15 ways to burn extra calories

The path to a slim figure does not begin with a subscription to a fitness club, but with small and healthy habits.

Chew the cud. In addition to fresh breath and oral hygiene, chewing gum helps to lose 11 kilocalories every 12 minutes. Trifle, but nice.

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Repair the car. Learning to understand why your iron horse occasionally makes strange sounds is useful not only for the wallet but also for the figure. First, save a couple of thousand from the family budget, which can be spent not on a mechanic, but on yourself. Secondly, 30 minutes of hard work under the hood burn 102 kilocalories.

Cook and serve the table. It turns out that preparing meals is very important. During this time, namely in 45 minutes, if you try, you can burn 102 kilocalories, which means you can afford a little more for lunch.

Laugh. Yes, laughter not only prolongs life but also slims. Viewing a sitcom or a walk under the hilarious stories of girlfriends – everything that is fun for you is beneficial. According to recent studies, the average adult person loses one and a half kilocalories per minute of giggling.

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Walk during a telephone conversation. If you thought it was a bad habit, then know that you were wrong. It may annoy someone, but walking from side to side with a pipe is more than useful. In 25 minutes, 100 kilocalories will lose especially talkative ones.

Walk in the morning. Before you sit down for breakfast, walk the dog, go down to the store for fresh milk, finally, walk around your house. Such a promenade will give a charge of vitality, prepare the body for a working day and start the metabolism, which means your breakfast will not be delayed on the sides. 20 minutes walk – and 100 kilocalories is gone.

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Walk the stairs. Although the elevator will shorten the travel time from point A to point B, it will definitely not make a slimmer figure. From 7 to 10 kilocalories can be burned during the ascent and half as much – during the descent.

To pepper the food. Heat in the mouth, tears in the eyes – do not be afraid of these effects of spicy food. After all, in return, you will get accelerated metabolism and the body, ready to burn calories two times faster than usual.

Ride a bike. In total for about 15 minutes, about 105 kilocalories are burned. Imagine what your figure will be if cycling on weekends becomes a habit.

To fish. If your man, friend, or father likes to spend the weekend with a fishing rod, keep them company. So you will not only strengthen your relations with a person dear to you (after all, nothing is more conducive to a heart-to-heart conversation than long gatherings on the beach), but in 25 minutes you will say goodbye to a hundred kilocalories.

Play Frisbee. The recently popular game is great for a variety of leisure activities on the beach and during city walks in the park. Together with the flying saucer, in 30 minutes the game will fly away and 102 kilocalories.

To meditate Who said that to burn calories you need to move? Just relax and breathe deeply. Saturating the body with oxygen, you not only relax but also give it energy for enhanced burning of calories.

Jump rope. The time has come to once again take on the old, because at stake 110 kilocalories for every 10 minutes of pleasure.

Play ping pong. Two rackets, a table, and a ball can now be found in almost every park. Do not miss the opportunity to usefully spend the day on the air, while the city is not flooded with rain. It will be doubly fun to play if you know that the racket sweeps for 15 minutes remove 113 kilocalories.

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Take care of the garden. With the arrival of autumn, work in the garden does not end. Harvesting leaves, picking apples, digging up flowers – all this will not only transform the garden but also a bonus of 25 minutes will make you at least 113 kilocalories slimmer.


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