Some, not the most obvious ways to lose weight

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If you think that twerking is the depraved dance that Miley Cyrus performed at the VMA ceremony, then of course you are right, but only partly. Today, even famous British ladies are engaged in twerking, take at least Helen Mirren. And all because twerking is a great way to bring the figure in order in a short time.


Twerk is a very erotic dance, the roots of which can be found in American southern rap. They say that this word appeared in the early 1990s on the streets of New Orleans along with how the city was swallowed up by a wave of bounce music — a rhythmic rap with rather raunchy texts. Brutal men read texts about their sexual adventures, and skaters twisted priests to the beat of the music, confirming the status of the alpha male performer.

Today it is not necessary to twerk on the street in the presence of a heated crowd of men. To lose a few extra pounds and get legs and booty dreams, you can choose from hundreds of fitness clubs, where a professional instructor will teach you how to twist your hips correctly so that you can make sense of it. 

Result: about 530 kcal in 55 minutes, plus an increase in pelvic tissue density, which helps avoid osteoporosis.


We are sure that you have seen more than once in films about American football (or about high school) charming girls in short form and large pom-poms in their hands, defiantly dancing on the football field between the periods. Shouting out the words of support to their favorite team, the girls get up different acrobatic numbers, which during their many hours of training have turned their bodies into a work of art and the dream of all the fans. You will not necessarily shout something like “Tigers forward!”, But you’ll have to jump, throw and spin.

Result: about 600 kcal for 1 hour of classes, plus incredible flexibility and endurance.


Squash-fever all over the world got sick more than twenty years ago. Not to say that today our squash finally gained its glory, but several hundred loyal fans definitely found it.

For squash, you will need a tennis racket and a ball and four walls. In fact, this is tennis only without rivals. The main thing with all the power to hit the ball against the wall – this is by and large the essence of the game. Squash can be done both alone and in the company. Today, finding a training room will not be so difficult, so if classic tennis is boring for you, then you will be directly on the squash amateur team.

Result: 517 kcal in 30 minutes, plus increased muscular endurance and flexibility, oddly enough.


A very aristocratic sport and can hardly be called banal too. By the way, since 1896 fencing has been an Olympic sport. The main goal of the competition is to strike first (as in fencing, the enemy’s sword is called a strike). The victory is awarded to the one who first inflicts a certain number of shots. In addition to special equipment, before starting classes you need to decide on a weapon. The choice of rapier, saber, and sword – it all depends solely on your preferences.

Result: about 300 kcal per hour, plus excellent posture, coordination, and good response.


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