?

It’s no secret that the traditions of coffee etiquette and the use of this drink were formed a few centuries ago. Therefore, for us, people of the 21st century, much of the coffee rituals may be unclear, and some of them may well cause a smile and amazement.

In good coffee shops, you can have a glass of ordinary, non-carbonated water, on the ordered cup of the perfect strong espresso. (And in general, at any institution you can ask for water, it’s free.)

If we turn to coffee history, then we learn that the drink with water was still at the courts of the Arabian Sheikhs. It is unlikely to know why they did it.

It is believed that this is due to the fact that in those “gray times” and coffee and water were a real luxury. It was such a duet that was considered to be a luxury of the highest class.

It is also believed that water was served with coffee in order to calm the bitterness of the drink itself.

There is another version – the water washed the oral cavity in order to even feel a coffee bouquet of taste.

It is certain that the tradition of drinking coffee with the water arose with the advent of the world’s first coffee shops. After all, coffee seemed to burn and cause a slight increase in body temperature. Therefore, to be refreshed, it was washed with water. Some researchers believe that such a ritual allowed lovers of this fragrant drink to restore the water balance in the body because when using coffee, the body loses precious moisture even more quickly. There is also the opinion that a drinking glass of water is allowed to soften the bitterness that remained in the mouth after drinking coffee. After all sweets and honey at that time were expensive pleasures, therefore not everyone could afford to eat their characteristic bitterness of a drink.

The tradition of serving coffee with water was intercepted by the Turks. After preparing the flavoring liquid in the Jaz, the Turks drank a hot drink, and then quenched thirst and took off bitterness with a few tap water. Incidentally, from here originated the following way: first you need to drink a few sips of water, then proceed to coffee, and after coffee, drink the liquid from the glass.

The combination of water and coffee: a tradition or a necessity?

There are practical reasons why you should drink coffee with water.

Water helps reduce caffeine concentration. It is advisable to take a sip of water and tea in turn, if you want to avoid the consequences of consuming too strong coffee. In this case, it is recommended to use the Turkish recipe – drink some sips of coffee, and the remainder of the water after.

Such a ritual is very useful for teeth. By drinking water, you can get rid of the rest of the coffee on your teeth. True, for this it is better not to do a few sips, but thoroughly rinse your mouth. But such an opportunity is not always. Therefore, in such cases, try to at least pick-up water in the mouth and hold a little before swallowing.

The use of water helps to quench the thirst and restore the hydrological balance in the body. But if you do not feel the need, then drinking water after the coffee is not absolutely necessary.

Water will allow you to clear the taste receptors for the perception of a bouquet of beverages. This is especially true after a dense lunch.

Reasons why you should drink coffee with water:

To get rid of the aftertaste in the mouth (especially it relates to strong espresso).

To reduce the amount of caffeine.

To quench thirst (coffee in large doses and without proper drinking habits, causes dehydration of the body).

To make the taste of coffee softer and more enjoyable.

To clean the mouth and not allow caffeine to affect the quality of your teeth and enamel.

In general, water is the most important element on the planet, without it, even coffee is not cooked.



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  1. There is also an other explanation common here: in the middle ages you had a right tto get some water wherever you reached. That right was sacred and finds its expression in a glas of water when you oder a coffee. Might be wrong or true, I alsways drink water to my coffee!

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