What do we spend calories for the day?

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It is believed that the surest way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than the body consumes during the day. But if you are sitting in the office all day, a logical question arises: what does the energy actually do when there is no sport in life?

The number of calories burned depends on your weight, gender, the intensity of the load, as well as metabolic rate. As you understand, the figures below are very conditional. However, you will find them on the most specialized calorie-calculating sites. It is believed that such data are average, that is, in our case, suitable for women weighing from 65 to 70 kilograms. However, even if your weight is different from the above, our data will help to form an idea about the work of your body and the energy costs that occur during the day.


How does morning begin: with coffee and a croissant or with porridge on the water with a vegetable smoothie? No, from cleaning the bed (35 kcal), shower (10 minutes – 40 kcal), preparing breakfast (75 kcal), then washing dishes (50 kcal), make-up (60 kcal) with styling (141 kcal), and, of course, selection and fitting clothes (93 kcal). If you have a dog, a walk with it will cost you 200 kcal in 40 minutes.

The trip to work also will not remain unaccounted for. Here, however, there are many different options, so choose the one that is closest to you. So, driving a car will cost you 90 kcal per hour, a walk on foot is 270 kcal, while a trip by public transport is 70 kcal if sitting, and 120 kcal, if standing.


During the day, we can be involved in many processes, starting with writing letters (80 kcal/hour) and phone calls (50 kcal/hour) and ending with conversations with colleagues near the cooler (80 kcal/hour).

It is considered that for an eight-hour working day an average office worker spends about 550 kcal under the condition of slight stress. Such work includes various paperwork, telephone conversations, correspondence by mail, and periodic walks to the kettle. In general, quite familiar things, without any unbearable physical exertion.

Those who are engaged in education or services, that is, whose work involves a lot of movement and communication with other people, can spend 1000 calories per day. Such work assumes that you spend a lot of time on your feet, you have to constantly move around in the room and talk a lot, which is undoubtedly extremely energy-intensive. Plus, the stress that is associated with such work also affects the number of calories burned. However, those whose work is connected with home care can spend the same amount per day. Cleaning, cooking, and childcare also fall into this category.

Most of all in a working day is burned, of course, by those whose work is directly related to physical exertion — loaders, workers, builders, repairmen, athletes. Here you can already talk about at least 2000 calories per working day.

It will also be interesting to note how much our brain burns in a day. Studies show that in the absence of mental stress, the brain burns up to 400-500 kcal per day. If your work is connected with the need to solve certain tasks that require increased concentration and mental stress, then we congratulate: your brain spends two times more calories. Energy consumption of emotions increases by 10–20% – feelings, joy, and fear make the brain work with increased intensity.


In the evening, the calorie consumption is the lowest for the day, which is quite logical, considering that at the end of the day we prefer to relax from work, doing relaxing things. Reading your favorite book for an hour will cost you 29 kcal, and watching TV 65 kcal. It is also interesting that 10-15 minutes of laughter can burn up to 50 calories. Some experts even compare 1 minute of laughter with 10 minutes of fitness.


While we sleep, the body continues its hard work. For 8 hours of healthy sleep, a person can spend about 560 kcal. However, this amount is burned only under the condition that you go to bed in a relaxed, not stressful state, in a room in which there is a comfortable cool temperature, and also provided that three hours before bedtime you did not eat anything fatty, sweet and very calorie.

Let’s sum up

Any activity, be it active or passive, leads to energy consumption. More or less – depends on the nature of employment and your physique. If you set a goal to lose weight, the first thing you need to analyze is your day for activity. This will help to calculate at least the approximate number of calories you spend.

The second step is to determine the number of calories that you are recommended to consume per day according to medical standards. For each age, weight, and height this number is calculated individually. For help, it is better to contact a dietitian doctor who will help you to make a diet and determine the type of food.

And finally, we advise you to include sports in your schedule. Physical activity will help not only to bring your body into shape but also to improve health and stabilize mood.



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